Here are a few pictures that sum up the last few days…The picture of his arm is from yesterday afternoon when he had his biopsy. Unfortunately the results on those tests could take weeks, fyi…Today he received a gingerbread house from The Swiss Colony. I think they donated them to all the kids in the hospital, isn’t that sweet (no pun intended!). And then, the one of Noah jamming out to tunes with his cool hat and blanket I made him I couldn’t resist posting. He had more acupuncture today, as well.

So, I have a plan of action…Well, Jason has been sending Noah’s medical summary along with MRI’s to docs around the nation. A neurologist at the Mayo said that his third MRI, taken in October, actually showed maturation of his white matter, though his brain along with his muscles are atrophying (still no one knows why). Well, it occurred to me that everyone has been focusing so much on his white matter and that’s actually “matured” while everything else is shrinking. So, I was thinking about the progression of events, all during pivotal developmental times in Noah’s little life. He was intubated at 11 weeks of age and on a VERSED drip for 5 weeks. When you are “tubed” you really shouldn’t move which is why he was sedated. Anyway, all this to say, I’m pretty sure if I were intubated for over a month and drugged so I didn’t move, I’d atrophy just a tad, too. So, my plan of action is to stimulate all 5 of Noah’s senses regularly to see if we can get any responses. We already know that his body is responding positively, though slightly, to the acupuncture, so I thought, why not try stimulation on the whole scale? The docs don’t think his brain receives sound or sight messages, but everyday he’s going to have “sound therapy” aka praise and worship and u2, of course. Then, I’m going to ask the eye doc what would be appropriate optical stimulation without damage, like lights or something. Then I want to bring in a lot of different smelling things for him. Today I opened his jar of fish oil under his nose…boy was it stinky!!!! He didn’t think so, but most boys like stinky smells:) Anyway, he gets physical therapy and occupational therapy everyday but I’ll make sure I get a lot of good textured things for him to feel. Well, that’s the plan here on earth, let me fill you in on the one I’m launching in heaven…

So, I’ve thought about this quite a bit. I’ve been praying that God would heal Noah. I have never thought a doctor would have a cure for him, but always trusted that God would miraculously heal him. Then I thought, no, if God heals Noah then that wouldn’t help other kids with the cure for their disease. Then I thought today, Noah’s “one in 6 billion”…no one knows what’s wrong with him, so if he’s one of a kind, then a cure wouldn’t help a bunch of other kids anyway because apparently no one else on earth has this, so I’m over even praying for a cure. I am boldly praying for Noah’s MIRACULOUS healing because no one on this earth should get God’s glory! A cure on earth would be God-inspired, of that I have no doubt, but it would give people the opportunity to actually “praise” a human and not God Almighty, the One who heals everyday! God inspires cures everyday but man gets the glory because we’ve all been guilty of thinking they thought of it on their own. If God is who He says He is, then He created us in His image. Also, His word says there’s nothing new under the sun, so if that’s the case, He inspires us with creative ways in health and medicine, too, and He created the brains sitting in our melons. I don’t know if this makes sense…it’s a better discussion in person, but the point is that Noah’s healing, no matter if it’s on earth or in heaven, IS STRAIGHT FROM GOD. In the words of our president, “Make no mistake”, God is Noah’s healer. So, some may say, “Why are you ‘doing’ anything if God’s Noah’s healer? It’s a good question…I’m his mommy and it’s my job to love him and nurture him. But perhaps it’s because I know who to give the glory to, no matter what…This has been my heart the whole time, God knows, but it was on my heart today especially because since Jesus is coming back soon, let’s skip trying to find cures for everyone and let’s start walking in the words of Jesus as His disciples…healing the sick, sharing God’s Word, walking in Power and Authority over darkness. This stuff happens in 3rd world countries all the time…we’ve just allowed our brains to run interference…



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  1. Amen! He is Faithful and True! He IS who He says!! You are right on. Our God is also an All-Consuming Fire! He is Jealous! His affections are set on us. His affections are set on Noah! Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Until That Day, let Your Kingdom come, Let Your will be done!! Heal NOW. Restore NOW! It’s who You are. Living God. Living Flame of Love. We claim these promises and speak them over Noah right now in the Name of Jesus. Yeshua: The Lord Saves. Christ: The Messiah!

    Love, In Christ,
    sarah s.

  2. Amen, my sister in Christ! We too will be praying for God’s Glory to be shown and for Noah’s miraculous healing.

  3. True story I have to share with you (and everyone else) about one more small way God worked in someone else this past week. I don’t mean to be blog/post hog, but it’s worth it. To me it re-inforces all you’ve said.

    Part one: A woman at my mother’s church went to her Dr. last at the encouragement of some friends, because she had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Long story short it ended in a trip to the emergency room where she was told that she was in her THIRD trimester of pregnancy! This woman was told many years ago she could NEVER bear children!! Needless to say, she and her husband were in total shock. They were excited and scared all at the same time for this news. She was ill because had pre-clampsia and they needed to stabalize her blood pressure and did a c-section the very next day. Baby Emma was born weighing just over 3 lbs. (Emma is doing well btw).

    Part two: A few days after Emma was born, a woman showed up at the maternity floor nurses station with bags of clothes for a baby girl. She informed the nurses had lost her daughter the year before to SIDS. She’s been praying continuously for healing in her heart and said God had moved her to bring these clothes in as part of her healing. He had directed that someone was in THAT hospital on THAT day that was in need of these things. The nurses were stunned but quickly hooked her up with Emma’s mother and the two visited for quite some time. We’re told they wept together for the one woman’s loss and rejoiced for the other’s great gift.

    God speaks to us, he moves us and he puts these signs out there that he is here. He is there for you, not that we have to tell you that – you know probably better than anyone I’ve ever known.

    You and Jason are fighting a good fight for Noah and you’ve got everyone behind you. Love from Oklahoma!!

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