Noah is in surgery as I type. The labs we wanted drawn will be sent out today. Thanks so much for your prayers.

I pray for all the generations on the earth right now and the ones to come…it is a difficult age to live in. There is so much stimulus and so many distractions, it is easy to get sidetracked on things that “seem” important at the moment. When I sit to pray or read and meditate on God’s word, I get about 17,000 thoughts that rush in; what I need to do, what’s on the agenda, blah blah blah. If that happens to me, I know I’m not alone. I pray that we can all focus on those things that are eternal, that we can love really hard, whether we “feel” like it or not. I pray that we’ll be used for God’s glory and that we will truly walk in life in the Spirit. That is hard to do, but not impossible because God’s word says the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I am praying for all of you out there. What if tomorrow were the day Jesus were to return? Seriously. How would I live? What would matter? Would I tell others or would I hide that in my heart? You may not be the most popular person as a result of what you have to do, but obedience is more important than popularity.

I praise God that He is restoring people back to Him!



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  1. Noah and family, you don’t know me but I sure know you I have said so many prayers for you. I am Sandy Trice at Maranatha Church in Mont Belvieu, Tx. My husband is the Pastor there I know that Noah’s life is so special and I know that many lives are being touched as they pray for him. May God’s peace be so strong that you marvel and give Him much praise. God hears and answers. Love, Sandy

  2. Adrienne,
    I log on every day to read what’s happening…..You all are prayed for every morning at our breakfast table, and every night before we turn in. Thank you for sharing this journey.

  3. Familia Graves!

    Thanks for this blog. I find myself looking at it alot and marveling about your sense of grace and courage in all of this. My Wife Michelle and I often mention you in our prayers and exist in the hope that Little Noah is delivered from this. Both of us being in the medical field, I think that it is sometimes hard when there aren’t answers. It has taught me personally alot about hope.

    Todd (and Michelle) Howell

  4. Guys –

    I happen to know about another infant that is fighting for his life in NYC. I’m not as up to date on his situation because his family doesn’t have a “scribe” like you, Adrienne. 🙂 But, this is the most recent news that I received tonight… WE NEED TO PRAY!

    “…Sid has a fungus now growing on his nose. Because he has no immune system and no white blood cells to fight it, it is or was eating the flesh on his nose. One side of his nose is black from the fungus and sunken in. The tissue is damaged. They started giving him an anti-fungal medication yesterday morning but don’t know if it will help. At this point they are concerned about this because if it continues… could kill him…”

    His name is Sid, his parents are Heather and Anand. Please add their family to your list of prayers.


  5. Thank you for allowing us to ask you for prayer. We have a grown daughter who struggles with depression, drugs, confusion and disorientation. Every day is a struggle for her. We know God wants much for her and from her.
    Thank you. We continue to abide in Him. And we lift you and your family up and request miracles!

  6. Adrienne,

    I have a request for prayer… please pray for me. I have struggled with some post partum depression since my son was born almost 8 months ago. I have never felt so low and overwhelmed. I know that God is near but still feel he’s so far away. Our enemy uses this to hold me captive every day. I want to be filled with joy, so that I can enjoy life again. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for me. Blessings to you and your family!

  7. Wow, this was similar to my thoughts and prayers this morning. Know that others half way around the world are praying right along side of you for the same things. Our God is so big and awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and journey. I think it is a great gift to others and more should truly try and be as authentic. Blessings from Seoul.

  8. Adrienne and Jason,
    I have been reading and praying hard for about 2 weeks now. I am so encouraged by you two, by your openness and vulnerability, and by your faith! Three weeks after giving birth to my daughter Emma, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, only being 23 years old. This altered my life in a huge way. It’s been a year since then, I am on a natural supplement,dealing with the pain and still believeing God for my miracle. Prayer for this would be so appreciated. I am humbled by you guys! I will continue to be praying for Noah, your family, and your marriage.

    Thank You!
    (honor academy alumni)

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