Last night’s conversation…
Me: Em, what would you think if Noah went to see Jesus before we get to?
Em: I would be very sad.
Me: I know. Me too. I would miss him so much.
Em: He’ll get to live in a castle.
Me: You’re right! How did you know that?
Em: I just knew…I just knew.
Me: Did you know because Jesus is the King of Kings and Noah’s His child, so he’s a prince?
Em: Yes. I want to go, too!
Me: I do, too, Em, more than anything, but if Jesus wants you and daddy and me to keep doing some more work for Him here for a while, we’ll have to wait. We’ll get to go, too, one day…

The above conversation took place the day after I told Em about Mother Teresa. She was so intrigued. I told her about Mother Teresa’s daily activities and how she loved the “unlovely”, those disposed of by society (who the HECK is society?) Anyway, I told her that she died and went to go see Jesus. I told her that when she arrived God said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” She asked me how I knew what God said to MT. I told her that God’s word says that if we obey Him and love people the way He does, those will be the words we hear…she said, “I want Him to say that to me, too!”

So, the other day I was praying in Noah’s room at home. I laid everything that the Lord has ever told me about Noah at God’s feet. I wanted it all out there so that if it was me, it would be at His feet, and if it was Him, it would still be at His feet. Anyway, I then sat and listened…(in case you talk the whole time you pray, might I make a suggestion that you just zip it and listen? It really is revolutionary…) and asked the Lord to give us direction, to speak to my heart and give me peace in the midst of this storm. Well, like every other time I have pursued His direction during the last 5 months on this journey, He talked once again about the Bride of Christ. He elaborates on it each time. This was pretty cool…but, He just reiterated that Jesus wants to return…Here’s the picture He showed me:

(FYI: This will step on toes…)
Just like most grooms, not all, but most, and that’s okay, Jesus pretty much just wants to get the wedding done with and have His bride. Seriously, He said He is waiting for His Father’s timing, His direction of when He will return. The groom waits for the minister to tell him when to go to the front of the church…Meanwhile, the Bride, or the Church, has become consumed with the actual ceremony and reception, so much so that what in America takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to plan has taken over 2000 years thus far. She’s gotten caught up on whether the ribbon in the bouquets matches the coating on the mints that matches the font on the napkins that matches the bridesmaids’ shoes! In translation, the Church has gotten caught up on details on earth and delighting in life here, even good messages whatever the “soapbox”, that we have lost focus, and I would even venture to say, the great anticipation of Christ’s return. There are books left and right on how to be a better person. There are believers in Christ who think they must memorize a certain amount of Scriptures or have a minimum amount of years under their belt, or even a theology degree, before they can share the love of Christ. There are people who actually think they have to “get” perfect before He returns. The disciples didn’t have any “qualifications” to first of all follow Christ, and secondly, they didn’t have “longevity” in their walk with Him. They didn’t need convincing that Jesus was someone to follow hard after. There has been ample focus on abundant life here on earth, and to an extent, that is okay, but NOT when we are looking AROUND and not UP! God wants us to have a good life on earth, but that is not exclusive! God is in love with EVERYONE yet not everyone knows that. Did you know that there are people that don’t want to have anything to do with God because the American Christian church has given Him such a bad name?! Back to the wedding analogy, the bride has now become bridezilla and is freaking out because this detail and that isn’t perfect, all the while, the groom, seriously, just wants to have his beautiful bride on his arm, to show everyone and puff his chest out just a little more…

I was “guilty” of the details of my 1993 puffy dress/big hair wedding in a mauve store front church. I’ve been guilty of the details of how to be a “good” christian. I am grateful for it, don’t get me wrong, but if I saw Jason on the street today and we knew we were meant for eachother, we would have hopped on a plane to Mexico and gotten married the next day! You get the idea! At least I hope you do…Jesus wants to come for His Bride. He wants to reunite God’s created with the Creator Himself. I tell you what…earth is as close to hell as I ever want to be…I am over this place, I am so VERY much OKAY with heading Home just as soon as He calls. Jesus said to preach the good news of the gospel, to heal the sick and raise the dead…There are wonderful things to “do” on earth, but if He comes calling, will I say, “Lord, I’m doing this nice thing, can you hang on a second?” Literally, what would Jesus Christ be doing today, who would He be hanging out with, how would He be loving people if He were walking in the land of the living? I want to do life like that! Please hold me accountable!



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  1. thank you Adrienne. I was just praying today that God would create humilty and love in me for others that is pure, and that would soothe and draw people. I’m so tired of arguing over “theology”, being told that this Denomination has it together better than that one- so like the enemy to get us bickering and focused on one another and to look away from our groom.
    i long to be as Jesus- to be able to relate with just a few words, to give food to those who need it, to be ready to speak the truth in a relevant fashion.
    Praise God for what he’s doing in your family. what an incredible legacy this is sowing into Emily.

    Praying for the strength to endure.

  2. PREACH, girl, PREACH IT!!! (see white hankie waving in the air)

    If I were to venture a guess, I think one of the places Jesus would be hanging out is at the coffee shops, gay bars and dance clubs around the area instead of picketing across the street or kicking people out of church if they have piercings or tatoos. But, that’s just MY guess.

    I’m so glad you know where you and your family will end up when Jesus calls their name – whether that be very soon or many years ahead.

    Thanks for the vivid reminder that the church ain’t where it’s at but that seeking Jesus’s heart is the only path that leads to truth.

  3. Just when I think that my faith walk is on track, you challenge me, my thoughts and actions! Our service this week included a 20 minute interview with Bono, I of course thought of you. It was about his desire to make the world aware of the disention of nations and the senseless poverty that exists still today in the world. I would like to think that Jesus would want to hang out with someone like Bono and inspire him to use his rock star celebrity status to make the world better for the least of us, as he has fought to do. Realistically, we don’t have to be rock stars to hang with JC- we can talk to him and LISTEN to him daily. That is what you made clear to me – I need to listen to God. For goodness sake- He gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason!!

    Thank you for the inspiration and please know that you are enveloped in virtual hugs tonight.


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