Em and Noah “nuggling”
We’ve been giving Em a boost up onto Noah’s bed so they can have some skin to skin contact. She hasn’t gotten to hold him in about a month now, so it’s been hard on her.

Regarding the tracheostomy…the surgeons weren’t able to schedule it along with the “mickey button” today so it’s tentatively scheduled for next Thursday. Noah’s left lung collapsed again today, so it was good that the surgery didn’t take place. The RT’s continue to do chest pounding, now with a puff of abuterol to open up his bronchials. Jason and I prayed last night that if the surgery wasn’t supposed to take place today it wouldn’t, so this a.m. when the x-ray showed the white out again and the surgeon’s couldn’t coordinate their schedules, we had a peace about it. We know the trach will help, along with the “mickey” button, but for some reason, God didn’t open that door today.

Our friend, Dr. Julie, will be doing a consult on him…we’ve asked her to do some acupuncture on Noah to help stimulate his nerves and muscles. She’s the one who introduced me to Mr. Blessitt. Anyway, for seven years I would wake up EVERY night from 2a.m. to 4a.m. with a lot of back and abdominal pain. Doc Julie is the one who helped me sleep again and have zero back pain.

We continue to pray for direction and wisdom during this time. Noah is one amazing kid…we are so blessed to have him and his big sis in our lives!
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  1. Hi guys-
    I just wanted you to know that Noah has been constantly on my heart and I have prayed for him in the last few days without ceasing. Not only that, but you guys are amazing! God has graced you for this time and although this was not your intended path He is making it beautiful. Our whole family is sending you much love.
    Love, Gyle and Kelly Smith

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