Taking a dip
Noah got a “dip” bath yesterday instead of a sponge bath. His nurse held him while I washed his back. He didn’t seem to squirm too much. Notice his big new blue sponges on either cheek. Apparently the Respiratory Therapist didn’t love the Rabbi look…

Yeah, and on me, that’s called a two day old pony tail, going on three… Posted by Picasa



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  1. Hey Graves family…

    We’ve been keeping up with your blog and are so touched by your faith and joy despite your circumstance. We are fervently praying for your precious guy. Know that we love you…’
    Cindy & Wesley

  2. Looking for Gramma Kaija and leaving a big hug for all of you!!!
    I check the “blog” every day, sometimes twice for further updates and prayer requests! It is so GREAT to see pictures–and see that Baby Noah looks fantastic
    That was a great encouragement to me! I pray unceasingly for Noah and all of you. What strength, courage, love, and faith you all exhibit. What a testimony to God’s grace. I expect a MIRACLE!
    Hugs and strength to Gramma Kaija–your Bible study holds you before the Father-along with your entire family!
    Love, Gramma Sue

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