So, here’s the allergy panel as promised…
Regarding his total IgE allergen count, out of a normal range of 0-100, Noah’s number was 269. The individual allergen range is 0-0.34. Noah’s were as follows:

Egg White: 4.96
Milk: 6.41
Soybean: 9.59
Corn, Maize: 1.92
Walnut: 3.63
Wheat: 1.27
And the BIG DOG…..
Peanut: 26.30

He also showed allergies to Cod, Shrimp, Clam, and Scallop…so, no seafood chowder for Noah this Christmas Eve. But seriously, why he’s producing such high amounts of antibodies is perplexing. Hopefully there’s an “expert” that can shed a little light on the situation…especially since he hasn’t had a lot of PBJ’s yet or big jugs of milk to wash it down. I did find a an article on line about allergies to peanut proteins being passed during pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I had a whey protein smoothie with almond milk and a scoop of organic peanut butter EVERYDAY. Once he was born, I backed off on those, suspecting they weren’t good for him, but ate Odwalla peanut chocolate chip bars, instead. I asked a PICU doc 4 months ago if he could have a horrible allergy to peanuts, since that was the one food that was constant in the picture through my breast milk, but he said NO…

Anyway, the allergists work out of National Jewish Hospital, and, since there’s literally a blizzard outside that is due to last through tomorrow, though NJH is only 3 miles away, there will be no discussion of allergies today…it seems strange to me that there aren’t allergy specialists at Children’s since lots of children have allergies…

My sister and her family were supposed to arrive today from Rhode Island, but are stuck in Baltimore for now…I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow, as I’m not really keeping up on the news these days, but I opened the blinds this morning and there was a white out. My little sister spun out going only 30 mph on I-25 across 4 lanes of traffic this morning, but THANK GOD, everyone behind her slowed to a stop. Noah’s room is north facing, so it is covered in ice and I can barely make out the parking garage 50 feet away. I guess if you need to be stuck somewhere in a blizzard and your health isn’t optimal, well, I suppose a hospital is a decent place to be…Jason and I are still trying to decide if one of us should take Em home or if we should all stay here and hang out as a family all night…I’ll let you know what we decided tomorrow!



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  1. We are so familiar with allergies in our house. Jackson is allergic to dairy and Julia is allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat, and peanuts (I also didn’t avoid peanuts during pregnancy). I have heard great things about accupressure in the treatment of allergies. I just think doctors are clueless when it comes to allergies (IMHO). When it comes to my kids, honestly, I go with my gut most of the time because we Moms just know. 🙂

  2. Your Christmas picture is great! We continue to be praying for your family and for Noah’s healing. Thanks so much for sharing your journey of faith in this-I appreciate how it has challenged and encouraged me! I hope that finding out about Noah’s allergies can be helpful in the whole picture of how to treat him. We are going to be in Denver from Christmas to New Year’s Eve, and if it will work, we would love to stop by and say hi! Enjoy the snow! 🙂
    Amanda Cook

  3. Those are just food allergies. What about mold or dust, aka “natural” factors? If you’ve got these items in high levels in your home, anything you bring in from the house could be affecting him, especially on your clothes.

  4. I love the Christmas picture–your family is beautiful!

    The other night while saying ‘goodnight’ prayers, I noticed Skyler was crying (7 yrs old). When I asked why she said I so badly want baby Noah to be home for Christmas. I reiterated that you do too and we are going to keep on praying. She then added…I would give up all my gifts in exchange for him to be home with his family this Christmas. I then started to cry. 🙂
    Much love from SA!!!

  5. Hi Adrienne, I knew of you at Northwestern during some of your time there…had some RA friends and am close now with Steph G. who told me about Noah and passed along your blog to me. I have been reading it every day and, like many, many others who have commented, have been blessed beyond words by you and your family. I wanted to write and let you know that God is using you to help me as a parent and as a child of God. Our 4 month old son Cullen fell very ill when he was 2 weeks old. He was hospitalized and the Dr.s didn’t know what was wrong with him. It took them three days to figure it out and he is well now. However, those were the most terrifying, faith-testing three days of my life. I do not know how you feel, don’t know what you’re going through, to be stuck in that same limbo for months, not days, but my mother heart hurts for yours, knowing only what I went through in those brief, brief days we had in the hospital. My family and I pray for you together and I will continue to read about Noah every day. Thank you for sharing and for being a blessing to me.

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