Please be praying for Noah. His lung collapsed this morning so they will be putting him in an iron lung. Please be in prayer for Noah and the whole rest of the family. God bless.



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  1. May the peace of the Lord be with you right now. You have many prayer chains here in Watertown praying for you. I just pray that this is only a little bump in the road and that little Noah will find his strength and pull out of this just fine. We pray for your family everyday and if there is anything you need, call on your church family here in Watertown. We are standing by waiting to hear a good update for him!!!

  2. We are praying for your little angel boy. God has a purpose for his life and we are all believing that Noah is healthy and strong! God is going to do many miracles through your son. We love you guys.
    Jill Johnson

  3. Jason, Adrienne, and family,
    We are following your blog and are in constant prayer for your needs. We are believing for total healing in Noah’s body. May God’s grace be with you as you wait for the much needed miracle. We love you!
    Robb and Teresa Arnold

  4. Ade, Jason, Em, and Noah-I love you all and am keeping you in my prayers. I know God’s will is better than anything we could ask for so I will continue to pray for His will in baby Noah’s life. I know you’re busy, but please call me anytime!

  5. Hey you guys! You don’t know how often i think of you, but i do! When i go to the computer to check email, checking your site is a priority as well. Your updates are so great for those who are far away. thank you! The faith of your family is overflowing and contagious! How you have dealt with what God has planned for Noah’s precious body is so encouraging. It is all in His hands and we can only praise Him for that! I too spent the day at the Children’s Hospital, but in Mpls for my nephew. He and Noah are kinda looking like twins with their respirators now! Every time I think of Brody, Noah is in my prayers too! I Love you guys!
    Steph Gullifer

  6. I just learned of your site through Michelle’s sister-in-law’s site . . . I didn’t realize until after I read and cried for awhile that we have actually met! It was a little over 12 years ago at a TL camp with Teen Mania. I have added your link to my site with hope that it will generate even more prayer on your behalf. We will link it to my husband David’s as well in that so many of the TM alumni visit his site—they are quite the prayer warriors. Praying for you in Texas!

  7. Kim told us about your son Noah and we’ve been praying for him and all of you ever since. It’s so awesome to see how many lives Noah has touched through you and your blog already. We will continue to pray fervently.
    Karen, John and Elijah

  8. Eze 37:14 –
    “I’ll breathe my life into you and you’ll live…I’ve said it and I’ll do it”…

    …there are so many praying – know that you’re on the hearts of so many.

    We’re believing with you.

  9. Ade, Jay and Noah,
    You’re constantly in my thoughts. My prayers and my heart are fighting along side you.
    Much love,

  10. Hi guys!! Im thinking about you all the time… you have to put more stuff on about Noah so I know how he is doing when I take my leave for a month, its been a couple of days since I saw you (the day Noah was intubated) and I will try to stop by again soon. I will be checking the blog while Im on my travels. Strong prayers your way lil Noah!!!…see you soon. -sara.

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