August 19th, Noah’s 10 week Birthday…
Every Saturday is Noah’s birthday, weekly, that is. He’s gaining weight and so every time we take his rhinocerous O2 mask off, he looks different than the day before. He’s getting a little chin and chubby cheeks, too, thank God.

We had some awesome news yesterday concerning many of the blood tests that the docs ran on Noah. The conditions/syndromes/disorders that blood work went out on all came back negative. His spinal tap showed healthy protein levels and was clear. There are still two tests pending. We thank God that we have had negative results thus far. This, however, has now put the doctors into uncharted waters…the conditions they were almost convinced he had, he does not…he continues to keep the doctors on their toes.

His muscles continue to be hypotonic, or floppy as Emily describes it. We are giving him some homeopathic remedies that encourage his overall health, provided by his pediatricians. They have been a huge blessing to us, specifically his PA-C. We love her to pieces!

There is so much to write, but I am going home to spend time with Em. We had a good night together last night, got up and played with her toys, painted toe nails, but the best was when the two of us cranked up the U2 song, Beautiful Day – a song for NOAH, and we danced around the family room. The lyrics talk about how after the flood, all the colors came out…since we have been at Children’s Hospital, I have NEVER seen so many rainbows in all of my life! It has rained so much and every time it does, a full or double rainbow follows, right outside Noah’s windows.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our little man. He continues to melt the hearts of his nurses. We continue to have our eyes opened to the reality that the whole hospital exists for children. We have a lot of families and kids to pray for here, not just our son.
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  1. It is so wonderful to be able to get updates and see how Noah is doing on a regular basis. We are praying constantly for your precious little guy and for you both. We are amazed at your constant eternal perspective and hope. Your Faith is obviously a testament to those who come into contact with you there at the hospital. We love you guys.

    The Browns

  2. Such wonderful news that the tests were negative. And so glad to hear how God is blessing you with the incredible medical staff. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love and miss you sooooo much!! Clara

  3. Hey all! It was so good to talk to you on friday. YOu guys are a blessing to us! Glad that the tests came back good and really glad that you had such a fun day with Em. I know that you have a special place in your heart for U2…as does Em! We are keping you in our prayers. Love you all!

    Amanda and Ry

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