Today my dad was driving to Home Depot for a “part” and saw a man carrying a cross down the street…he stopped and asked him if he was Arthur Blessitt, he said “yes”, of course and my dad said, “I’m Noah’s grampa”. So, the two of them had a nice talk in the car and prayed together for Noah.

Well, I’m on my way home to “camp” with Em. Jason and Noah will hang here tonight. Tomorrow the ENT’s have an opening for surgery to do the tracheostomy…Jason and I spent some time in prayer about this and have not drawn a conclusion…otherwise the next opening is in another week. There are pros and cons, pros being we could hold him, he’d be off his meds, we’d be one step closer to being able to move to the recovery floor and eventually home. Cons being that this is surreal and we can’t believe we are making this decision…we are leaning toward it since Noah can’t be on the tube forever because of an increased risk of infection. Please pray that God would give us wisdom and that this would be in His hands. We trust Him with our kids’ lives along with our own…



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  1. This is the prayer that i am saying for you and Jason tonight,
    Dear lord we come to you tonight to ask for your guidenes for Adrienne and Jason, we ask that you guide them to know that this is the right thing and that this is your will we ask that you guide the doctors hand tommorow and that you hold Noah in you ever mighty hands we lift this family up to you tonight and ask that you keep them in you loving hands.
    In Jesus name we pray Amen. I hope that this gives you some peace tommorow in knowing that there was a prayer said for the doctors as well as for you. I just know that everything will go just fine tommorow and noah will do much better after this is done. all our prayers, the Pettee’s

  2. I will try to reach you again today…I called yesterday while the ministers were praying over Noah…but in case I can’t, I wanted to write something.

    I am praying that God will continue to be your source of TRUTH, that you and Jason will be confident and united in how you move forward, that Noah’s greatest needs will be met, and that you will rejoice in knowing that God has blessed you beyond measure and that you have done what he has asked and blessed others.

    You’re right, Noah does belong to God…as do you, and I believe that as you fervently seek him and him alone, he will guide you step by step.

    “For all the earth is the Lord’s and he has set the world in order.” 1 Samuel 2:8
    As I read again the story of Samuel’s birth and dedication I was struck by Hannah’s obedience to God and her prayer of praise…you are no different from Hannah or Mary. A woman of great faith in her Lord who longs to be obedient. Oh how bejeweled your crown will be!!

    I love you with my whole heart.

  3. Ade and Jason,
    Listen to your heart, you’ll know the right timing for the trach. As for the feeding question, because of Jordan’s CF, we have had these same discussions. I’d vote for the “mickey button.”


  4. Adrienne and Jason,
    This is Kim Vanous and Kristen Pearce writing. We have both been moved by your story and want to offer you our prayers, thoughts and also, our resources. It so happens that one of us heard about Noah through Pathways Church and the other through Red Rocks Chruch. We have both been reading Noah’s story and lifting him up in prayer. We both work together as Case Managers for the Children’s Home and Community Based Service Waiver program. This program allows children to receive Medicaid benefits as a primary or secondary insurance regardless of the parental income. The Medicaid benefits help cover all medical costs and co-payments. We want to let you know that we can both serve as a contact for you if you are interested in getting information on this program. Please feel free to call or have a friend or family member call on your behalf.

    We have gained much encouragement and wisdom from your blog entries, thank you for sharing with your church body that has no doors, no limits…

    Longterm Care Options Kristen 720- 974-2314 Kim 720-974-2389

  5. Ade & Jason,
    Not that you haven’t researched until your eyeballs are sore, but I thought I’d pass this on to you as an encouragement:
    You may have already found it, but as I wanted to know what the surgery would mean for you and Noah, this was the first thing that popped up on my internet search.

    Started by a mom/nurse who has a 10 year old who had a trach for 4 years. Lots of info, support and stories of kids all over the country.

    Plus trivia like the fact that Catherine Zeta Jones had a trach when she was little.

    Love you and am praying for wisdom!
    Chris K.

  6. Adrienne and Jason, I am sorry I couldn’t make it over to see Noah this week. We are starting the second round of illness again in the Kuck house and I don’t want to risk it with little Noah. You have a big decision to make! Father God be with Jason and Adrienne as they make this decision for Naoh. As they trust you with Noah’s health, speak to them about this decision,guide them and give them complete peace in the way that they should go. If it is your will that the techeostomy be done, I pray you guide the surgeons hands and I pray that there would be no complications, that his lungs, trachea and respirations stay strong and function normally during the entire procedure. Watch over the Graves tonight, give them rest and grant them peace as they desire your will in this decision and place their trust in you. Catherine

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