Today is Noah’s 4 month birthday! He got one dollar from “Grampa Cloy” the respiratory therapist. We’re heading down to fluoroscopy for his new NJ tube right now…we just got back upstairs to Noah’s room. I rode in his bed on the way up and “bagged” him while the nurse and Cloy tried not to run into walls with the SLIGHT weight change in the bed…Noah has his new NJ tube in. The reason they aren’t using the Gtube right now is because of his hypotonia, they are concerned that the sphincter at the top of his stomach is also floppy, therefore increasing the risk for aspiration. (I feel like I’m repeating myself, so I apologize if I already wrote this…)

Anyway, for Noah’s birthday, he and I read Psalm 119. It’s a great one! I’d like to memorize it but it’s hard for me to memorize things without a tune…maybe Bono could come up with one?

We’ll likely have a care conference soon with all the docs and anyone we want involved. They all want the results to the tests we sent out on our own accord. I find that interesting since they didn’t want to involve our insurance to send out those tests…Jason and I will share the results of the tests with the different docs here, but if you’d pray for us in that process, it would be great. There are a lot of principles here that deep down I am trying to reconcile…Oh, I am a tortured soul, trying to live by the Spirit but not be so spiritual that I am no earthly good…anyway, we’ll keep you abreast on the care conference.



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  1. Bless you Adrianne. that last comment in today’s post is an interesting concept. You have been and “earthly good” to so many and will continue to be. I want you to know that Danny and I pray for Noah every night. Val

  2. I have been following your site since it was sent by a friend of yours and have had many nights I have prayed for your little boy. We have an 8 month old that I thank the Lord for every night. Even when it’s 3am. Just wondering if you have tested your house or any place you have lived for molds. They can affect everyone differently and can be toxic to children and infants. Just an idea.

  3. Dearest Family, Bobby & I are so happy to be coming back to Denver to be with you again. Grandma’s funeral was beautiful….she was a “wife of noble character”, Prov. 31….I know that she prayed many prayers for her loved ones….God will answer them all, because He is faithful. We keep praying day & night…today I prayed Ps.71 for Noah….and Deut.29:29 “The things that are hidden belong to God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children…” Lord, please reveal the things in Noah that are making him sick, and please heal him and make him whole. Thank You, Jesus! Love, Bobby & Bebe xoxoxo

  4. Hey Adrianne,

    I love your fun spirit. Thanks for being an idealist in the un-ideal world of medical care. You are so great to hear from, and I always look forward to new blogs. I pray pray pray for the Father to have mercy and grace on your little Noah, and grant him complete and total healing!!! Also, great insight for the doctors! I am praying for your heart and your sweet Em and hubbie as well, may your hearts be pure and filled with peace!

    My little Noah is doing well, his 4th month birthday was on the 8th of October, can you believe it has been 4 months already since our Noah’s were born?

    I have to say it is a small world, your sister-in-law Terra was in a small group I lead when she lived out here in LA and she often talked of you so highly! I can now see why, you are gold.

    I am going to take you up on the desire to pray for your blog-fans and give you my heart as you are so kind to share yours with us.

    Please pray I would love and not judge, that I would spend my days well – giving my family the very best of me – knowing how to be and not be involved in the church (I tend to get overcommitted) – that my husband and I would grow stronger in our happy marriage – that God would bless us with a fourth child or that I would gain peace about stopping the family at three (or that my hubbie would let go of the need to stop it at three). Pray for direction and peace about my homeschooling (and breaks in the day from it). Please pray for my deep connection with God, that I would truly seek him and truly hear from him and truly love him.

    Much love from afar,
    Mary Robin
    mom of 3, homeschooler, stay at homer (and volunteer at churcher)

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