Much anticipated pics…
Sorry for the delay in communications. I have committed to pray and read God’s Word this week so my roots can go deeper and so my heart is pure before Him.

Here is Noah tonight sleeping away. His swelling is going down but in the next pic you’ll see the BIG cheeks…
He’s learning to suck again, so he either works on the pacifier or on my pinkies.

This is him out like a light.
I had to sneak the pacifier out of his mouth to get the shot, but he’s in REM, so he didn’t mind. They are weening him from the Versed, a “memory narcotic”. He’s been on it over a month now, so we are grateful we’ll get to see our real man of God soon. The nutritionist has slowly changed his feedings to bolus feedings so his tummy can get used to food again. He’ll have his trache changed on Wednesday morning and we’ll likely move to the recovery floor later in the week. He’s so stinking CUTE! I even jumped in his crib! One of the nurses said they’ve had “bigger” mom’s do it, so, I climbed right in and spooned my boy!

People, I have to tell you, had Noah come home from the hospital post delivery and life had carried on without hiccups, I can honestly say, I would not have pursued God as passionately as I am now. I’m sorry Noah is in the PICU, but I am grateful to God for His graciousness to our family to love us so much to turn this around for His glory. Sickness is not from God. If you question that, look in His Word for yourself. Yes, I would have read him the Bible and prayed over him, but I would not have realized the magnitude of what is really going on here…God is calling a righteous generation to anticipate His return…Are we ready and ANTICIPATING Him or are we actually content with life on earth? Had things been “smooth” I know that my lamp would not have had oil in it (Matthew 25). I am humbled. Pray not only for Noah’s healing to be manifested but his generation and for your own, whichever you represent because we were not created to live on earth without being in God’s presence. God wants to be reunited with His creation. If you fear His return, ask God to bless you with His love because it is perfect and it casts out all fear. This week I am praying for all of us to be moved by God’s Spirit in prayer. I can’t wait to see how He leads!

*signing out…all updates this week from Noah’s daddy, my wonderful husband, a man after God’s own heart… Posted by Picasa



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  1. He looks angelic…very cute!

    You are an amazing woman of God; I have been touched through your insights and heart as you have carried on through this experience.

    Enjoy your little blessing!

  2. I don’t know you, and I don’t remember how I got directed to your web site…but I know that I look forward to reading your updates. Thank you for your boldness in sharing the truth of our creator and Lord, Jesus Christ. Noah is a wonderfully beautiful, precious gift from God. God has already used his little life to bless many. Keep looking up, our redemption draws nigh.

  3. I am THANKFUL for letting us walk this with you and thankful for the annointing of God on your lives. Your words encouraged me that I should be more about my Father’s business.
    I am praying that the exceedings of God are manifested in your lives today.
    By the way, what an amazingly handsome child of the King.
    Thanks again!

  4. He is so incredibly handsome!! If only I were 40 years younger 😉 Your words are so encouraging and have helped me draw closer to God. You are an amazing woman of faith and a wonderful role model for your children, friends and family. Thanks so much for opening up your heart to all of us and providing encouragement as you walk through this difficult season. Love you, Clara

  5. Thank you, Adrienne, for these awesome words. It is so true that we get “stuck in a rut” when our lives are going smoothly. It is true that we should constantly be seeking his wisdom and guidance even when things seem to be going fine. I know that God has great things in mind for your precious Noah. He has already used him for the goodness of the Lord, how great it is to see the lives he has touched! I admire your boldness and wisdom. We are standing with you.
    God Bless,
    Teresa Arnold

  6. Adrienne & Jason,
    The Kucks directed me to your blog. I am in awe at your faith in God. Thank you for your witness. Praying for your family every day.

    Marne Gulley

  7. MAN! You are SO on track, girl. Truly amazing. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you. Sorry it’s through such challenging circumstances, but it has served to challenge me to up my commitment to God, to prayer and to consistency in my walk. So, thank you, again, for being so vulnerable with your experiences.

    Loving all of you from T-town,

  8. Adrienne & family,
    I’m so pleased to hear of Noah’s progress. Please know that I have been praying for him as have the teens in our Monday night Bible study. As much as we all want Noah to go home with you, I will miss reading your posts. I agree with Lynette that I have been challenged in my walk with the Lord by reading your thoughts, prayers and of your experiences. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way. Blessings on you and your family.
    Linda in Nebraska

  9. Dear Sweet family of Noah,

    Thanks for keeping us updated so well. I pray for Noah everyday and have high hopes for his full recovery. I have really begged God for this, even though it is not required of Him to prove himself, I would really love for him to have the testimony in Noah of Himself.

  10. Dear Sweet family of Noah,

    Thanks for keeping us updated so well. I pray for Noah everyday and have high hopes for his full recovery. I have really begged God for this, even though it is not required of Him to prove himself, I would really love for him to have the testimony in Noah of Himself.

    My friend Chris Kresbach introduced me to Noah 3 weeks ago, I think because I have a little Noah myself, born 06/08/06, so he and your Noah are both new on this earth and so touched by God to have life and a family that loves them.

    Your Noah has taught me to be thankful for my Noah (who was supremely colicky for 3 months, with little reprieve from continual 24-hour screaming). God is good to give us challenges that we can only handle in faith.

    I am committed to continue to pray for little Noah Steven’s life and health and spirit.

    A friend in California,
    Mary Robin

  11. Hi Adrienne. This is Candace (Hauge) Oyloe from NWC RA staff ’98-99. A friend sent me a link to this page. Just wanted to say I’ll pray for Noah. Yes, God is raising up a mighty generation to usher in His return! How fitting a name for your little man of God!

  12. Thanks for continually sharing Noah’s story with us. Wow, what a testimony your faith is. You encourage me everytime I read an update. Praise God for the changes we can see..not only in Noah, but in us. He is the strength we hold onto! Sending my love your way.
    Steph Gullifer

  13. Let us not ever take for granted getting to full on snuggle with our children. I know how your heart must have swelled to be cradling him.
    Thanks for being so awesome.

  14. 7:56pm – Tulsa, OK

    U2’s “BEAUTIFUL DAY” came on my Yahoo Radio and I’m up dancing in my office (working late) praying for Noah!!!!


  15. Hi Graves Family,

    I have a daily calendar on my desk at work, and this came up on today’s reading and I thought I would pass it on. It says…”Even if God leads us to a desert, He will continue to work in us and through us.”

    How true this is as you continually look toward heaven for your strength and continue to encourage all of us while doing so. Thank you for letting us walk this journey with you.

    Praying daily that answers will soon become evident. Please know how much you’re loved, thought of and prayed for on a daily basis.

    Heather Rudolph

  16. Ahhh – the burp-cloth-through-the-binky-handle trick – gotta love those creative nurses! We have a few pictures like that. Even now, Nicky’s addicted to his binkies – they’re the ONLY thing that will sooth him.

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