The much anticiptated U2 tribute to Noah.
Please be patient, it will be worth it.



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  1. Adrienne,
    Such a beautiful tribute to Noah’s short, but powerful life. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Even through the pain on earth your family brightly shines the beauty of God. I am challenged to pray that I may do the same.

  3. Wow! I found your blog 2 nights ago and spent a few hours reading every word of your faith inspiring experience. Noah is such a special boy, and I am sure when I get to meet him in person someday, I will be in awe of how many BILLIONS of people he has inspired with his life.
    Your family sounds wonderful, and I thank you for sharing your love of God with us (the outside world).

  4. I am in such awe with your words of God’s wisdom that you share with all of us. I agree with so many that you should write a book. Noah has touched so many lives, especially mine. I am saddened by his short life on this earth, but he had such a purpose. Thank you for touching my life.
    Cathy in California

  5. What an awesome tribute! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. How blessed you were to have him and how very blessed he was to have you. I so look forward to meeting sweet Noah in Heaven.

  6. How beautiful! What a wonderful tribute to Noah!

    My son was born 3 months before Noah. I found your blog a few days before Noah met Jesus and have checked it every day since then. I cannot tell you how much your words and faith have touched me. I knew I was very blessed to have my son, but your words (and God’s words through you) make me realize just how blessed I am.

    I thank you so much for sharing your lives with me. We’ll contine to read your blog to see how God continues to use you. I look forward to meeting Noah and your family one day in Heaven!

  7. Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful walk through pictures, I cried through it all, but not tears of sadness, tears of rejoicing that you treasured every moment with that sweet little boy before you placed him back in our Fathers arms! Praise God for the glory that can be seen through the tear stained cheeks! Those small hands that such a short time ago now hold the hand of Jesus in heaven, how lucky he is!

  8. Wow. That. Was. Beautiful! What a beautiful family you have, and what a beautiful little boy Noah was. My heart aches for you!

    As I was watching the video tribute I felt moved to let you know that when my husband (age 32) was four years old, his sister who was 5 months at the time died of spinal meningitis. To this day he still thinks about her and remembers her and remembers being with her and playing with her. And that experience has given him a tender place in his heart for children who are critically ill.

    I know that God will use Emily’s love for Noah in a mighty way.

    And please know how inspired I am by you and all the blog entries that you shared. I read all of them over the course of the last 2 nights.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and they will remain with you always.

  9. What a powerful tribute to the life of your precious baby boy! I found your blog just days before Noah returned to Heaven. May Jesus continue to hold you all through this life as He holds your Sweet Noah in His arms in the place we all yearn for. Thank you for sharing your story, your testimony and your heart. You are all in my prayers.


  10. I too found this blog a few days before Noah’s return to heaven. This was beautiful. I cried through it too. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  11. lffdI spent several hours tonight reading Noah’s story. I should say I spent several hours crying and reading. Your faith and strength are amazing. My first reaction was to go and hold my daughter and never let her go. My next reaction was prayer. I prayed and prayed. Thank you so much for sharing Noah’s story. His story has touched me so deeply.

  12. I cried through this video tribute. Thank you for touching my life. I just discovered your blog tonight, and I went all the way back to the beginning of your journey in the hospital and read all of your blogs. I will forever be touched by your story.

  13. WOW how can we NOT give God glory …someday Noah will be waiting when we all arrive he is in his glory and no more suffering!
    Is’t God good Noah traveled a lot of miles considering he never left the bed… kind of commute.

    Be blessed!


  14. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I sat and held our youngest while we watched. Tears ran down our cheeks.

    But not tears of deep sorrow and anger…tears of understanding of what you were asked to sacrifice. Tears of joy in the beauty and sanctity of life. Tears for all of the babies that deserve to be loved just as Noah was and yet are tossed aside.

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Thank you very much for sharing Noah, Emily, your lives and your faith with us. Beautiful tribute. May God’s Holy Spirit give you all peace and all comfort and all joy.

    In His Name,

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your life and the life of sweet little Noah.” His life and your lives are a beautiful testimony of God’s love.

  17. This was beautiful, Adrienne! All of you are in my prayers. I wanted to send you a link to another blog that I read – a homeschooling mom in NE. Her post on Jan 28th made me think of you – I know that you are not Catholic and this is written from a Catholic perspective, however its message relates so much to what you have been through.
    God Bless all of you!

  18. Adrienne,
    I found your blog through a friend of mine that had come across it and posted about you on hers.
    It is 1 am on monday morning 1/29/07 and i have been reading your blog from beginning all the way to the video (since 10:30 p.m.). I have been sobbing and my heart is broken for you. I am a Christian and love the Lord— tonight, i have been blessed by Noah’s precious LIFE and by your testimony. I pray that I may be as solid and steadfast in my faith. I have a little boy named Camp. He is 16 months old today… I think part of the reason that I cannot stop crying (I am not, typically, a crier) is because my son looks like Noah. Several of the pictures of Noah, could have been Camp. I am rambling because I am overwhelmed! so sorry for that. I didnt expect to find Jesus tonight on a blog. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your son, and your love for Jesus Christ our savior.
    Mary Katherine Segrest
    from Mississippi

  19. one more thing… you might have already read this book- but HEAVEN by RANDY ALCORN is one of the most informative and scripture-based books I have read about Heaven. I think that they also have a children’s version too. I thought of it when you mentioned Emily describing her view of where Noah is =)

  20. Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing your first days with Noah before he was in the hospital – again, what a sweet, sweet boy he is! I was also struck by Emily in the video- she was a fabulous big sister to him, and you guys did a great job keeping her attitude happy and positive too. God will have such words of honor for you!

  21. I was directed to your blog a month or so ago and have felt blessed each time I’ve ‘checked in’. Thank you for Noah, his message to us, and for the message of courage and love that you continue to share with so many. I love you.

  22. I can’t believe that you were able to connect my parents to me….but I am so glad that you did.

    My mom hand delivered the music CD that you gave her for me. I will listen to it and not only remember your son but remember the impact that he has had on me and this nation. He will NEVER be forgotten, nor will your inspiring faith!

    Thank you so much.

  23. Jason and Adrienne-
    Thank you so much for the CD! I listened to it all day yesterday! I sat in church yesterday just in awe of you. You guys are so strong and you inspire me to be a better christian than I already am. NOAH WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! We love you guys and when you are in town again, we will have you over for supper if you have time! Adrienne, thanks for being so open and sharing what you guys went through! The tribute is very powerful! A picture is truly worth a 1,000 words! Through all this, I know God will work wonders in your life! I just want to say thank-you to you both for sharing your journey with all of us! Hope you had a safe flight home and keep in touch!

  24. This was so beautiful, just as Noah was. I felt such joy watching his life. What a miracle he was. I am a daily blog checker myself. I was so happy to see the new postings. God works through your family in such a way that leaves me wanting to know more. I feel like the more I read, the more I see God. I know that sounds crazy to most, but to me, He is more in my daily life than ever. I don’t think I have ever met anyone like you, but just knowing you LIVE each day for God’s Glory, God’s Blessings, it is so inspirational to see and it makes me yearn for more and more…I feel so BLESSED that I was led to you. I know it could only be God who led me here. I have to agree with so many others, you should write a book, if you feel led to do so. I know it would be a hard undertaking, but so worth it. Although, I hope to continue reading your blog postings also. I wish there was something more I could do to tell you what you sharing your family has done for my life. I just have to THANK YOU, THANK YOU…I know this is still a hard time for your family. I wish there was some comfort I could offer to you, but there is no comfort like knowing that Noah is with his Father, in a place of peace and neverending health and happiness. God Bless you all, you have blessed so many through Him with your lives. Your daily testimony is seen in the way you live your lives. There are no words stronger than that.


  25. Adrienne,

    I don’t know how often you are able to sift through your inbox, so I wanted to write you a quick comment here: I got your comment on my blog and have written you an e-mail just now…hope you’re home safe and sound now!

  26. This was beautiful- thank you for sharing all your precious stories about your family. This is a very touching tribute to your baby son, Noah. God Bless you and your family.
    Amber from Ohio

  27. That was the most beautiful think I’ve ever seen! This blog and your family have touched my heart so much the past few weeks even though I’ve never met you all! You are truely an inspiration and you have made me realize how truely lucky I am!

    Kansas City, MO

  28. Adrienne,
    The YouTube tribute is awesome. thanks for sharing.

    Also, I did a lot of “home improvement” over the weekend, and played the CD you handed out at the Memorial Service… over and over.

  29. As I go back to the very beginning on Noah’s blog tears flood my eyes at the very first picture. I miss Noah so much! I know he’s with God but I miss seeing that sweet face and those Elvis lips he made. Although, now instead of having to come into work and knowing Noah was only jump and a skip away, now I know he surrounds me day and night in all I do. He really truly is an angel, my angel (as well as those of many others). He touched my life, my heart, and swept me off my feet, which I am ever so thankful for. He’s in every tear I cry, every smile I grin, every laugh that I exuberate in every bit of joy I utter. I found this song for Noah… Here are the lyrics, but you have to hear it too.

    Why did it have to end so soon?
    Why did you go away?
    Although I know it may never come true
    I hope to see you someday

    And I’ll always remember
    Those times that we shared
    So if you’re listening from up above
    This is my prayer

    You’ve brought so much joy to this world of mine
    Whenever I needed you came
    A friend like you is so hard to find
    Without you it won’t be the same

    And though many will try
    No one can ever compare
    So if you’re listening from up above
    This is my prayer

    May the mountains rise to meet you
    May the skies open wide
    Know that in my heart, my friend
    You will always be alive

    There are so many things that I want you to know
    So many words to say
    And when He finally calls me home
    I’ll walk with you through those gates

    So please remember me
    Oh I promise I’ll see you up there
    I hope you’re listening from up above
    This is my prayer

    May the mountains rise to meet you
    May the skies open wide
    Know that in my heart my friend
    You will always be alive

    May the angels fly to greet you
    You can see it all from up there
    I know you’re listening from up above
    ‘Cause this is, and will always be, my prayer
    My prayer
    My prayer


  30. Dear noah’s mom,
    I hope that you are ok and I always wanted to tell you that noah is with Jesus.

    4TH gRADE

  31. I’ll always pray for you…

    Have a great day and Praise Jesus and Jesus loves you!!

    God loves you


  32. My friend Holly blogged about how your site has taught her about praising God no matter what. I’ve been dealing (and failing) with some things, and felt like I was supposed to spend the first part of my day listening to you. I read all your posts, from beginning to end. What God did to my heart in the meantime is something ONLY He could have done. It’s so hard to articulate this, but He used you, your story of Noah, and your determination to follow hard after Him and find your joy in Him to soften my heart. And if you knew me and where I’m at right now, that’s nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for opening up your lives to the world, and being willing to let God use you in ways you don’t even know firsthand. These words aren’t good enough to say how grateful I am, and how much your lives impacted mine today, but it’s the best I can do. May God keep you all close to Him, and may He continue to fill you with joy, courage, and unity in the coming months.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing – how beautiful.

    I pray that God would be especially close to you today.

    Nicole, Ohio

  34. i stumbled on your blog recently and have been following it. it’s absolutely beautiful and inspiring. thank you for sharing with us your experience with your beautiful family. i’ve been smiling and crying and been moved immeasurably.

    the photo of your all of your feet is amazing.

    bless you all

  35. You have an absolutely gorgeous angel in Noah. I am inspired by the strength of you and your family and your strong belief in the Lord. I ache for all of you and Noah for all that you had to go through, but I am relieved that he no longer has to endure so much and that precious baby is at peace and you and your family are comforted in knowing so.

    God Bless All of You.

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