Em and I decided to brave the blizzard last night and drive home from the hospital. We did just fine until we hit the driveway and got stuck! I had to reverse it a few times and then we catapulted into the garage just shy of shooting through the back wall into the yard! Last night we built a fort in the basement (the first picture) and told stories. Today we bundled up and tackled the driveway so we could at least back out to the street so we could go see the boys at the hospital. When snow is thigh high, it’s not the time to start “working out”.

Anyway, the other two pictures are of Noah having floor time. The nurses were trying to fix his dressing on his PICC line tonight, so that’s why they are all sitting around him while he’s on the floor. We had good snuggle time and I massaged his back and head for a while. And yes, people, his face is smooth and crust free, once again! I’m holding back on the smothering kisses so I’m not the culprit, but I am smooching his head and knees and elbows and toes, just shying away from the cheeks…I just can’t get enough!!!

So, this is what I’ve been thinking lately…
A LONG time ago, I think I was in junior high, I wanted to be a doctor for two reasons: I wanted a Mercedes and I wanted to heal people. I am over wanting a Mercedes, though they are fine pieces of machinery, but I am NOT over wanting to heal people. Well, I decided to go pre-med in college, but my freshman year I failed chemistry. I did get an A in lab, which is something…anyway, I took it again to replace the F and got a D! Hello, God, how am I supposed to be a doctor if I can’t even pass chemistry??!! He answered quite loudly with a, “You don’t have to be a doctor to heal people. You can pray for them.” Okay! Nice! I quickly withdrew from biology, too! I changed my major to theology with a missions emphasis and minored in Spanish. I wanted to study something I was good at, and to me, that meant studying people and cultures and God’s word. From that time on, the desire to see people healed has never left my heart. Side note, Jason’s name means “healer”. He has always wanted to be rich, not so we could have “stuff” but so we could GO wherever God said GO. My name means “rich”. Anyway, all of this to say…Jason and I have gone overseas a lot. We’ve always had a heart for missions. We’ve always known we’d travel as a family. Well, God gave us THIS family. We will not be separated. SOOO, we may not look like your conventional missionaries, but we will NOT let the devil get ANY part of the victory in this, so, if we have to get a jet with a medical team and oxygen tanks, by golly we’ll do it! NOTHING WILL HOLD US BACK FROM PROCLAIMING THAT JESUS IS IN LOVE WITH THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND THAT HE DIED ON THE CROSS AND DEFEATED DEATH, CARRIED OUR DISEASES AND GIVES EVERYONE WHO WOULD BELIEVE ETERNAL LIFE. So, I may sound crazy, but I’ve heard others have done crazier…Jesus left a really sweet pad to come here for a bunch of undeserving…now that’s WAY out there! Arthur Blessitt’s been flying around the world for years with brain aneurysms galore and he doesn’t even take a medical team! I’m not saying it’ll happen, but we are willing to GO wherever He says GO!



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  1. i believe that you will do it.
    and think of all the people that you are already ministering to through this blog- ALL over the world- so many of us are drawn to your family- urged to pray for you, compelled to tell your story to our families and friends. there are many sick children in this world and yet- your story has had twists and turns that only God could invent! and because of that, we all draw closer to Him!
    thank you for being a bloggin’ missionary!

  2. Wanted to send a Christmas greeting to the Graves! Boyd and I will be keeping you all in our prayers. On a side note – do you remember Jason Nelson from NWC? He recently had a baby girl, Lonna (I believe that is her name), she was born very premature. I know she is in a hospital in Denver. Not sure which one but thought I would let you know in case she was at the same one. I believe Lonna was born the end of November.

    Sabrina Knudsen

  3. Pure and simple…you guys are an inspiration.

    T minus 14 and counting…can’t wait to meet him!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, cb

  4. What an inspiration you guys are daily to me and everyone around you. There are moments that this still feels absolutely unreal and the wonder of how and why. Living it daily as you guys are and trusting God continually shines thorugh everything you say and do. Thank you for your faith, hope, and steadfastness. I am truly blessed and honored to have you as my family.

  5. Great Christmas photo… glad you didn’t make through the garage… just into the garage.

    Praying for a wonderful Christmas for all you.


  6. my mom sent me your blog, although “uncle chris” had given me the link once before…

    anyways, i read everything since the last time i read anything and cried the whole time…i am blown away and encouraged by your faith and trust in the Lord. He is using you and your family…even in the midst of the “yuck” of life…

    i will be praying for you, not that my simple prayers do much…but i do know that God is GOOD, ALL the time.

    merry christmas.
    ali (baden) geier

  7. Noah’s skin looks wonderful! I was so excited to see that. And you and Miss Em looked like you were having lots of fun. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas full of peace and LOVE. You are definately still fullfilling your want and goal to minister around the world, probably further than you would if you had traveled these past few months. And all that from one room. God bless you all!

    AM in OK

  8. I came across this blog one day by accident and have been reading it for the last few weeks (and I read all the post that were placed before I began reading this) and I just wanted to send you some huge hugs and prayers. I can’t imagine what this is like for all of you.
    I have been on my own medical journey since March of 04 and the doctors still can’t seem to figure out whats wrong with me. Everytime they come up with a diagnoses something happens that makes them realize that they were actually wrong. I am sending you guys extra bear hugs for those days. For every wrong diagnoses its one step closer to finding the right one. Your son is a fighter and I have no doubt that he will go on to do great things as well as your daughter who will be a much more caring and compassionate person to everyone because of all of this.
    May God Bless all of you and may you find out what is wrong with Noah real soon.

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