When I used to nurse Noah in the middle of the night, I would cozy up in our big green chair with a 32oz jug of water and mostly just stare at him. Since he was a very slow eater, I would dim the lights and use the time to catch up on lots of reading. My three choices were: the Bible, Legacy of Prayer by Jennifer Kennedy Dean, and a book about healthy sleep habits for my kids. I read the Bible to Noah as if he were grasping every word. As a result of reading Legacy of Prayer, I prayed for Noah and Emily, the calls of God on their lives, their walks with God, their spouses and the generations that they would help bring forth on the earth. As far as the healthy sleep habit book…Noah and Emily were on great sleep routines, key word being “were”. The anxiety I had about making sure he got on a sleep schedule and had ample sleep throughout the day and night…well, Noah sleeps probably 23 hours a day, so, I must have really gotten the message of that book! My point is…good book, good information, definitely applicable, but if I could turn back time (thank you, Cher) I would skip book number 3 and mostly just stare…



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  1. Your son looks exactly like a little cherub. Thank you for sharing Noah’s story. I pray it be God’s will for your son to have a miraculous healing.

  2. I was at bible study last night and the Session 5 summary from the Beth Moore study (Jesus the One and Only) struck me as profound. I thought it too great not to post on here.
    From Luke 9:28-36
    1.Christ seeks to readjust our vision of Him.
    The more we are willing to receive, the more He is willing to reveal to us. God is the FULLNESS of all SECURITY and MYSTERY. He meets all of our emotional needs as well as our mental needs. (If he did not provide us security, we would not trust him. If he was not mysterious, we would not seek him.)
    2. To readjust our vision, Christ may choose to rearrange our surroundings.
    3. No matter how our earthly perception is readjusted, the immortal reality still greatly exceeds any mortal revelation.
    4. Our meeting places with Christ are not locations where we build tabernacles and stay. The originial Greek work for good is kalos, meaning “constitutionally good without necessarily being beneficial; expresses beauty as a harmonious completeness, balance, proportion.”
    5. Christ ordinarily reveals Himself to us in private so He can reveal Himself through us in public.
    6. When our spiritual vision is being readjusted, our hearing is as vital as our sight.
    7. Our vision of Christ is under appropriate readjustment as we come to see Jesus alone.
    8. Consider redefining a “mountaintop experience”. Any place we see Christ transfigured can turn out to be the greatest mountaintop experiences of our lives.

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