Noah’s play list…
For those of you who have asked about the CD we made in memory of Noah, we do have extra copies, but short of you emailing me your street address and sending me shipping, I thought I’d take some of those with me when I do speaking engagements…below, however, is the play list if you wanted to go through your own collection and compile your own…

“40” U2 (War)
“You are the reason” YWAM (Dreams of God)
“God of Wonders” Vineyard
“Sweetly Broken” Jeremy Riddle
“How Great is Our God” Chris Tomlin
“Oh praise Him” David Crowder Band
“Knowing You” One Day
“Wonderful Maker” Chris Tomlin
“Everything” YWAM (Dreams of God)
“Amazed” Jared Anderson
“Treasure” Jared Anderson
“Like A Child” Jars of Clay
“If You Want Me To” Ginny Owens
“Kind & Generous” Natalie Merchant (Ophelia)
“Yahweh” U2 (How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)
“Walk On” U2 (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)
“Beautiful Day” U2 (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)

There are reasons we selected each song, which are obvious when you hear the lyrics, but I could have added a million more, probably every U2 song, though not legally, because so many songs speak clearly the sentiment of my heart. I hope you enjoy listening to these songs and are challenged in your life by the lyrics.



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  1. Hey Adrienne! I love the CD! I listen to it almost every night! Just wanted to let you know we are still praying for you guys. When are you going to be in SD again? Let me know and if you have time we could take Brooklyn and Emily for a girls day and maybe even go to the zoo!

  2. The Jars of Clay song, “Like A Child,” gets me everytime. Especially now that I have 2 of my own. May God and Jesus and all the saints continue to bless you and may Noah kiss you from heaven.

  3. Wow, if ever you get down around Dallas, Texas, I would LOVE to hear you speak…keep us posted!

    I follow your blog and the thought of Noah and his spirt lifts me up daily…

  4. I would absolutely come to hear you speak! If you ever come to Houston, Texas please let me know! The pic of Noah is beautiful!!

    Paula and Family

  5. It was snowing last week here in Washington State but Beautiful Day came on and I rolled all my windows down and blasted my stereo. I had hoped it was loud enough for Noah to hear and maybe turn his head to see the strange lady freezing her butt off in the middle of traffic was thinking of him and all of the things his short life brought to her own. The people around me in their own cars I am sure thought I needed help. It was freezing!

    Thank you for posting the song list Adrienne. :o)


  6. We LOVE the CD at our house and listen to it every night as I prepare dinner. We still talk about Noah regularly and often visit about what he might be doing in Heaven with Jesus. Hunter is so concerned about Jesus having some really fun toys for him to play with. 🙂 One day we will all play together.
    I am also totally interested in listening to you speak….keep us posted.

  7. You are an amazing woman and would love to hear you speak. If you are ever in Vermont or anywhere near I would love to know.

  8. My daughter Alaina and I love the cd,we listen to it often while we’re driving in our van.She pretty much knows all of the songs. In fact she has claimed the first song by U2 as her own “this is my song , Mom!”. I get choked up when she worships Jesus! A small glimpse of how when we worship, God must be BEAMING! The lyrics do have a powerful meaning, especially in reflection of Noah. A sweet tribute to a beautiful baby boy!


  9. I agree. Post those times and places for speaking engagements. I think you’ll have a “blog following”!

  10. Adrienne, I’ve tried to post a comment a couple of times but haven’t been able to say what has been on my heart. Last night my husband said, “Just keep it simple.” So thank you! Thank you for sharing your story, your faith in Christ, and for being so transparent. I think about and pray for your family often. This blog has really touched me and has me falling in love with Jesus all over again. THANK YOU!

    Come to Central NY!! 🙂 I’d LOVE to hear you speak.


  11. I met Ginny Owens in person and heard her sing If You Want Me To. There is another verse that she sings live that goes like this:

    When I cross over Jordan,I’m gonna sing gonna shout.I’m gonna look into your eyes and see that you never let me down.So lead me down the pathway that brings me home to you. I’m gonna walk through the valley if you want me to. One of my most favorite songs of all times. Yes Life is Hard but God is Good! It’s through the valley’s that you can hear him clearly. He’s the only one you are focused on totally because all you can do is look up when you’ve gone as far as you can go on your own. It is awesome amazing song that speaks to my heart! Hard times are going to follow you when you live for God, but God will equip and enable you to handle what is on your plate. Nothing comes to you that does not first go thru him. When you are the caregiver of a dying loved one you have walked thru that valley, but there is peace mercy and grace beyond measure to follow you and see you through. I have walked thru the valley and come through on the other side. I have learned many lessons that I will never forget and I think for us to come through such hard times we need to mentor others and take them by the hand and say, Yes I have been there, let me show you I survived and let me show you the way the Lord has taught me. Yes it may cost us, but it’s nothing less than the Lord did for us. It has been an amazing journey these last few months reading your blog every single day. Who else is going to be a light to a dark world if not us! You have touched many countless people because you’ve allowed yourself to be transparent and let God shine through NO MATTER WHAT! That is what true charactor and courage is all about! May God continue to watch over and care for you and yours!
    Kim Brewer
    Knoxville, TN

  12. Truely AMAZING GRACE you have!!!
    You teach like Jesus did. He has everyone listening to him and begging for more. I am Catholic and can honestly say, I have NEVER been touched emotionally or spiritually the way you have touched my heart. You warned me that I would fall in love. I did. You were blessed and hit so hard, but prevailed! AMAZING!!!
    Just like Jesus!! May God COntinue to Bless you and your loving family. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since the first day, I came upon your story and so it will continue. Your wisdom and faith is beyond my words. You are such a blessing!

  13. There is a song that I have recently fallen in love with I’ll write the lyrics here for you but it doesn’t do it justice like when its put to music. So if you can find it out there in cyberspace. Im sure you can, I think its worth listening to. (another fav of hers is “ocean sized love”)
    “just a little”
    Leigh Nash

    I know I’ve been gone
    For a long, long time
    I’ve been singing’ songs
    When all I want is to see you smile
    About the time i get there
    I’ll forget why im gone

    I wonder why just a little
    Im always wanting something more
    Life is a riddle
    I wish I had the answer for
    Love breaks your heart to teach you to be strong
    I die just a little, so i can live just a little bit more

    Wipe your eyes, you can’t have rainbows without rain
    In the morning i”ll be holding you again
    Don’t forget our music won’t disappear
    ‘Cause theres no end
    I will sing to you
    When the road sings me to sleep
    Baby you stay with me
    And I will give you songs you can keep

    Stay strong, keep your are deeply loved by your Father in heaven!

  14. Dear Noah’s mom,
    I am glad to see Noah’s picture!We are still praying for your family not to be sad.The “Graves Family”.

    I am so glad that emily is doing the earing that I gave !! Say thank you to Emily.

    God is with Noah~!Praise Jesus!!Jesus loves you so much!!!

    Jenny #1 in SouthKorea,Centennial Christian School, 4th grade

  15. Adrienne

    I am so happy that you have speaking engagements and will be sharing your precious heart about Noah.
    Noah is so beautiful in that picture…and if ever you do sell the CD or book please PLEASE let me know…..also if you ever speak in Illinois
    God’s blessings always~
    Lynda Bishop
    Joliet, Il

  16. I went thru last night and listened to all the songs I was able to find from Noah’s playlist! Every song I was able to find were beautiful and so meaningful! Thanks so much for listing his songs. My family and I will be listening all the time and thinking of Noah and your family daily!!!

    Adrienne, I want you to know that Noah and your family are a true blessing to my life. Thank YOU!!!!!

    Paula Hickson

  17. Adrienne –

    I wanted to let you know that the other day I was driving my daughter home from Day Care and Beautiful Day came on the radio – normally I tune the radio out and chat with my daughter (not that she can communicate very well at 16 months). But for some reason that day the song caught my attention – I found myself pulling over and singing along – it made me think of Noah and your family. It was like the song came on that day at that moment for a reason.

    Still thinking of your family and keeping you in my prayers.

  18. Hi Adrienne,

    It is amazing that your blog can still reduce me to tears. Looking at the beautiful pic of Noah and then the one below it where he looks like he is sleeping, reduced me to tears yet again.

    Everytime I hear ‘A Beautiful Day’ it makes me think of Noah and it brings tears to my eyes. Writing this comment is doing just that as well – so excuse me if the english is not that great or if the spelling is not good, but it is hard to see the screen when my eyes are full of tears.

    Thank you for sharing these awesome memories.

    If you ever come to sunny SA … you will have quite a following here as well!!

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