Today Noah turned a 1/2! Woo Hoo! He had major snuggle time with his daddy, who took the pic of him with his new reindeer hat direct from loved ones in Kansas. Then, tonight I couldn’t find his pacifier which he hasn’t used in a while, so I got a bottle nipple and popped that in. It’s pretty cute just sitting in there. Once in a while he’ll suck and it shoots out of his mouth.

So, tonight I was scratching the left side of Noah’s head with my nails and he turned his head toward my hand and half smiled! It was SO AWESOME! He hasn’t done anything like that in a long time. Now time is all running together, but I know it’s been a while, like months…

His weekend went well. His x-rays and CT scans were all clear, though the x-ray today showed that his large intestine still has some “stretched” parts from his major explosion the other day. Mine would be big, too! He’s on a lot of antibiotics and an antimicrobial, plus flushes and the IV food, so his blood pressure’s been creeping up slowly processing all the fluids. I’ve asked the docs and nurses to please be sure that the ratios are all good because he’s got puffy hands and feet. They did some math and did a few minor adjustments, so hopefully his bp will go back down.

Two praises from the 3rd floor…the girl I’ve asked you to pray for that had to have a liver transplant and then rejected that one and was waiting for her second transplant, well she got it and is back up here for recovery! Please pray that her body does not reject this second one, actually her third!!! ALSO, Noah’s neighbor has been here a month longer than Noah and gets to go home on Tuesday! He’s a handsome little guy, also on a ventilator/c-pap, that melts your heart! Please pray for their transition.

Last thought…while taking out Christmas decorations, I found that one of our stocking hangers had broken. It was a neat silver frame and then we also have the letters, J O Y. Well, it was bothering me because at least with the frame and JOY, we were all covered, but since the frame broke, it was only three hangers and it just bugged me!!!! Well, my friend came over yesterday and told me they had hung their stockings that morning and put a hanger up for the whole family including one for Jesus. They write down areas of their lives that they put in the stocking as a gift or offering to Him. I thought that was about the coolest idea, so this morning, Em and I went in pursuit of the stocking hangers that spell P E A C E, the meaning of Noah’s name, which in Hebrew is shalom, nothing missing, nothing broken. Of course, I couldn’t find it at the two shops we went to. Emily did pick out a cool stocking for Jesus, but no hangers. We got home and my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas because she had drawn my name. I told her I wanted a milagro. I have her name, she had the same request…Anyway, she and my dad went shopping for a few things and my mom gave me my gift early…P E A C E. It’s hanging above the fireplace and will soon have Noah’s stocking hanging from the first E. His stocking is here in the hospital, but it belongs at home with the others, just like him! It’ll happen! Of that I have no doubt!



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  1. Ahhh, Noah looks fantastic! I have not been online since last Thursday morning so I just got caught up on all the big events. Wow, wow, wow! I’ve been reading a book about the mystery of God’s will and one of the verses of scripture that was quoted from Job struck me…for all of our lives but especially your situation. Of course I can’t remember the exact scripture right now (I’m at the book store) but I think it is in the 2nd chapter of Job and after his buddies leave him, he says to the Lord “I realize now that in all these things I have not understood, you were working things out more beautifully than I can comprehend.” paraphrase, obviously.
    My prayer for you guys is that throughout this journey you will be comforted in knowing that in all things, every little detail, even every mistake or oversight, God is working things out beautifully…and you don’t have to figure it all out. His sovereignty overwhelms!

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