Good morning people around God’s green earth! Early this morning Noah came down with a fever. He is scheduled for his surgery tomorrow and if the fever indicates another pneumonia, he’ll have to be put back on antibiotics, therefore won’t be able to have the surgery…please pray that God would reveal each day one day at a time as He has been doing. We trust Him with our son. We are grateful for the opportunity to be praying with thousands around the globe, not only for our son, but praying in general.

The test kits for the further testing we want done should be here soon so we can send those off. I don’t know how long all of those tests take, but we’ll wait patiently.

My mom and older sister, Ashley, will be here soon to babysit so I can go home for a shower. It’s been 3 or 4 days, maybe? For this one reason, I am glad you aren’t too close! Just kidding! I’ll be returning before lunch to meet with an ND who is going to do a work up on Noah Steven. You can see their site at Cool story: these ND’s were recommended to us by two totally neutral sources on the same day, unbeknownst to them. Until later…



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  1. Hi Adrienne,

    We continue to be lifting you up to the Lord. I love the pictures of your kids!

    When I was reading how all of this has progressed for Noah, the thing that jumped out to me was that once you stopped giving him breastmilk, his diarrhea stopped. One of my friends has a son with severe food allergies and I went to a food allergy conference with her in April. There was another mom at the conference who shared that her son has a condition called allergic colitis and the only thing he is able to eat is Nutramigen. Prior to his diagnosis (sometime during his first year, I believe), one of his symptoms was diarrhea (I know there were more, I just don’t know what they were). His body cannot “process” food protein (which can be transmitted through breastmilk) and Nutramigen is void of all food protein. My understanding is that allergic colitis is a rare condition and is different than a traditional food allergy (say, peanuts, dairy, or wheat) as traditional allergies are considered an immune system overreaction.
    Perhaps this is a bridge you have already crossed and his doctors have ruled out. If not, and if this would be helpful, the allergist that diagnosed this condition is the consulting doctor for the food allergy support group my friend belongs to and I think I could get in touch with him (my email is Either way, know that we will continue to share Noah’s story and ask for prayer on his behalf! Love from MN!

  2. Jason and Adrienne,
    Hi Guys! It has been such a long time since I’ve seen you guys-but you have been on my heart these past weeks.
    Kate, Chad’s wife recently gave me Noah’s blog and since then I read it daily. Chip and I are standing with you guys believing for a miracle for precious little Noah. As I read your words, Adrienne, I marvel at your honesty, faith, and constant love for Our Lord as you are in this valley. Your passion for Christ shines through your words. I have another friend who had a baby boy born with only half a heart eleven months ago. Each day I read baby Kellen’s and Baby Noah’s blogs excited to see how God is working in the lives of these infants, their families, and all those who are connected by these blogs. We are praying for you all!
    In Him,
    Amy Davis

  3. Jason and Adrienne,

    I was drawn back to your site today and while I read your updates I felt the presence of the Lord and I know that he is watching over you and has spread his blanket of peace and protection over you.

    Isaiah 41:10

    Fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
    I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

  4. Hi Jason & Adrienne,

    I count it an honor to know you and to be connected as family. The strength of your faith and love is manifest so beautifully in your writing. You are an inspiration. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and little Noah. Standing with you…

    Vanessa and Forrest, Jonathan, & Caleb Horn

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