This picture was taken a few days before Christmas. I love it because I imagine that the look on Noah’s face is one that expresses the following sentiment…

Ooooh, mom, that’s the best kiss! I love you so much! Oh, yep, I like smooches there and there and there and all over my entire face! How did you know?! You’re the best mom! Thanks for all the loving! Oh man, I love you! Ahhhhh!
(I liken it to finding the funny scratch spot on a dogs’ hip that if you keep scratching it, their leg goes crazy…) Anyway, you get what I mean!
I just think his face shows that he really “got” that I was in love with him!

So, I want to share a few quotes that I learned the other day, and thankfully they are by “unknown” because I’m not good at remembering who said it, unless it’s God. (Also, these are the general thoughts of the quotes, so they probably aren’t exactly as they were written…)

“If you are modeling something other than what you are teaching, you are teaching something entirely different.”

  • Powerful words that should make us all look deeply into the mirror.

“The tragedy isn’t that ones’ life ends so young, it is that some people wait too long to start living.”

  • Though I have heard this before, it is now filtered through a new perspective of what “living” truly is and what it most certainly is not…

“You have never truly lived until you give something to someone for which they can never repay you.”

  • So selfless. This quote sums up Jason’s and my life for the last 7+months! Not that we have truly lived by giving, but that we have been so very humbled by the giving of love from you all in many ways, and we know we aren’t able to even begin to repay…we know saying “thank you” will never be enough, nor will it ever sum up our hearts’ sentiment, yet we will continue to say it…Thank you!



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  1. no, thank you. Thank you for letting us all be a part of Noahs life and sharing your faith. Your story is still continuing and Noah’s legacy will live in all of our hearts.

  2. The previos poster has it right. Thank you for sharing your life with your family to us strangers. Your story has changed my life. You taught us to take a step back and apprecitae all that we have. You are an amazing family. I look here several times a day to see what you have decided to teach us today. Thanks again and stay strong!!
    Holly- Vermont

  3. I love this picture! You’re right, Adrienne, Noah has a little grin on his face that looks like he’s just eating up all the loving.
    You are a great mom…I can tell through all the pictures throughout this blog that you loved your little guy with every ounce of your being. God couldn’t possibly have given Noah a better family to walk with him through his 7 month journey.

  4. Your love for your Noah and Emily is so very evident…what blessed children. As many others have said, I must concur that you have a true gift for words and I feel that you ought to write a book someday, if you feel so led. I too check your blog every day and always come away feeling as though God has taught me a new lesson through you and Noah. Also, I have really appreciated seeing all the photos and have been very moved by them, feeling as though we are then able to get just a small glimpse into your world. I still think of you all and pray for you often. May God continue to sustain you. You have definitely impacted my life and also several lives of friends who I have introduced to your blog. I’m still working on a song for you…Blessings, Melody (Wolleat) Johnson – NWC grad.

  5. Adrienne,
    No thanks is necessary. I am thanking you for letting me into your life. I love this picture of Noah as well, he is eating up his time with mom!! You are a wonderful mom and it is evident in your words, pictures and actions. You have such a way with words and I find myselt checking the blog almost daily to see what you have written today. God is using Noah and his legacy to reach so many people, through you. You have such a light about you. I agree with one of the previous posts that if you feel led you should write a book, speak about your faith. I continue to pray for you, Jason, Em and the rest of your family to continue to give you peace for the days to come. I also pray that you will continue to reach out and touch so many lives. Thank you and God Bless!
    Love, Kris in Troup, TX

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. Noah has touched my life in a way i can’t describe. Your faith is a gift that you have given away, to me and others and for that I’ll always be grateful. I thank God for you and your family.

    Becky in VA.

  7. The slideshow is beautiful! Noah has changed my life and my relationship with my son. He has also changed my relationship with God. I’ve seen people posting that you should write a book. I think you should publish exactly what you have written on here over the last few months. I don’t think you could write it more beautifully.

  8. Each time I read what you have written it blesses me so and challanges me to live more thoughtfully. I understand “thank you” isn’t enough. As our daughter was going through cancer treatments I remember telling a friend who did so much for us that “thank you” wasn’t enough. She simply said “this is how the body of Christ is suppose to work”. That hit me right between the eyes and I have remembered it ever since. Thank you again for sharing with us. Love in Christ, Carol

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