So, it’s been a month. I have never chucked my blog this long since its inception in 2006. I have been busy, that is true, but I also haven’t been consistently inspired to write anything on here that is worth cyberspace.

And, in my own defense, what you are not aware of is all the blog entries I do write in my head in the middle of the night that are profound, moving, and even life altering. No, seriously! I have been awake in the middle of the night quite a bit over the last month. I used to get so freaking frustrated when I’d lie awake, thinking of all the sleep I was missing, but I made a conscious decision to quit that route. Being frustrated is exhausting and since I’m already awake, missing sleep, obviously exhausted, why add to it, right? So, I pray for everyone and their dog that I can think of, I design jewelry in my head, talk to God about how cool He is, think about all the ways in which I’ve been blessed, dream about the moment I can walk into Em’s room and look at her in the morning, try to quiet the fact that I can hear my heart beat in my ears and head…and blog in my head. Anyway, people have asked me why I don’t just hop out of bed and head to the computer to write down the blog entries that pop into my head. Two words: warm bed. And, the truth is, every morning when I’d wake up after a profound brain blog entry had occurred, the profound thoughts, or at least the deep heartfelt emotion of them had disappeared…POOF! They probably went to the mysterious place in my head where all the emails, texts and phone messages that I send in my head are waiting for replies…

So, here’s my experiment…actually I’m a little freaked to type it out here because then I’ll be accountable and have to carry through…okay, here goes. For one month, I am going to blog every day. The three people still left reading here didn’t even just do a back flip, that’s how exciting this news is…

No, but really, I haven’t written because I am not inspired to write, but maybe the act of sitting down face to face with my blog will actually inspire me and I’ll get my mojo back. Maybe?

Honestly, I’ve been having too much fun making jewelry and hanging out on Facebook…catching up, posting pictures, cracking one liners, the whole shebang. My kid even started a blog and was more consistent posting than I have been in a while. She’s got some good material, I tell ya. And…even though she dictates to me as I type, I don’t tell her what she can and cannot say.

So, when I initially sat down to type this I had a blog in my head that was a love letter to Emily…it went back deep down into my heart and now, instead of typing it here, I’d rather just go play with her outside, watch her toothless smile as she laughs and explores, and hold her hand while we sit on the front porch. Maybe it will come back to me tomorrow morning? I mean…I wouldn’t want to use all my material at once…I have a whole month to fill! I hope you get a chance to sit and enjoy those you love.



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  1. every day for a month…that’s awesome. i’ll be reading. and i love that emily has a blog. how cool is that?

    facebook–smachebook. i like bloggity blogs much better:0)

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