…It’s perfume in the Oval Office…AND IT’S NOT COMING FROM AN INTERN!

So, as I’ve said before, bawling while working out is really difficult! It’s hard to breathe, let alone see! So, last Friday morning when I arrived at the gym, I glanced up to see what program was on TV and read the closed captioning stating McCain’s choice for a running mate. My jaw hit the floor, a lump formed in my throat, and I did everything in my power from doing a very public, very expressive happy dance right then and there. I did talk to the guy next to me who was very aware of my dumbstruck appearance…he was impressed that she is a sportswoman. I never saw it coming! Who knew?

I will say this…I was going to vote for McCain regardless of his running mate. Asked by a few people I know who are Democrats, or just wooed by Obama, why on earth I would vote for another Republican, I stated that if this were a job (hello, it’s a big job), and these guys were being interviewed and hired, McCain’s resume outweighs the competition. Plain and simple. In addition to his credentials, he’s not a typical Republican, he’s not a cookie cut, crowd following, government pleasing politician. He’s a maverick. He thinks outside the box and refuses to be lumped into the ideals of the last 8 years. Yes, he has supported some of what Bush has done over his terms of office, but how the media and Obama’s camp have continued to drill home the idea that McCain is more of the same, is so ignorant. This isn’t a popularity contest…this is real life and our country’s future. Obviously he is younger than McCain…a vast majority of people are…but age is what got Clinton into the Oval Office, and the only smell from that Oval Office was fishy…

For any of you who have read here long or know me at all, I don’t like to be compared to others and I really, really, really, really, really feel passionate about my uniqueness and independence, though I love, love, love team. I feel strongly about things, I enjoy going against the grain, don’t mind ruffling feathers, and have no qualms in sharing my guts, regardless of opinions of me…I know that is why I will whole-heartedly support John McCain and Sarah Palin.

My sisters and I used to play a game while looking at prom dress magazines. As we’d open a page spread, no matter how disgusting, gaudy, ugly, cheesy, sleazy, whatever the choices of dresses, no matter what, we had to choose one. And, if you are a product of the 80’s you know more about this than you’d care to admit. Along the same lines, months back when each party was choosing their candidate and things were ugly between Hillary and Barack, I told a couple friends that if I were a Democrat and if I had to choose between either of the two, I would pick Hillary just for shits and giggles and the fact that she is a woman and it would be fantastic to give a woman a whirl at the job. (Does anyone realize that England has been a powerful force in the earth for hundreds of years with a woman in charge now and then? Fascinating, huh? How on earth have they survived, especially since some of them were wives and moms?! #$%^&)

Thankfully I did not have to actually choose Hillary since she is not a woman for whom I could honestly or faithfully rally. I admire her tenacity on a personal level. I respect her for being a mother and faithful wife. I am not so sure I could have stood by my husband during the most idiotic and humiliating public/personal choice of his life. I respect her for that. I whole heartedly agree with her that Obama would not bring as much experience as she would have…I do believe it takes a family of loving people to raise a child, though I don’t care about a whole village piping in their two cents worth. As far as warmth, as far as Hillary representing the true core of a woman, or the general population of wives and moms…well, she just didn’t do it for me.

And then came Sarah…Sarah. Already a household name here at our house. Emily has named her last 3 fish “Sarah”. Her Barbie’s name is “Sarah”, and pretty much any time she makes up a bedtime story, her character is “Sarah”. Why? Maybe she’s prophetic…anyway…

And then came Sarah…a real woman, a real live person, not from Washington, someone with whom others can relate, who is morally grounded, in the thick of the energy battle, a governor, former mayor, PTO mom, wife, soon to be grandma. And, she’s warm, but my favorite part…she’s SPICY! I love spice.

I, for one, realize that a Vice President does not share the exact responsibilities of the President. But, if anything were to happen to either candidate, I have confidence that Sarah Palin would fill the role with flying colors.

My job as a child of God is to pray for His will to be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. My job is not to put all my faith in another person. Neither candidate is the Messiah. He already came. His name is Jesus. All I know is that for the next 61 days, I am going to pay attention. I’m going to seek the Lord, be a wife, mom, and friend, work on Noah’s book, I’m going to live life as usual, one day at a time. The election does not change my pursuit of intimacy with the Lord, nor is my faith rocked regardless of who is elected. For those freaked out that this is the end of the world because of a certain elected official, God is the ONLY one in charge of that, so stop living in fear. But I will make an educated and prayerful vote, and I will vote for the candidates who value life and change and God’s moral code, not political correctness. God’s never been that



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  1. Wow, I’m exhausted after reading all that! Bless you Ade, I don’t know if I would have the guts to say what I feel, like that! Your awesome! I would have loved to see you that excited while exercising! I laughed out loud reading it let alone witnessing it.

  2. I just found your blog this evening, and have spent the last several hours reading about your beautiful boy, and his 7 months here on Earth. As I type, tears flow down my cheeks. I just wanted to let you know that because of you, and Noah, I will live deeper, and hug my children tighter and more often.
    His angelic face reminds me of my youngest when he sleeps.
    Thank you for sharing him with me.

  3. Yea baby! I’m with you on it. I was asking myself the same questions earlier in the year, about who I would vote for between Hillary and Obama. I would have voted for Hillary (although my husband can’t stand her). She just has way more experience, even just with living in the white house for 8 years. BUT I would not have been happy about the vote AT ALL!!!!

    As for McCain… well, it’s taken me a while to decide about him. He was my selection in the primaries, but I wasn’t excited. I didn’t know all of the stuff about him that I know now. Since the primaries I’ve definitely been growing in admiration of the type of man he is and all that he’s done so far in Washington. Add Palin and her accomplishments in government to the ticket and BAM! I’m all in. She is wonderful and the two of them are a great team.

    The media is so twisted up and scared sh*tless, I don’t know what they’re gonna do. YIKES! During the whole republican convention I was flipping back and forth between CNN and Fox news to hear the variety in commentators–and OMG!!! Quite humorous, the aggitation just grew and grew as the threat became more real. Now it’s as if the liberal media is just SPEWING ALL OVER THE PLACE! (As are the conservatives with glee).

  4. very well said. she is a joy to watch. how many times have you heard the reporters throw in “beautiful” in the list of adjectives describing her? as if there expect only ugly women to have presidential credentials:0) the whole thing is quite entertaining.

  5. I am so excited for the elections!!! I love who McCain chose for a running mate and they have my vote!!! I do not like Obama AT ALL. I get quezy listening to him. I hope the Republicans come out ahead in this race!!! The thing that ticks me off the most though is how the media is concentrating on her pregnant daughter. At least the daughter didn’t get an abortion!!! I say kudos to her daughter and to Sarah for standing by her side. I think a few mothers in this country could learn a thing or two from Palin.

  6. I so agree – I am giddy about Sarah Palin – I think that with her, John McCain may just pull this off.

    Go Sarah!

    Palin for President (a girl can dream!)

  7. I think Sarah Palin is FANTASTIC and I think she threw McCain’s campaign into full speed ahead. However, his speech last night was quite anticlimatic and left me feeling less than excited about the possibility that he could win. Even with Sarah Palin… his speech just didn’t have the passion and the guts that she says he has. I don’t know. I hope he does better from here on out because I think he sort of blew it for me. Not that I won’t vote for him, because I WILL. There’s not a snowball’s chance in h*ll that I’d ever vote for that socialist Obama. Never ever ever. Anyone who considers a baby a “punishment” is a detriment to the human race, as far as I’m concerned.

  8. I could not possibly disagree with you more regarding Palin. While I am not an Obama fan, McCain’s pick of Palin sealed the deal for me. I won’t vote for McCain now.

  9. Last Friday I clicked on msn.com and my mouth dropped. My first thought was “the maverick has just one-upped them”. What a nice surprise and, as I read more about her, I like her even more. Great choice!
    I live in a Dem county here in FL so I can’t really share this feeling many people here 🙂

  10. amen, sister friend….she is an excellent choice for his running mate! It has sealed the deal for me (AND even changed the mind of my formerly democratic party voting brother…whooa!! that’s huge!!) McCain/Palin it is!! wooohooo!! By the way, I joined you in a happy dance…I was at work in the middle of the NICU!! ha!! 🙂

  11. I’m still undecided until more dirt comes up on all of them… and it will. I can’t wait for the debates so we can really find out what each one is promising to do for this country. I am preaching to everyone I know to be sure and vote for the person they feel will do an overall good job for this country and not to be single issue voters.

    If anyone is interested go to Godtube.com and see the interviews both candidates did not long ago. It’s really informative and will help you do your homework to be an informed voter in this election.


  12. I have to say I’m with Susan on this one. For several different reasons. We’ve all just got to figure this out, based on our own convictions and researching the candidates the best we can.

    On another note, however, we also need to remember that there are more than two candidates on the ballot for president, come November. I will be voting for a 3rd party candidate. There are still a couple of them who believe in our liberty, integrity, smaller government, lower taxes, life beginning at conception, 2nd amendment rights, etc…. I hear so many people say that they don’t like the Republican ticket, but they will vote Republican just because they don’t want Obama and company in office. Believe me, I do not want them in office, either. I understand that sentiment. But as I speak with others about it, including my children, I let them know that I want to make sure I am voting FOR someone, not just voting AGAINST someone else. I want to know that my vote is because I truly SUPPORT a candidate, not just that I am doing what I can in hopes that someone else will not win. Some say that I’m throwing my vote away, but I disagree.

    John Quincy Adams stated it so eloquently when he said this:

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

    I’m so glad, as you said, Ade, that God is in control! He’s already got this all figured out, and it’s ours to exercise our right and dear privilege to vote, and trust Him with whoever He puts in the White House. We may not be able to truly trust any politician, but we certainly can trust the Lord!!!

  13. Yea I guess I hink as one of the ldies said she was voting for the “third” party that we have all apparently forgotten.
    I haven’t forgotten but it’s a lost vote and I will NOT waste my vote. This election is just too important.
    And for those that commented that they didn’t like Palin, can you explain please?
    I’m not interested in a debate just want to know your opinions you may know something I don’t.
    If you don’t want to talk here, email me if you have time.
    misi8181@netscapenet-Love your Sister in Him-Misi

  14. Misi – no big news that you haven’t already heard I think. I admire McCain’s moderate stances on many issues. Palin is too far to the right for my taste, and I am distrustful given the ongoing investigations against her. If McCain gets elected and then dies shortly after being sworn in, I don’t want her in charge. I think there were more qualified Republican women to choose from if he really wanted a woman. Just my view . . .

  15. i came across your blog and realize that i know you in real life. i don’t know if you would remember me. i was a freshman at nwc in st. paul and breaking a lot of rules at school and i think that is why we met. i remember having to have a meeting with you and we went for a walk and we talked about life. i also worked with your sis dana doing landscaping duty. anyway, my heart just breaks reading through your posts and reading about noah. but i also wanted to let you know that through your writing a glimpse of God’s glory is revealed to me. thanks for being so honest and real. i think it is beautiful.

  16. Adrienne, I also pretty much agree with your assessment of our VP candidate. Unfortunately I live and work utterly surrounded by liberals who would NEVER vote for a Republican no matter what! When I mentioned to my boss how inspirational Sarah’s talk was, she said “well yeah she’s supposed to inspire the conservative faithful. Wait until it comes out what a hypocrite she is,” and then proceeded to rant about how Alaska gets more earmarks and tax dollars per capita than any state, and so how can she claim to be a maverick, she’s right there at the trough too.
    I never argue with my boss ’cause there’s no reasoning with a raging dem, but isn’t it the Congress and senators who say where federal monies go, NOT a governor?

    As my daughter says, at least Ms. Palin is a self-made woman who didn’t become all political riding on her cheating hubby’s coattails, nor is she an Ivy-League educated totally out of touch person. Big deal that she went to several community colleges before finishing her education. Young adults do stuff like that … I sure had plenty of false starts with my postsecondary education. Sure, I wish her 17-year old wasn’t expecting, but this is an all-too-human thing that families face on a daily basis. I also think that it should be the responsibility of the family to educate parents about sexuality … there are so many resources that make this possible. We rely entirely too much on the schools to do the things families should be doing.

    I do wish McCain would start talking about possible Cabinet candidates, because that would force his opponents to do the same. Supposedly the other side is considering San Francisco DA Kamala Harris for attorney general. We are in BIG trouble if that happens! SF is bordering on being a Third World city thanks to its sanctuary city policy and wishy-washy district attorney who lets violent criminals out on the street to sell drugs and harm law-abiding citizens every day.

    I believe McCain will select very well-qualified moderates for his Cabinet, and that should the unthinkable happen, Ms. Palin will be very well-advised.

    *Off soapbox. It’s refreshing to be with mostly like-minded people here! I’m a 5th generation Republican.*

  17. I realize that everyone who read this blog is not a Christian….however, to any of us who consider ourselves Christians, we have an obligation to our Lord, our King, Jesus Christ, to vote for people to represent us who reflect Christ-like fruit…..we will know them by their fruit…..we are not to vote for a democrat or republican just because we were raised that way….we are not to vote for someone just because they are black or white or female or male…..it is not the outside “package” that is important, it is what kind of human being is living on the inside of that “package”. Does what they do line up with what they say? If no fruit or bad fruit is coming forth…it is really quite simple…don’t vote for them. We may be in this world, but we are not supposed to be “worldly”, simply “human animals” who go along with what worldly people way is important….we need to go along with what Jesus says is important. It’s all there in your bible….just read it…it’s plain as day.

  18. Woo Hoo! I am excited right along with you and hope with everything within me that Sarah (and Sen. McCain, of course!) step into the White House and ROCK the political world. Hallelujah!

  19. Republicans think we (women) are stupid and gullible and reading this post and the comments left have just proven that fact. Nothing she has done or said, let alone McCain proves anything about how to run a country. She can’t keep track of her daughter (obviously abstinence only ed does not work). Also she hid her pregnancy till her 3rd trimester and the fact that the baby had Down’s Syndrome from her family and kids, and not until he was born was he a blessing to shared. That’s pretty shady if you ask me. What else is she hiding until the perfect time to exploit it?

  20. To Anonymous,
    In 2003, I went in for a regular check up at 18 weeks. My daughter, age 8 at the time, saw a sonogram screen “without” a blinking light indicating no heartbeat. She was crushed to say the least. I decided not to tell her about my last pregancy till after 5 months gestation. She also didn’t know about the 3 miscarriages b/t then and 2006 until she read my July post(she is 13 now). I believe it saved her from any undue pain at the time and I don’t regret it. No one knows her (Palin) heart as to why and it’s not for us to intrude regardless of politics.

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