I miss his touch.



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  1. This made me cry, as pictures of Noah often do. How loved your little guy was! Prayers for your family, Erika

  2. Praying God’s supernatural Peace and Comfort be with you. We will be especially thinking of you tomorrow. My daughter is cutting her hair for locks of love as well. Pictures will come.

    I too am grateful for having found your blogspot. You have opened my eyes more than you will ever know.

  3. Praying for you and your family, not only every day, but thinking of you even more in the last few weeks! You are so inspiring!
    Take care,
    Beth in Brighton

  4. Thinking of and praying for you and your family. Please know that Noah has touched and changed my life for the better and I am grateful for the chance to learn his story. Though we have never met, I am in awe of your courage and genuine love that you display every day. Thank you for all you have shared.

    Janelle Marcus
    Santa Clarita, CA

  5. I miss him for you and I’ve never met him!! He is the most precious gift God could ever have given to someone and he gave him to a wonderful family. I started following your blog about 53 weeks ago and I have been moved and challenged more by your blogs then you will ever know. God has done so much work through you and your situtation. I will be praying for you through this difficult anniversary.. May God give you peace.. Enjoy getting your hair cut!!

  6. Thank you for sharing those beautiful and touching photos. Noah is such a lucky little guy to have been loved so strongly. Thinking of you and can’t wait to see the before andafterpictures of the haircut.

  7. Thank you for sharing pictures of Noah and your family.

    You have been on my mind and tugging at my heart the past few days.

    Thank you for sharing Noah with us – he has touched my heart in so many different ways.

  8. I am having been thinking about you so much these past few days and what your heart will be feeling tomorrow as you celebrate the one year anniversary of Noah being with Jesus. What a precious precious little boy. I do miss him for you also and have never met your family. Noah and your blogs have changed my own outlook on life (and death) so much, I cannot even begin to tell you! It has all been for the better. My heart will be with you and your family tomorrow.

  9. Beautiful. Praying for you in tears.

    A year ago I was praying for you in tears on the 405 fwy in Los Angeles. Yesterday, I was praying for you in tears as I drove on I-70 in Denver.

    Thanks Lord for protecting me when I can’t see while I’m driving!

    I can’t imagine my life without the touch of yours and Noah’s.

  10. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics. I’ve posted many times and have followed your blog a little over a year and, as others have mentioned, am blessed to have gotten to “know” you and become a better person through your words of wisdom. My heart hurts and is saddened by the loss you’ve endured, so I pray that God gives you the extra strength you need during this next week, esp. tomorrow. I’m a better person from reading your blog, you’ve opened up my eyes to a new world of Christ. Love to you and your family, my friend.
    Jill in MN

  11. Adrienne,
    Have been praying and thinking about you guys all week and will continue. May God’s arms contine to hold and support each of you and your families this weekend. Thanks for sharing the pictures, each one is beautiful, they tug at my heart, and are true treasures.
    -Erin A.

  12. Thinking and praying for your whole family as you miss his touching. Yet praising God for the way He continues to allow Noah to ‘touch’ so many hearts and lives. Including mine. Thanks you for sharing the gift of Noah with so many over the past year and a half. May you feel his spirit and know that he lived the perfect number of days that God prepared in advance for him on this earth. And look forward to the day you will join him and worship God in Heaven- for all eternity! Much love and care for you. xoxo

  13. I hope tomorrow is all you need it to be for you and your sweet family. Praying as you remember, celebrate, and miss your little guy who is such a miracle and blessing to all of us out here. All of us who have gotten to read his story and yours and in doing so gotten to know and love Christ so much better!


  14. Praying for you as tomorrow approaches. I can’t believe I have been following your blog for over 1 year now. I miss Noah too; even though I never met him. My life is so much richer and my relationship with God is so much deeper b/c of you and your story. THANK YOU!
    Jaime in GA

  15. Dear Adrienne & Jason,

    I pray for you each and every day, but tomorrow I will pray especially for you both and for Em.



  16. Adrienne,Jason, and Emily,

    I love you guys so much. I am grateful for God’s healing and love that shows so brightly in your lives. Thank you for being transparent and so willing to live your lives out loud.


  17. I’m almost afraid to tread here, being as this is a momentous day for you and your family…

    Just found your blog this night and couldn’t stop reading and taking in your beautiful son’s story.

    I add my support and prayers.

  18. What an amazing journey… and what an incredible blessing Noah’s life is. So many lives touched in such a short time… none of us however, can even begin to know the depth of just how much he meant to your family.

    Thinking of you all… I hope Ricky is up there celebrating Noah’s heavenly birthday.

  19. You are on my mind and heart today Ade. I can’t imagine the feelings you are going through today. I am praying for God’s touch on your lives today. I miss Noah too. Even though I only met him once, he has truly touched my heart and so have you. I wonder what he is doing in heaven right now. I am sure he is with Grandpa Steve giggling, and running around. I love you guys and just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind more than normal today!!!!!

    (((HUGS))) to you all!

  20. Dear Adrienne, Jason & Emily,

    What beautiful memories of Noah – thank you so much for sharing these photos with us. You guys have been on my mind so much in the past few weeks, so much so that last night I had a dream that I met all of you. In my dream, as I’m sure it would be in real life, it was so wonderful to meet you. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re thinking and feeling today as you remember your sweet boy, but I just wanted you to know that we’re thinking of you and praying for you. May God give you His peace & strength today.

    Melody, Erik & Kristiana

  21. Thinking of you today, and always. The pictures are beautiful, and its hard to believe that a year has passed, it seems like yesterday I found your blog. Noah has touched so many in his life, and I’m so proud to have know him thru your blog.

  22. I have been thinking of you all and praying for you all this week, especially today!!

    He is so very beautiful!!! What a blessing to have him in all of our lives!!

    Love you much,

  23. My birthday is tomorrow (the 13th) and I will never have another birthday without thinking about Noah Steven. If it were not for the hope we have in Christ, where would we all be???

    Chris from Iowa

  24. I have been thinking of you, your family, and sweet little Noah all week. Noah was so lucky that God chose you to be his mommy and so is sweet little Em! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us…You touch my heart every time you post…

  25. God Bless your family!! My prayers are with you today. We lost our son 17 months ago, he was 17 weeks old. Your strength and courage that has gotten you this far will help carry you through.

  26. Adrienne,
    I loved these pictures. Noah is so special and loved by so many-even people who never had the honor to meet him.
    You have been on my heart so much. The night before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve night you were in my dreams. I know that is strange bc we have never met but I really believe it was the Lord prompting me to pray. Then and now lately I have prayed for you and your precious family. Just know that God loves you guys so much he has total strangers praying for you at random times.
    Love to you and your family
    Nicole Graves

  27. I know we never met Noah face to face, But we miss him dearly! The girls ask if he is a baby in Heaven:) many prayers friend, the pics remind me to cherish our babes touch and smell. miss you all, The Kennedys

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