In this short series I’m going to share some things I’m passionate about, but don’t change the core of my message nor are they central to who I am, meaning, in the light of eternity, I don’t find my identity in these things. These opinions, though strongly held, are ones I love talking about with others, hearing differing opinions and views, trying to understand why it is someone feels equally as passionate about their angle, as I do my own.


So what is the core of my life message? What would I shout from the rooftops if the world was the stage? What, if everyone could hear and understand the words from my lips, would I say?

photo credit: user goranmax, pixabay

photo credit: user goranmax, pixabay



God’s totally in love with you!

He is real and good and He made you and when He did,

He said it was GOOD…so very GOOD!”


That’s the elevator version, say if we only had a 15 second ride up a few floors.

BUT, if we got off on the same floor and you said, “Tell me more, because all I’ve ever heard is how I’m a sinner, I’ve never heard the version you mentioned…or I don’t believe there is a God, nor do I see a need, the whole idea is for the weak…or I mostly believe what you said but there are some radical extremists that call themselves “Christians” and so I’m totally not about to associate with those wackos…or what “god” are you talking about here, because everyone and their dog is claiming “him” as their own?”, then we would find a window and some comfy chairs and I would ask you to share your heart with me. I would want to know what you have heard, what you believe, how you came to such conclusions, you know, really hear your heart. Then, if you were open to it, I’d say, “What if God really isn’t a dictator jerk and doesn’t fit into a box and doesn’t act anything like the people who claim His name to back their behavior? What if He is more love and grace and goodness than you could ever imagine and He wants you to get to know Him the way He wants to be known, not like others have painted Him?”


I’d start out to say I won’t pretend to know all the answers…I mean, how could I? God made me, I didn’t make Him, so for me to say I know exactly how God works and then try to wrap Him neatly between quotes and references would be ridiculous. But, of this, I am certain: He is good and totally in love with us, every single one.

I mean, how could He not be? He made us in His image and said, “It is GOOD.”

And then maybe we would just sit with that for a while. Wonder about God’s love, relish the idea that He made us and is in love with us, just as we are, and said it was good…

…and then another day I’d tell you some of my personal opinions, but today and everyday, this part is the Good News.


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  1. Wow, that came from deep within, and i can only give you accolades for your delivery. If more of “us” talked to people this way, our message would be heard instead of shunned. I comend you, and the way you relate to people that dont believe the same as us. What did Christ tell us to do? Not slam him down peoples throats, no he simply told us to love them, listen to them, live in front of and with them. Kudos A…

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