The Deception of this Generation
Today Em and I were playing at City Park, enjoying the beautiful autumn day. She quickly met a brother and sister duo playing that invited her to jump on the tire swing for a whirl. Of course I was summoned to push faster, faster, faster. The little girl told Emily she also had a baby brother, to which Emily replied that she, too, had a little “brudder” Noah who was in the hospital. The girl, Somalia, asked me why Noah was in the hospital and I said that the doctors don’t know but that God does and we trust Him. I asked them if they knew God and the little brother said yes, he’s Moses. I said no, Moses was a man of God, but he wasn’t God. Then he said out of the blue that Jesus killed people, that the Bible even said so. I said that Jesus did not kill people but loved everyone, raised people from the dead and healed the sick. I said that Jesus came to restore man’s relationship back to God. He said, “Nuh uh”. I said, “Uh huh. Well, actually, yes He did. I’ve read the Bible several times and Jesus never killed anyone, He only loved.” Then the big sister told me that they practice old Egyptian religion and that they pray to their ancestors every morning and that it’s kind of fun…LATER, in the car, Emily asked me what they believed, why they believed what they did and who they prayed to. I told her that they basically pray to their dead grammas and grampas to help them and guide them. She said, “That doesn’t even make sense…they just don’t know…we can just talk to God.” Simply spoken. Emily, the 4 yr old theologian.



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  1. It is amazing how young our kids can truly understand what Jesus is to us. Out of the mouth of babes the simplicity of things is realized. Abby is the same way with stating it so simple or using silly analogies to connect our heavenly father to us. I pray that Emily is a world changer in her region and school.

    Love always – Angie

  2. Father, please impress that conversation deep into the hearts and minds of those children. As they grow help them to remember the lady at the park who taught them that Jesus was kind, loved people, and wanted to restore them to God. Draw them to you that they might know you and be some of those that Jesus restores.

  3. Praise God for children who are raised by godly parents. Keep your Faith and keep seizing those moments He places before us. Thanks so much for sharing your walk.

  4. Thats our girl 🙂 I wish I could’ve been there to hear Emily’s conversation…moments like that are priceless. We can learn from such simplicity. Loving and missing you guys!

  5. Another reason to remember we need to fight for this generation. We are losing them every second. As parents it begins with us to stand firm against the enemy for our kids even at that young age teaching them what’s right and true. Wow, makes me recommited just reading your post. THANKS!

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