The most glorious “mistake”…
The hospital made a great mistake that, in their eyes needed to be reconciled, but in my eyes was beautiful and quite redeeming for all the unknowns for the last 5+ months…you see, on Noah’s death certificate they put: Date of Death: January 12, 2007 For the Date of Birth: January 12, 2007 (just 7 months off…) They told me they were sorry and that they would fix it, but I told them it was exactly what happened, Noah was born again on January 12, 2007 into the Kingdom of Heaven, so it really wasn’t a mistake at all…

Tomorrow is the service for Noah. When I get a chance to slow down a bit, I’ll post exerpts from it, along with happenings over the weekend. All I know is this is just the beginning of something quite beautiful and breathtaking, really…all the love and affection I thought I offered him, he gave me so much more. So much more!



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  1. You are an absolutely stunning family. I look at all these pictures, and see how absolutely beautiful this is- my heart smiles. Noah is a beautiful baby, and I can’t wait to meet him one day. I will be praying for you all tomorrow.

  2. what a blessing those pictures will be now and in years to come for your family.
    my heart is full.. my family is in great anticipation waiting to see what all God does tomorrow at his Honoring Celebration and for days to come.
    again- thank you for sharing yourself.. your family… your legacy.
    i am in constant prayer…
    heather ristau

  3. There really are no words. It is all amazingly beautiful and overwhelming at the same time. You are right – it is only the beginning of something amazing. Even now… the lives his one precious life was meant to impact, number far beyond those so far.

    Only a select few of us mothers have been given the most tragic of all blessings – the blessing of holding in our arms one of God’s most precious children. One of those who are too precious for this earth. Through it, we have experienced HIM in a way that cannot possibly be put into words.

    Though I am lifted by your beautiful love and peace with laying your child in the arms of Jesus… I am broken for the loss that you will now endure.

    Thank you, for reminding me of the miracle of it all… I would give anything to be there with you tomorrow…

  4. Noah is too precious for words. What a gift and blessing from God!

    Praying for you all…for continued strength and peace that passes understanding.

  5. Priceless photos – beautiful. I feel honored that you share them with us.

    Even though I can’t be there in body today, I am definately there in spirit. You all are never far from my mind or heart.

    Much love to all of you

  6. Unshakable Peace
    And God’s peace (shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul assured of it’s salvation through Christ, an so fearing nothing from God and being content with it’s earthly lot of whatsoever sort that is, shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus Phillipian 4:7 (Amplified)My heart rejoices in knowing that Noah is in the arms of our dear Savior and sad knowing that you have been parted(even only for a little while) GOD has used your family to bless the hearts and lives of many others….Know that Life is Hard but God is GOOD! Praying for the peace and comfort of God will feel like a warm blanket on a cold day as you give your little one back to his maker. There is a new Little Angel is heaven today and his name is Noah Steven. He is singing songs that even the angels cannot sing and he is healed completely! I am praying for your family today. You have touched my heart and my soul. May God continue to bless all of you!

  7. What beautiful photos! I know that you will treasure these memories. And what a wonderful way to share Noah’s gift to this world with your future generations.

    I cannot begin to imagine what your family is going through. You will be in our prayers today, tomorrow and years to come. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. And for reminding me the awesome power of God’s love.

  8. Those photos of Noah’s true BIRTHday (the hospital did get it right, after all, you’re right) are truly the MOST beautiful photographs I have ever seen, Adrienne. Wow. They are moving me to tears of joy; it was SO beautiful to see you holding Noah like that, I am overwhelmed. We are all still thinking of and praying for you!

    Jennifer (Sauls) McKinney
    and Israel, Kieran and Cullen

  9. Breathtaking. The only word that seems appropriate for these wonderful pictures of your beautiful family.

    Praying for you all.

    A Sister in SC

  10. The pictures are amazing! I really like the one with your feet, it is very precious! What a great way to preserve memories! We will see you today as we celebrate Noah! We love you! The Coward’s

  11. So, sweet! Thank you for sharing these precious moments.

    We have not met yet but we will be at the service today in support and commitment of prayer.

    The Utesch Family

  12. Dear family, I recived a comment from a friend, Betsy Balcom with your family as a prayer request and a link to your site. Your blog has blessed me in ways I never imagined possible. I have complained and whined about lack of sleep and true frustration b/w my 16 month old Molly and 4 month old twins, Cooper and Brody and the Lord has kicked me in the butt when I read about your situation. I was forced to get on my knees right then and repent of my sins concerning my lovely family. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us and I am truly inspired by your faith in the Lord that you can celebrate in this sadness. Please know that you are in our thoughts, our hearts, and especially our prayers. I hope to hear more from you and your amazing family in the weeks to come. Noah is beautiful and I know God is rejoicing to have him home. Thank you once again from a Stay at Home Mom in VA, Toni Jill Cox

  13. I started following Noah’s journey just last week. Actually, Thursday to be exact. Some would say much to late, I would say perfect timing. He is beautiful and a true blessing. You stand so firm in your faith that it truly takes my breath away. The moments your photographer captured were amazing. I hope your celebration of Noah’s life and love is everything you want it to be and more. The hospital’s mistake is truly fitting seen through your eyes.

  14. You are a beautiful and amazing family. I only heard of your story about a week ago and I have read your blog numerous times over the past few days. Noah’s story has touceh my heart in a way no words can ever explain. May peace and love fill your heart and know that the prayers of myself and my family will be with always. Thank you for sharing the miracle of Noah with the world.

  15. I’m speechless at the pictures of your beautiful family! You’re right, the hospital did not make a mistake at all! I know Noah is with God looking down on you all! How lucky we all are to be touched by him!

    Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers!

    D. Kolb
    Kansas City, MO

  16. I have only been following Noah’s story for a very short time, I am truly blessed to have seen the strength of your family during this time. May you always rejoice in knowing the lives Noah has touched, and the peace he has brought to so many.

    Yours in Christ

  17. Peace, perfect peace. What an amazing gift given to Noah.

    I am so glad that Audrey was able to come. Your pictures are treasures.

  18. Truly breathtaking. I have only followed the amazing journey that you have blessed us with for about a week. This child will be remembered for a long time. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family. Noah has truly changed lives…..

    Go and be with God……

  19. Oh Adrienne! I’m sooooo glad to see you were able to get the pictures you wanted! They are so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Peace be with you today.
    -Kelly V. in Delaware

  20. These pictures and your entries are so meaningful–bless you for sharing Noah and your family’s experiences with all of us. As I’ve commented before, my Faith has been so moved by Noah’s life–I will always remember the impact he has had on me! Today when I came into work there was a rainbow in the sky–unusual on a cold, snowy day in MN–and all I could think was that once again God has revealed his glory, on Noah’s special day, through his sign of the rainbow. I am keeping you all close in thought and prayer today…and always. God is Great!


  21. It’s so beautiful to see Noah in your arms and the incredible family shots… wow… there are no words… what perfect moments captured forever, until you see him again, running, playing and dancing for our Savior…
    That’s how I see my little girl, too… hair blowing in the breeze, dancing.

    I continue to lift you all up. May God shower you with peace and joy, and may you never know bitterness.

  22. My son Alex went to Heaven when he was 14 months old. I talk to him everyday. Last Friday morning I told him about Noah. I asked him to wait by the gates and take him by the hand and show him around. I’m sure they will be great friends. God Bless you and your family. -Chris

  23. I received this blog through a friend named Stephanie here in Edmond, Oklahoma. I am totally amazed at the strength of this family! Your pictures and your words touch me so deeply. Noah and this precious family have been used mightily by the hand of God!! I have only seen this blog for the past 2 days but soooo glad that Noah had a chance to touch my heart. I have a 10 year old boy named Noah as well as 3 other children and this sure puts a perspective on my relationship with them. You are BEAUTIFUL, NOAH is BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU for sharing your life with the world!


  24. I wish Jake and I could have come with Barry today. We love you all so much and pray for God’s peace to continue to be with you.


  25. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of your family. Your loving, caring, and honest words have made us all fall in love with your sweet baby Noah. He is truly blessed to have you and Jason as parents, seeing to it that he lived a life of love, dignity, and faith. He is forever in my heart and you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    -Stephanie in PA

  26. Noah looks like a porcelin doll in that last picture! He is an absolutely beautiful and perfect angel baby! My heart aches for your loss but it rejoices for Noah’s gain! He is in the best place ever and we will all be able to meet him there someday!

    You are a gorgeous and magnificent family with such wonderful faith and love! There is nothing more you could ask for in a family!

    Love, Hugs and Prayers!

  27. These photos are priceless. I can’t stop looking at them. I love the feet shot. Bless you guys today as you say your final goodbye to one of the greatest little treasures ever!

  28. Adrienne,

    These pictures are so beautiful. You, Jason, Emily and Noah are gorgeous!

    My heart desires very much to be there with you today, I am sending a hug and a kiss to you with Beth. You have all my love and my prayers never stop for you and your family.

    Thank you Adrienne. Truly, from the bottom of my heart. Like so many, I have been deeply touched. You are amazing.

    Jessica Medlin

  29. Thank you so much for sharing Noah’s life with us. I sit here amazed reading comment after comment of people all over the country (and world) expressing how your little man touched so many lives. Noah was definitely put here on earth for a purpose… and he quickly and easily completed that purpose. Now he gets his reward! What an honor to have witnessed this! Blessings to you and your family! Tara Denver, CO

    p.s. I LOVE the pictures! I love seeing Noah without all the hospital “gear” but as a perfect little baby boy…looking just the way God created him.

  30. Such a precious gift.
    I am always honored to share in the gift of a baby entering the world.
    Thank you so much for allowing me to share in the gift of Noah returning to our Lord.
    What an honor to be Noah’s mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa and friend here on earth. You prepared him well for the eternal love he will have from our Lord. Or is it that he has prepared us well?
    How I can’t wait to hear all of his stories when we see him again!

  31. Thanks for sharing these pictures, your hearts and your lives.

    Somewhere in his letters, Paul quotes one of the prophets (I think Isaiah) in saying something like… “beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”… so true.

    I HIS love,


  32. My heart is there with you today. I love you all so much. Thank you for giving me the gift of your time and inspiring me to live strong. You gave Noah the selfless gift of eternity with our Creator. You gave our Creator the unfathomably selfless gift of your son. Praise Him for working in your hearts and providing you with such peace!! I am overwhelmingly blessed to have been in his and your presence. Much love and peace to you as you continue this journey. May God bring us together soon; with the perfect timing only He knows. cb

  33. People that have never been in ‘your shoes’ can sense the peace and hope you have in the midst of this trying time. Thank you for allowing God’s love to shine through you, Noah and the rest of your family. It is one thing to have faith. It is another to share it with the world. Thank you…and much love and care from another Mom who awaits seeing her little girl in Heaven someday!

  34. A beautiful, peaceful snow has been falling all morning, our first snow of the season…it is so pure, just like Noah. I never thought I could cry so many tears and feel so heartbroken for complete strangers. And this is why I am so grateful that God brought Noah and your family into my life. I am ashamed to say that I often get so caught up in everyday life that I don’t stop to see all God has provided us. Noah’s story has reminded me of God’s glory. Your faith and strength will forever inspire me. I can only hope that if faced with the same challenges, my family would be as strong. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    Wishing you continued Peace. –Madison, WI

  35. I just heard about Noah from Jennifer (Sauls) McKinney, and I happen to be reading your blog right now as the memorial service is beginning. I’m praying for you now that God will reach down and give you each a big hug, that you may feel his love. I’m also praying for those who are attending who may be encountering a taste of our Abba Father for the first time. May many names be added to the Book of Life today! What a testimony you have been, choosing to trust God and His faithfulness! Wow!
    Grace & peace to your family today especially, Katie Arnold (NWC ’99)

  36. What a beautiful testimony your family is of God’s love & peace. And what beautiful and precious pictures! I pray that God would be especially close to during this time.

  37. GORGEOUS pictures my friend. I’m still praying the temp rises RIGHT NOW!! Wishing I could be there with you and looking forward to seeing the whole family soon. Love you guys.

  38. Thank you for sharing your precious Noah and your awe inspiring family with the rest of the world. A part of me seems to always be thinking of your family and wishing I really knew you all. Little Noah has touched so many, in such a short time. I will never look at life or my children the same again. I am going to be a nurse, I graduate in May 2007. This has inspired me to want to work with the terminally ill and their families so that I can help others in a deeper way.
    I will always think of Noah as I help people. Thank You for sharing your wonderful, beautiful, precious little Noah with us.

  39. What beautiful pictures – thank you so much for sharing them. My prayers continue for you and your family…I think of you very often. I hope that the service was a blessing for you all and everyone in attendance…may God’s perfect glory be revealed!!! Noah’s death here on earth is only the beginning of his eternal life in Heaven. I can hardly wait to meet your little darling one day.

  40. Ade,J and Em,
    Our hearts and prayers are with you all at the memorial service. I know God and Noah have amazing things planned! He truly is an angel! Blessed to see him in your arms as he is now safe in the arms of JESUS!
    The girls will always remember the day baby Noah went to be with Jesus. You see, It snowed here in southern Cal that day. It was a beautiful glorious day. Noah was entering the white gates of Heaven as the snow was falling here. It brought PEACE to their/our tears. He is forever in our hearts. We love you all, The Kennedys

  41. What a beautiful baby Noah is. What a beautiful family all of you are. What a wonderful testimony you have shared with us by sharing your heart and Noah with all of us here. The reunion in paradise will be so much sweeter because Noah will be there… May God comfort your hearts and give you His perfect peace…

  42. Your story, your heart, precious Noah has touched my mother’s heart. I had a dream last night that Noah was smiling and peddling a big red tricycle. He was laughing and your whole family was together running beside him. A sweet dream from the Lord. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your story…

  43. I echo the words of so many others, but I am so overwhelmed by the beauty and purity of the photographs. When you look at them years and years from now, may your peace be multipied by the peace that Noah and your family gave to all of us. I feel so blessed to know of your precious little boy, your family, and your amazing faith.

    Kristin, Delaware

  44. It’s me again. All day I keep coming back to the last photo, of just Noah and trying to figure this out: On his right hand I saw a shadow of something and the more I look the more I think it is a cross that has been superimposed on the picture? I can’t tell for certain… it seems to flow so naturally with the fabrics. However it was done it is BEAUTIFUL! I’m not sure if everyone notices or not, it took me a while. But it’s worth seeing. (And if that isn’t what it is forgive me – but thank you too my eyes for seeing something so beautiful there!)

  45. Adrienne and Jason,
    What tender, powerful words you, your family and your friends spoke today at Noah’s life celebration. We are all forever changed

  46. Adrienne and Family —

    Your story of your precious family and your baby have touched me in a profound way. What a gracious and godly woman you are. What an example to your precious little girl! And your husband is so blessed to have you for a wife and mom to his children.

    Your pictures took my breath away. There are no superlatives to describe them.

    I am praying for you today. God Bless you and your family. And to that beautiful little angel, Noah, I say, welcome Home!

    Lake Charles, LA

  47. Your family is absolutely beautiful. Those photos just capture the moment, the love, and the peace of God. Thank you so much for sharing Noah’s life with all of us. He was truly a gift from God. So very precious.

    –Dawn Hartwig

  48. My heart and prayers go out to you all and my joy is in knowing that Noah is in the arms of our creator.
    This experience has changed so may aspects of your lives, spiritually, emotionally, dynamically and probably also financially. Please accept the offering that I’m going to send to you, through your church, to relieve some of your financial burden. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Paula from Pittsburgh

  49. I too cannot get you and your family and your sweet baby boy Noah out of my mind. I’m grieving for him as if I knew him so closely. I hope that the service is another step in the direction of healing for you and yours.
    I’m praying for you.
    With Love and Sorrow,
    Allison S.

  50. Absolutely beautiful!

    You are in our family’s thoughts and prayers!

    Noah has such a peaceful look in these latest pictures! Happy BIRTHday Noah! Thank you for touching our hearts@!

    The H. Family

  51. Hello Beautiful family.

    I found you a few days back and wanted to read some of your past blogs before sending you a note. Noah was a beautiful child who was so fortunate to have you. I am sure he is one of the most precious angels watching over you now. I have a small understanding of your decisions about Noah though my son is still alive. We have chosen quality of life over conventional medicine and chosen God over man to save our son’s life. Choosing God is such a beautiful and peaceful choice. I pray that God bless you and that you teach multitudes about Him through Noah. You already have. You bring me strength I did not know I needed. May God bless you always. Thank you for sharing your story and faith.

    Jen, Mom to Miracle Samuel

  52. The Beloved of the Lord dwells in saftey. The High God surrounds him all the day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders. Deuteronomy 33.12

    What a promise for you and for little Noah!

    With prayer–Lisa

  53. My name is Monica. I met you on Thursday afternoon and I was touched by you testimony of great faith. Your lovely and beautiful family continue to be in my prayers everyday. God Bless you all!

  54. Praying for your family! I am sure the funeral was beautiful!!!

    Meghan introduced me to your blog…we both know that her Ricky and our Breckin is taking good care of your little Noah! I can only imagine that these “little” men are playing right now…How sweet of a picture!

    May God lift you up in HIS BIG HANDS and give you comfort.

    JoEllen Hummel

  55. Noah is precious, truly an angel. I just had to share this with you. I’ve been keeping up with your blog for the past few days. Well, today, I showed Noah’s picture to my 14-month old. She smiled at Noah’s picture and was so happy seeing him. I asked, “Who is he?”. She began to point at a little porcelain angel that I have near the computer. She kept on looking at Noah’s picture and pointing at the angel. People say that small children can see angels. Abby saw Noah’s wings, and was so happy to see him. May the Lord bless you and your family. You are truly an example of love and unity.


  56. Your a true testimony of the love of our Lord. You have shown such grace and inspiration to families around the world in your story.
    I thank you for being able to be part of your life and the beautiful story of Noah Steven.
    Your little boy is very blessed to have a family such as you three.
    He does have his crown. Jesus, thank you for all you do and now you have your little boy with you.
    God bless this family and keep them in your loving arms.
    In your name Jesus. Amen

  57. Adrienne, On the way to work today I heard “How Beautiful” by Twila Paris and how fitting that song is w/ regards to everything you and your family stand for. If you get time please listen to the lyrics or maybe you know them by heart? Just remember that I will always think of you and your family when I hear that song.

  58. I remember you, Adrienne, from NWC. You were my RD in Moyer. Jennifer McKinney sent me this blog the other day and I feel so honored to have been able to be a part of what you and your family have been going through. Your love and obedience to God in the midst of heartbreak is transforming. I have a 7 month old baby boy too (our first) and I have been so blessed with the chance to see my wonderful job as his mommy in a new way because of you. I can’t get you and your family out of my mind and heart and I think that’s the way God wants it. I can’t say thank you enough for your encouragement to me, for your love for your baby boy, and for your unending commitment to our Savior. God is using you and Noah to stir my heart. What an amazing little boy. Thank you.

    Brittney (Dahmes) Westin

  59. THANK YOU so much for sharing your story with the world. I have learned so much from you… yet we have never met.

    You taught me to hug my son tighter, to always tell my love ones just how much I love them, and to never take 1 day for granted.

    I will NEVER forget your story… and just how much Noah Steven touched my life. Thank you and God Bless you!

    H. Croteau

  60. Jason, Adrienne & Em,

    You guys are in our prayers. Thanks for sharing this journey of faith. John 14:1-4

    Stephen, Noel, Caroline & Reagan Pierce

  61. Your faith is amazing, and you have been an inspiration to me. I am praying for your family today, and will continue to do so.

    The hospital did not get the birth date wrong- truer words could not have been written- he is alive and well, in new life with his loving heavenly Father.

  62. God is so Great!
    I too, was given that great gift on my husbands ‘death’ certificate. He passed away from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 33. The morning that he was ushered into Heaven, He got out of bed & went to the window in the hospital room. He kept telling his brother that he had to ‘go’. He has to ‘go home now’. It was 1 a.m. He laid back down. At 5 a.m. my dad came to wake me to tell me that he was in his final moments. He was welcomed into His kingdom at 1. It just took his body a little while longer to decide his spirit had moved on. So how amazing for the hospital to have put on the certificate his spirit’s passing by ‘mistake’.
    Even in small details, God is there! He never fails to amaze me.
    A comment was left earlier by ‘David’ with the words from Isaiah ‘…beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!’…how even more beautiful is that photo of all of your feet now?! Again….God is even in the smallest of details & it brings the biggest smile to my face.

    Lifting you up in prayer!! YOUR strength has strengthed SO many!!

    Denver, Co.

  63. I am truly blessed to have met Noah and your family. Seeing the love that you have for your son and strength that you’ve had over the past 7 months truly gives me hope that there are wonderful people in this world. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to be there for the service. Please know that if you need anything, I am here for you.
    Tony Smith
    “the amazing lab tech”

  64. Beautiful.

    I had the pleasure of meeting you on Monday…I was your server at Hacienda. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story with us, the three of us were very touched. Noah IS the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! You are a beautiful family and I think it is amazing, after reading your blog, the compassion you have for others during such a hard time for your family. You are all in my prayers.

    Peace and Love, Britt

  65. I can’t imagine your heartache. Yet you are so remarkably strong through all of this. God doesn’t make mistakes. Hard for our finite minds to understand. God in His infinite wisdom has a plan and your beautiful testimony I’m sure will play a big part in people’s lives. My prayers go with your family.


  66. What a story-what a faith you have. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for your openness in sharing from your heart. You have encouraged me in ways I cannot put into words. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  67. I have been so uplifted after attending The Celebration on Monday afternoon.It is very cool to see a family deal with death here on earth the way that your family has done. Death has no hold on Noah! On us as believers! Thank you for being obedient to Christ and allowing Him use your family for His purposes. Isn’t that what it is all about? His purposes? Through Noah’s life and death the Lord has started something wonderful in my life and in those of my friends. I was dead spiritually ( not even realizing til now). You see when things happen in my life that are hard, I am all consumed by them. I forget that the Lord is at work. That he has a plan bigger than my struggles, maybe even something great to come from them. I choose to walk in this truth, to see what is actually taking place and give God the glory. Noah has taught me this, how sweet how simple. Things are so clear to me now and I pray that this clarity remains, that I do not become complacent and go around the mountain for years again.I wanted for this to be my small tribute back to Noah and your family. I thank you and will continue to lift up your family to the Lord.

    I was blind but now I see.

    Chrissy Utesch

  68. Dear Adrienne and Jason,
    I think you will remember me from ORU. Kim Kooy – I married Mike Wilkerson in 1992.

    I have just finished reading your entire blog and cried (no…bawled) most of the way through. Thank you for sharing your journey with Noah with people around the world. You may never know how you have impacted so many lives. Adrienne, you are so vulnerable and so full of faith. You have challenged me so much in my walk with the Lord. You have encouraged me to have hope when hope seems lost.

    I feel so honored to be able to reconnect with you through this blog.

    You and your beautiful family are in my heart and my prayers.

    Kim Wilkerson (Mike, David 5 and Samuel 3)

  69. I came across your site, and I just wanted you and your family to know that I have been thinking and praying about your family since Sunday (when I first heard about your family.) I pray that God blesses you and that you continue to feel his arms around you like you have so many times in the past.
    God bless you Graves family
    Jori in Illinois

  70. Thank You so much for sharing Noah with us.You have so much Strengh and Faith that you and your family are an inspiration to us all. I have been praying for your family and little Noah since someone emailed me your blog two weeks ago. I have only encountered someone with your faith once or twice in my whole life and I just wanted to thank you and your family. I know Noah, in his short life, and your family have touched and inspired so many people. May GODS love be with you everyday that you are apart from your precious baby boy. I will be praying for you and your family that you always know the peace and love of our savior JESUS CHRIST. Thank You again for sharing your faith, love, and pictures of your family. Little Noah has touched our hearts and lives in a way I cant explain.
    Chris from California

  71. I pray the Comforter holds you closely in the days ahead.

    There is no way to ever know how many people Noah’s life touched but I’m sure it has changed us forever.

    I thank you for sharing your journey. Your unwaivering faith in God, along with the certainty of a reunion with Noah brings glory to God. There is no doubt He is pleased with the way you have lived these last monhts.

    We are praying for you all. I’m sure you feel peace knowing that Noah went from your arms to God.

  72. What a homecoming Noah must have had . . . I was a friend of Elizabeth Munns’ at NWC and was reminded of her homecoming as I read your words about Noah. Neat to think that they are together with Jesus . . .

    Trusting with you,
    Naomi Damschen ’00

  73. I found your blog today, and read it all, it was a true inspiration.

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

    We’ll continue to pray for comfort and peace for your family.

    God Bless you

  74. The celebration ceremony was just beautiful, and my heart has been so full for your family! Words have escaped me, or I’d have written sooner. It’s still hard to say what’s in my heart. My human brain is so inadequate …

    Blessings on you for the way you have lived through this season. You have encouraged, taught lessons, blessed, challenged and modelled God to us each and every day.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with the world.

  75. I have worked at Children’s Hospital for over 18 years. I have had many patients and families that I have come to know just a little while they were with us. Just from the few times that we spoke I know that your family is a great place to be and that Noah is a very lucky little boy to have been given such a gift while he was here with you. You have all been blessed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  76. Your story is so amazing to me. I have never been so touched by GOD’s love than by Noahs memories. Em is already such a witness to mankind on innocense and purity and faith in GOD to take care of her brother and Mommy and Daddy. You have changed the world by allowing us to have the honor of knowing you and your family and to see the faith you have in GOD’s mercy and grace. Your family will always be in my heart! Noah……WHAT A BLESSING!!! I love you all!!!

  77. I am honored to have the chance to follow your families experience, i noticed something on the picture of Noah and his bunny, there is an image of a cross by his right hand. is that suppose to be there?
    thank you and god bless you all.

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