Em’s blood work was BEAUTIFUL! Thank You, Lord!

For those catching up, there were words, there was drama, there was misinterpretation, then miscommunication, then reconciliation, and hopefully now lots of healing. In everyone’s best interest, I hit ‘delete’.



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  1. I am so glad to hear good news on Em! Also, have a great time on your trip. You all deserve some relaxing time together away from everything. You and your family are always in my prayers and thougths.

  2. Thank God Adrienne I am so glad to hear this! Thank you for updating.

    Now go dig your toes in that sand girl. Its waiting for you.


  3. I have been thinking and praying for little Em non stop since reading the previous blog…THANK YOU GOD!! Enjoy Florida!!

    Susan Simpson

  4. Awesome news about Emily! I’m so glad to hear that her bloodwork was great. I hope you really enjoy your time basking in the Florida sun – it sounds lovely and so relaxing! blessings…Melody

  5. Dear Stevensons
    If your back, “Praise Jeasus”! I love you.Let Jesus protect you and Let god make you safe. I don’t know what happened to Em but I pray that she is well again. I haven’t read your blog for a long time! That is so sad! So I am reading your blog again. Trust God with all of your heart,with all of your minds, and all of your strength. ” Praise the lord give thanks to the lord for he is good, his love endures forever. Psalms 106;1. You are so lucky to go to Florida! In america when I was young, I went to Disney World every single year in New York but now were’e in Korea so we can’t because it’s to far away, my mom said.Praise Jesus!

    Mirim Yoon
    centennial cristian school
    P.S. You better watch out because I will see how your doing and when I grow up, I will see you and Em because Ihave lots of hugs to give you.
    Love you

  6. Everyone, if you can, please pray for another little boy who is Noah’s age, who God welcomed home yesterday. He had lukemia that was diagnosed when he was 2 days old. The docs gave him days to live and he fought for 6 months, but yesterday God deceided that little Trevor was to not suffer anymore and took him in His arms and carried him home.

  7. Adrienne,
    I have been thinking about you guys all week and I hope you are having a terrific time. I would not normally post other info on your blog but I really want to get this family some help.They are not from Calif and are going through this horrible event. I do not have the hospital info but Cyndi would. This is the message I have received from them:

    I’m in the SF Bay Area and got a call from some friends who were
    travelling to LA and had an accident last night (Saturday 4/28) in or near Thousand Oaks or Agoura. They called at 1:45am so the accident must have been before 1am and was probably no earlier than 9 or 10pm, but I don’t know for sure.They were in an RV which is now totalled. The side was ripped off. The mom has an eye injury and may need surgery. The dad is uninjured. They have 2 infants, one of which is seriously injured, the other is okay. They were travelling with their dog and 4 cats. The dog is okay. One cat is dead and the other 3 are
    missing.I can not imagine how they will be able to look for these
    cats that they love so dearly. Their son is being transfered to
    another hospital,possibly even out of the area. They don’t know
    anyone local to there.I spoke with Agoura Animal Control. They have
    the dog and she’s safe there. They went to look for the cats but only
    found the dead one. All I know is there was a bank they rolled down and the RV hit a tree. I am worried sick about these kitties (who are related to my own cats) as well as worried about the little boy and everything else.
    I just spoke with my friends, they are now at a hospital in Los
    Angeles.They did go back to the crash site this morning but found no trace of the 3 missing cats. They said the crash site was in a
    business park by Westlake Blvd on 101 South, but they couldn’t recall
    if it was north or south of the exit. The Westlake Village Golf Course is near there and they are on the lookout for the cats. I’ve been calling rescue organizations but 1) no one answers their phones on the weekend and 2) I can’t find one local to Thousand Oaks/Agoura.
    Please anyone who can help, we really need it. I know there are
    internet groups that mobilize around missing pets but I don’t know how to reach them. Forward this notice to appropriate places. We want to find those kitties alive!Even if you can’t help look for them, if you know local animal hospitals and etc, calling them would be very helpful. The missing cats are all short-haired. 1 black male and 2 gray females,all related. Both the mom (who is in surgery Sunday night)and one of the babies are hospitalized in Los Angeles, which is about an hour from the crash site in Thousand Oaks. The dad has gone at least twice to the crash site to look for the kitties but has not found them or any sign of them.The dad also went to the RV where it was towed and did a complete search of every last nook and cranny. I also thought they might be hiding in there but he is quite sure they are not. I know there are networks that mobilize to look for pets who are missing or lost and I am trying to get that sort of help here. Even if I could travel there myself, I could not do this alone. People are suggesting flyers,traps, calling animal hospitals, and much more but what I am asking for are volunteers. Anyone who could distribute flyers or make calls or set traps. I will
    reimburse expenses. The animal control person guessed the crash was south of the Westlake Blvd exit on 101 South. But my friend
    says it was next to a business park between Westlake and Hampshire.This puts it just north of the Westlake exit, though still on 101 South. The RV has been towed away but I would guess that there are still signs of the crash there.I thought it would be great if flyers could go up in the business park. I am in the process of trying to find out any of the businesses there or maybe the management. The mom is having surgery right now (Sunday
    night) and one of the infant boys has a head injury. The other boy is
    okay. The dad has been up at least twice to look but can’t go
    regularly (he’s seen no sign of them). They aren’t local
    to that area; they were driving through.Please forward the information to anyone you think can help. I really appreciate anything you or others can do. This family is devestated
    and doing everything they can right now.
    Here are the basics:
    Serious RV accident Saturday night (4/28/07) at the 900 block number
    of North Westlake Blvd exit in Thousand Oaks off of southbound 101. The crash was down a bank and into a tree near a business park
    between Hampshire and Westlake.
    Family had one dog and 4 cats. The dog is safe with Agoura Animal
    Control. One cat is dead. The other 3 cats are missing.
    The missing cats are Geri (female, gray DSH), Sammi (female, gray
    DSH),and Little Guy (male, black DSH). I don’t have any pictures of
    If any thing is repeated sorry, it is several messages put together

    …below is her contact info:
    Cyndi: 707-775-4475 (between 10am and 10pm for inquires but ANYTIME if kitties are found) or if you need info about the family.
    email: cyndi@tikvah.com

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