Who’s kids are these, anyway?
The moment Emily was born, I had an overwhelming knowledge deep in my heart that she did not belong to me or to Jason. We may have been used in the process, but I knew in my heart that she belonged to God and that my role was to love her, teach her and trust God with her life. Nothing is different with Noah. I know he isn’t mine and I know that somehow God loves him more than Jason, Em or I ever could. I am sad for any parent on earth who has tried to control their children’s lives in any way because I am sure they have strained relationships in one way or another. Emily and Noah are God’s kids. Jason and I are simply some extremely blessed parents being graced with their lives intertwined in ours. I am truly humbled by this and am so grateful to God for this truth. Just some stuff for you all to chew on… Posted by Picasa



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  1. thanks ade, shared that with my mom today and it made her cry. It’s so true how our lives are not our own. My brother is in ICU too right now kinda new for us going on day 4 only and it’s a crazy time, it’s hard to see your loved ones hurt. Esp. big brothers you always thought were stronger than you and now you have to be strong for them. I’m praying for your family, remember day by day girl.
    love Trish Cooley

  2. Adrienne,
    I am so thankful for your blog so that we can keep up with all that’s happening with Noah and each one of you. He is on our minds and in our hearts daily. We pray for strength too, for you and Jason and for even more of His abounding grace towards you.
    We love you,

  3. We love you guys. We read your blog everyday and are so thankful that the spinal tap came back clear and the other tests are negative. We pray for wisdom for the doctors and peace for you all and Noah. You are in our hearts and prayers.
    Love- Rod and Michelle

  4. Boo,
    Leave it to the people who talk medical words all day (me and Danar, etc) to say that no news is good news at this point! I’ve noticed that Noah is very photogenic – he obviously takes after his parents. By the way, you and Noah are never far from my thoughts.
    Love to all of you.
    – Meredith

    You’re an awesome BIG SISTER! You are so cute holding your little brother so gently. I’m proud of you, Emily. Love, Meredith :- )

  5. Jason and Ade,
    I just found out about the website, and wanted you to know that we are praying for you constantly!!!! Your faith is amazing and is a testimony to all. We love you guys.

    Sara(Pops), David
    Tate and Cole Kelly

  6. Look at those beautiful children! Thank you for all of your steady updates and wonderful pictures. We love seeing Noah, big sis Em, and what’s going on over there at TCH. We also love the pics of Emily at home with her super-bubble maker. Thank you for sharing some moments of your lives while you are patiently waiting for news on Noah. We love you and we are praying for you!!
    Love, Mariah & Marc Smith

  7. Jason and Adrienne –
    We are praying for strength for Noah and your family, healing, and wisdom for the doctors…words cannot explain. Stay strong and encouraged and thanks for providing such a great example in such a time of adversity.
    Love Dustin and Erin Strande

  8. J and Ade,

    I don’t think you’ll ever know how many lives you’re touching through this….and we’re no different.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, both now, then, and to come. Our hearts are with you guys, everyday.

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