Noah got a new pumpkin hat from his friend, Miss Laura.
She just whipped it up along with a yummy dinner and 8 inch chocolate chip cookies that should be sold at Whole Foods for a million dollars! (Interesting that 3 different cookie deliveries were made the week I told everyone that I’m trying to get in shape…)

Anyway, here’s Noah getting a little mad…he’s looking a little rough as he continues to break out in an awful rash that no one can explain. His eyelids are puffy and his feet are really swollen. He had been on IV fluids but when his formula was reintroduced, they didn’t discontinue the other fluids even though I kept telling them I was concerned he was taking on too many fluids…now he’s just on formula. The biggest frustration is that there isn’t anything being done to “support” Noah. I’ve brought in pro-biotics for his healthy flora to be restored but that was put on hold by the docs for a week while he was sick. Why they would do that blows my mind. It’s the only thing that is GOOD that is going into him!

Tomorrow I am getting baptized as a grown up. I was baptized as a child but have wanted to be baptized as an adult for about 19 years but just haven’t done it. Jason was going to baptize me on our honeymoon, but, well, you know…and then in Mexico a few times I thought about it, but we forgot again. Well, 3 weeks ago I was thinking about it again and Pastor Johnson dropped in to pray for Noah and mentioned that they were going to have a baptism service in 3 weeks. Well, that’s tomorrow. My parents just drove in from Phoenix and will watch Noah while Jason, Em and my sister, Ashley, and I go to church.

The reason I am doing it at this point in my life is that I want a new beginning. In this I mean that from here on out, I want to live my life with meaning, purpose, passion and perseverance. I want to be a blessing to my husband and kids and be an encouragement to anyone I encounter. This journey with Noah has opened my eyes to how self-absorbed I have lived life thus far. I apologize to everyone who has been affected by me in that way. I am truly sorry! I desire to live selflessly, so this is my public expression of repenting of selfishness. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE TO THIS, PLEASE. DON’T CANDY COAT IT WHEN YOU SEE IT IN ME, TELL ME WHEN I’M SELFISH! Anyway, Em and I are off to bed. Please pray for the boys as they are at the hospital tonight. Jason and I are praying Noah out of the hospital before RSV season starts! Posted by Picasa



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  1. Ade Babe – I was baptized as an adult in Colo. years ago. For the same reasons: a new start, forgiveness afresh, and the taking on literally & symbolically of the new Creation Christ. GOOD for YOU! care

  2. Ade,
    That is really cool that you are doing that! Getting baptized in Forsbergs pool when I was younger is something that has vividly always stood out in my mind.
    I love Noah’s hat! He fits right in at JCrew 🙂
    Love and prayers,

  3. i don’t know if you remember me, but i’m one of stacia’s friends. we had dinner together at cheesecake factory, what was that, 2 years ago already? i ask stash for updates on noah – she finally got sick of me so she just sent me your blog address. all i can say is WOW. i read quite a bit already but it will take me a while to read it all. i thought i had a lot of hospital experience but nothing compares to what you have gone through. my daughter had heart surgery at children’s when she was 2 – i spent a week in the hospital with her and i felt like time stood still during that time. then my sister had several stays in the hospital over the past 3 years due to her illness. it felt like the hospital was my second home then, too.
    your faith has encouraged me this morning. since my sister died i’ve been wrestling with all those God questions that come out of a tragedy. thank you for blogging – i bet ya never guessed that it would touch so many people!!!
    i will keep praying for you and the whole family. God didn’t create the pain, but He is creating something incredibly beautiful out of your pain.
    Love, Marna

  4. Hey guys — it’s Margaret from RRC. I brought you dinner one night, long ago. I’ve been catching up on the blog, hoping you’d write about your baptism. My husband edited the videos they played, and I sobbed as I listened to your story in his basement studio.

    I’m sorry we were out of town this weekend and missed the service — it’s not one we like to miss!

    I hope that it was a meaningful time for you, as you publicly identified with the God of the universe, and the One who holds you and Noah in His hand.

    Continuing to pray for you —


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