I know some of you are elated and others of you grieved or even fearful. I understand those sentiments though I do not share them for necessarily the same reasons. I am not grieved that Obama is president. I think it is wonderful how far our country has come that we will soon have an African American president. God, please forgive our country, our ancestors, us, for our ignorance of the past…we as a nation were not good stewards of the lives of countless slaves…Your children…Your creation…No, his being president doesn’t grieve me just as Clinton as a person, a human, one of God’s creation, did not grieve me way back when. I am grieved that he does not cherish human life in the same way I do…but as my dear friend said today, “Why is this even an issue? Why does a human’s opinion on when life begins even matter since life begins at the moment of conception…when God designed it to begin? This isn’t up for debate! Pregnancy tests are now early result based…let’s see, you have sex when you ovulate, approximately two weeks later, presto chango, there are stripes on the pregnancy test when positive.” We are all accountable for our own choices…accountable to God whether we believe in Him or not. That’s a lot to chew on.

I am sad for John McCain because I believe he would have served our country with honor, and let’s face it, 4 more years for him…not a likely candidate again, he’s be like a hundred or something. McCain and I share many of the same ideals, morally speaking, as well as politically and I know that if he were president I would have been able to ‘rest’ knowing that I needn’t worry about certain issues or if my president was representing my best interests, as well as my fellow citizens, or not. I guess I’ll just wait 8 years and vote for Palin, the first female president…

Honestly, I am grieved over other things…I am grieved that some Christians are walking around with anxiety, gripped with fear that O is the Antichrist. I am also grieved that other Christians are walking around rejoicing in a man’s ability to save them from all their sorrows, all their pain, their financial woes, and who knows what else. If people were to actually read the Bible they would see that God has always been aware of who is in office and at times, appointed leaders to teach His children lessons.

I am grieved that for some, so much emotion is put into a political election that when their candidate wins or loses, some actually think it is the saving answer or the end of the world…So? What if it is? What if it is the end of the world? Why does that thought provoke paralyzing fear in some people, namely people who claim the name of Christ? Either God is on the throne or He’s not…He is who He says He is or He’s not…either He is truth or He isn’t…either He knows what He’s doing, or well, if He doesn’t, we are all screwed, frankly, so none of this really matters…I rest in the peace of knowing that God is good, He is on the throne, and that He loves us too much to allow us to become complacent…He is sifting, therefore, He disciplines those He loves.

Why do we fight discipline and refining when it comes from a loving Father? Hebrews says that God disciplines His sons. He is calling us His children, but obviously He’s not too happy with our spoiled behavior lately. Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who are trained by it.” Here’s what it does not say: “I love you so much that I’ll never tell you ‘NO’, ground you, take away the keys to the car, spank your buns, or put you in time out (hello…40 years in the wilderness…serious time out!). I’ll always give you whatever you want because what you want is surely better than what I think I know is best for you…seeing as how I made you and all.” My guess is God might be thinking, “Oh no! My people have Me confused for Santa Claus again! I hate it when that happens…they are always so disappointed!”

As far as being ‘elated’, that particular sentiment is how I feel regarding the end of the world as we know it. I don’t think O is the Antichrist. Jesus said He was coming back soon. He said that 2000 years ago. I’m taking Him at His word and living like today could be ‘soon’. No, I’m not looking forward to trials and tribulation, I’m not a freak job or self-professed martyr! I am, however, so excited to meet the Savior of my soul. The very One that chose to love me and die for my sins long ago on a cross between two actually guilty guys…the One that promised never to leave me nor forsake me. Face to face, or hopefully I’ll get a chance to gaze upon His feet. Either way, He’s the reason for my elation. He is the reason I hope. He knows our hearts, if we daily seek His truth or try to cover up our lies with facades. He is interested in coming for His Bride.

I believe everything happens for a reason. From my own personal experience, I have said it before and will say it again, if Noah had been miraculously healed on this earth I would have been grateful, thankful, and even given God the glory…for a while anyway. Knowing myself, unfortunately too well, I would have flaked out and become comfortable again, complacent. I’m not saying there are days that go by where I don’t slack and try to figure out my place in this world. What I am saying is that because I have had the gut wrenching privilege of laying my son physically before the Lord, hoping for a miracle, but trusting God’s greater will instead, I have also gained the inexplicable peace of having for myself a treasure laid up in heaven. It sucks that we had to lose Noah in order to gain eternal perspective and begin our passionate pursuit serving the Lord. I don’t wish that upon anyone, but at the same time, I am so humbled and grateful God chose Noah’s journey to coincide with our own. Because of it, I am not swayed. I do not fear man.

What’s really got me sad is that the people of the day believed ‘Messiah’ would come through royalty or political venues…how is this different than sentiments of today? Jesus said to the woman at the well, “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.” Our Savior is not a man in his 70’s with white hair and a beautiful wife nor is he a black man in his 40’s with two young girls and a wife that needs Oprah’s fashion stylist. He is seated on the throne, praying for all of us, earnestly seeking our hearts, waiting upon the Father to give the go ahead.

As a follower of Christ we are first citizens of heaven, not America…if it were not so, why are there Christ followers around the globe? Government cannot dictate how we worship God or follow Christ if we worship Him in spirit. Fear can dictate how we worship Him, however…and ignorance. Read Matthew 24 and 25 for what Jesus said about all this…He’s way smarter than me, OBVIOUSLY, so read what He has to say…and then ask Him how to worship Him in spirit and in truth. He is faithful.



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  1. I am grieved that Obama is going to be our next President… not because he’s African-American, because I think it’s fantastic that an African-American was elected into office… but because his core beliefs are so completely opposite of mine. I want a leader who shares my beliefs… especially on issues that are so critical. Not one who has a track record of squashing voices of dissent… which he plans on doing “officially” by re-enacting the fairness doctine. (That is anything but fair to conservatives.)

    I do take the issue of abortion extremely seriously. It’s not just about when human life begins… it’s about taking that life and snuffing it out as if it’s some sort of God-appointed “right.” Babies are aborted in the most cruel ways and there are horrible testimonies of witnesses to abortion that will give you nightmares. Not to mention the millions of women who live with unbearable regret over the baby (or babies) whose lives they either chose to end or were forced to end. I cannot imagine bearing a burden that great… though I know many women who do. Abortion is something that satan takes great pleasure in… because the most precious of God’s children, those still being knit together in their mothers’ wombs so tenderly, are literally being ripped apart limb from limb or are being burned with saline (amongst other practices too horrific to go into detail about). Obama has cited that he will overturn the ban on partial-birth abortion. That alone is a reason I could never vote for him. That is like putting a stamp of approval for the slaughter of full-term babies who feel every bit of the pain. It breaks my heart to no end. And the hundreds of millions of babies who have died because of Roe vs. Wade has made Hitler look like a humanitarian in comparison. It MUST come to an end. I don’t care how much that would piss people off (sorry about my “french”)… this is just so far past the line. What if we were aborting unborn animals and were even performing partial-birth abortions on animals? There would be an outcry of epic proportions… but human babies? Nah… who cares, right? Good grief! Our priorities are so backwards… and people just are so desensitized that they don’t give a rip.

    Obama didn’t win because God turned His back on us… Obama won because America has turned it’s back on God. I am praying for our country… we are facing some very difficult times if any of these campaign promises of Obama’s actually come to fruition.

    Here is a quote from an awesome blog that I want to share:
    “What absolutely amazes me about this whole thing is the sheer blindness of our American citizens. People were crying last night at the ceremony. They were screaming, acting like the women from old Beatles footage of the 60s. It’s idolatry, plain and simple. In times of turmoil, people are turning to Obama versus Christ. For hope, people are looking to Obama versus Christ. People are talking to God about Obama, not Jesus. People are wearing buttons and t-shirts and buying bumper stickers and signs for Obama… not Jesus.”

    She also shares in the same post dozens of quotes from celebrities and others who equate Obama to the Messiah… who even say that Obama winning the presidency should be included in a new chapter to the New Testament. What does that say about our country? I wonder how long it will be before our money says “In Obama We Trust” instead of “In God We Trust.” America will reap what it sows. This is gonna hurt. God help us all.

  2. Amen.

    God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

    I’m going through something now that has me looking to HIM every single minute lest I lose hope. My faith in His ability to handle it all gives me that peace that passes all understanding. No, I did not want Obama to win the election. Yes, I trust God to lead our country where it needs to go. Ultimately, I trust HIM with my future…no one else.

    Thanks for the wonderful wisdom.


  3. As a fellow Christian, I often wonder why we don’t focus more on what we can do as individuals and as “the church” to limit abortions, to love and educate people, to be in relationship with people whether they choose abortion or not. True love is what transforms lives, not laws. If a woman’s life is at risk, which is a very rare thing, I would not want to be the one who tells her what she should do with her life. But I would hope that I would be there to love and support her through it. I also feel that all life should be valued…those in prison, those in poverty, those dying in wars, and those suffering all around the world.

    I too lost a child…a baby girl only 3 months old born with a rare genetic disease. I have learned that people who have never experienced this type of lose can never understand such grief and the struggle that some of us go through to reconcile this with our faith. I just know that I felt the closest to God when someone came along side of me and entered into my pain.

    I am excited that no matter who is president, Christ can use us to change one life at a time and to help build His Kingdom that is not of this world….

  4. “Obama didn’t win because God turned His back on us… Obama won because America has turned it’s back on God.”
    Yes! Exactly!!!!!
    Great words Ade and Janna!!!

  5. There will always be those Americans who do not forget Him … and His principles. It is wrong to turn our backs to Him and it will be the undoing of this great nation. (Mind you, I’m not a fundamentalist or anything, I just have great faith in following stuff He says.)

    I will try to remember that first I am a child of God, and trust my faith in Him, but also know that God helps those who help themselves. I will try to do what is right and hope He hears my prayers every so often.

  6. “McCain and I share many of the same ideals, morally speaking, as well as politically and I know that if he were president I would have been able to ‘rest’ knowing that I needn’t worry about certain issues or if my president was representing my best interests, as well as my fellow citizens, or not.”

    Hey Adrienne! Would you care to elaborate for a non-American where did McCain stand politically and morally that is similar to your values, and where does Obama differ in those? Makes it easier to pray too to know. I’ve been really interested to hear the Christian Americans view, since the press over here in Europe is, as all of them, quite secular and wouldn’t address some issues that perhaps are interesting to Christians, or at least not in the same way. You can also reply at my blog or email me! Thanks 🙂 Mimosa

  7. Great post!! This is getting out of hand. Although, I am offended that some of you would say Obama was elected because we turned our back on God. Obama is a created child of God, just like us, have a little more faith in the power of our Lord.

  8. Your posts frequently speak to me but this time you so eloquently summed up what I have been feeling throughout this election process. I’m trying so hard to trust in God since he is ultimately in control but man it’s tough. This semester I just happen to be studying Beth Moore’s Daniel study. Seeing the parallels between the city of Babylon and their rulers and what our country is going through now is frightening but at the same time comforting to see that God was there back then and HE’s here now.

    I pray hard for Obama and for the decisions he will make. I pray that our nation does prosper and that through the decisions that are made God will be glorified. I know it’s possible.

  9. I don’t think Obama is the antichrist either, but seeing the coverage from around the world – people celebrating in the streets – carrying Obama’s picture, chanting and singing – sent a chill up my spine (and not in a good way).

  10. Yes, but how many of you (not just you who have commented, but the general “you”) would have done the same exact thing had McCain been elected? How many of you would have cried, celebrated, and chanted for McCain (and Palin, the USA’s first woman VP)? Heck, I would expect you to do it and be proud of it! 🙂 The celebration has nothing to do with us choosing Obama over God (or the deity of choice). It has everything to do with what we believe to be the beginning of something wonderful.

    What *should* have people worried is the way that some people behaved at McCain rallies. Using racial slurs, implying or outright professing that Obama should be killed, calling Obama a terrorist…THAT is what should give people chills in 2008. I’m not saying you have to agree with Obama or even like him, but I am saying that he deserves respect. Many McCain supporters do respect him, but some blindly spout off hate without even having the facts.

    And I have to respectfully disagree with the statement that the argument on when human life begins is a non-issue. *Your personal beliefs* may never change, but that does not mean that officials can’t and won’t make policies to reflect their beliefs. It is very much an issue when you talk about women’s rights, rights of the unborn, stem cell research, etc. This is true whether you are pro-life OR pro-choice.

    Even though most of my views are polar opposites of Adrienne’s views, I can respect her ideas and her views. I have to say though, the fashion dig on Mrs. Obama was a low blow. Seriously, we already know you are a McCain supporter. No need to pick apart such an insignificant detail at such a crucial time in American history. I think we should try to stick to what really matters.

  11. I have so much that I want to say but don’t feel I can get it all out in the way I want it to sound!

    I loved your post. I loved loved loved what Jennifer wrote in response to your post.

    I think it will be impossible to rule out abortions everywhere. Making abortions illegal won’t stop them from happening in back yards. I think people need to start supporting these women who are going to make the decision to end there babies life and try to help them change the minds by offering ongoing support rather than rampaging through streets screaming Anti Abortion and holding up big signs of dead fetus’s on them – so heartless in my eyes! Jesus would open his arms to these women and I think we need be more like Him! We need to love these women more!

    Thanks again Ade


  12. There is so much wisdom in your words. I share the same thoughts…thrilled that our country has finally taken that huge step and elected an African-American president. (For the first time, when I tell my kids they can be ANYTHING when they grow up…I mean TRULY ANYTHING) But the fact that he does not value our most innocent and vulnerable is heartbreaking…I am an adoptive Mom and the thought of any baby being aborted for any reason strikes me through the heart. I am so thankful their birthmothers chose life, and chose me. But God is God and He is in the heart-changing business, so that is my prayer for Barak Obama: That God will take hold of his heart and change his views on these critical issues. I also pray that American Christians will wake up and realize that only God can provide for our needs…our hope can never be in the government or any faulty man.

  13. 1Tim. 2:1-4

    I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 2 Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. 3 This is good and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.

  14. Why is it that as Christians, we focus on one thing when chosing our government officials?

    Republicans have been in control for much of my life time and have yet to change the laws on abortion. I believe that politicians KNOW they will likely never change Roe v. Wade but use it as the ONE issue that will entice the evangelical base and make them forget everything else in an election. If they could have or wanted to do something about it it would have been done by now.

    Barack Obama has indicated that HE personally does not agree with abortion. However, feels it should be dealt with through education, etc..

    Despite how much we want abortion to end, or gay rights to be silenced, it will likely never happen in our society. It will never go away. All we can do is teach our children what is right with the Lord and reach out to others as well.

    Despite the rhetoric – government is not going to change this policy.

    What makes the issue of abortion any different than the killing of thousands of American soldiers for a war that was based on lies and greed?

    All we can do is pray!

  15. i think when you have buried a child, in my case, two children, nothing really matters anymore…

    meaning that who runs our country, it isnt something we fear. we have done the most impossible thing and we have survived and only by the grace of god. and whoever is our president, doesn’t change our god. he is not fearful so why are we? i know he holds my little boys and i know he holds me. everything else is a moot point. it really, truly is.

    i do have to agree with isabella. so many christians chose their “leader” based on their views about abortion but hello…how many years have we had a republican president and nothing has changed. and i think instead of judging others we need to educate them. love the person, hate the sin. we rarely ever do that…

    anyways, sorry that was so long. i just love your words and you give me hope that one day i can say with 100% honesty that losing my sons was for good. i am not quite there yet…grief is still so new to me. but one day, i am confident i will say it…

    thank you for giving me just a little glimpse of hope and what my future can look like if i can fight off the bitterness and anger. or better yet, just give it to Him.

  16. I am an American living in Canada. Canadians have been watching our election even more than the one they had for Prime Minister just a few weeks ago. Today in church, it was really encouraging to hear one of the worship leaders talk about her own thoughts on the election in the States. It brought tears to my eyes to hear a Canadian speak about how she was led to pray her heart out for Barak Obama this week, especially in the realm of life. At the prayer meeting I go to every Wednesday, we took a lot of time to pray for Obama, for Bush, and for all Americans. I am praying for God to change Obama’s heart regarding abortion. I am also praying for all Americans to somehow find ways to impact their own corner of our country for good. That one thing I can rest in is that God is sovereign, and He can change king’s (presidents) hearts just like He can redirect rivers. I am looking forward to watching God work through this.

  17. I voted for McCain. He wasn’t my first choice, in the Primary, but he was the ONLY choice in this election. We know McCain. He has a proven record and years of experience. The things we know about Obama are questionable. His beliefs are (in my opinion) wrong. Abortion is wrong.

    I agree… America DID turn it’s back on God. Were we so determined to have a Black president that we failed to see WHO this man is and WHAT he stands for? I don’t care if someone is polka dotted, because the outside isn’t what matters. The INSIDE of a person is what matters.

    I worked a voting precinct on election day, and I watched countless Blacks come in and vote. Did they really know what this man stands for? Or were they just voting for someone of their same race.

    I watched the news as they showed the victory party for Obama. One woman was jumping up and doing going, “I won’t have to pay my mortgage anymore! I won’t have to pay my credit cards, because Obama is president.” I have no idea where she got that information, but somehow she is misinformed.

    And I am absolutely heartbroken for the babies who will be aborted, because America didn’t stand up and vote against this man.

    I pray for our country, and I encourage every one of you to pray like you’ve never prayed before.

    I will respect the office of the President. But until Obama EARNS my respect, and stands up for what is right, I cannot respect him, personally. I pray God will change his heart, and allow him to see the err of his ways, and do what is right.

  18. It always saddens me to see Christians who chose to vote for a pro-choice candidate attempt to minimalize the issue of abortion by stating things such as “why do we focus on one issue” or with republicans in office,Roe vs. Wade wasn’t overturned.

    The issue of abortion was and is paramount in this election and in this new administration. Janna did a great job of summing up a lot of what has been restricted in regards to abortion. Through the Freedom of Choice Act,if Obama wishes are granted there will no restrictions on abortion. When I review his views on abortion,how he has voted in regards to abortion, and his statement that he wouldn’t want his daughter to be punished with a baby if she should happen to make the mistake of engaging in sex before marriage and become pregnant, (notice I didn’t state failed to use protection) that alone tells me a lot about his character!

    There were many other reasons I didn’t vote for him, ie the company he keeps…Rev. Wright and the list of others we all know about,his position on the war (I am a wife of a Marine who has deployed to Iraq 3 times, I haven’t experienced this war through the television rather I have lived it!)his belief on our economy and his tax plan…I feel as though we now live in a country where John F. Kennedy’s words have been reversed…”Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.”

    Above all though, his moral beliefs particularly when it comes to rights of the unborn trumped and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that!His views on abortion are radical. See bornalivetruth.org, google partial birth abortion if you don’t know what it is. He is prolife when someone is on death row…how can you have more compassion for a convicted murderer to spare his life but allow an innocent little baby die in such an inhumane way?

    I am not catholic but I found a great post on a blog of a former atheist turned christian turned catholic who posted a picture of a bunch of Germans who were vacationing at Auschwitz and appear to be having a great time. Vacationing at a camp where horror existed and the holocaust was taking place. That seems unthinkable to me that people vacationed at the same place let alone the same time thousands of people were suffering terribly and dying right under their very own nose! It is a post worth checking out.


    Lord, help us,we have turned our eyes from you. My prayers are with our new president and I pray while he may have radical views on abortion, that the Freedom Of Choice Act does not come to fruition!

  19. This has nothing to do with your most current blog but i was reading your blogs from last year at this time and felt like i needed to let you know how i feel. You alone make me want to be a better person and a better Christian. Your strength and drive are phenominal. Reading your thoughts and struggles makes me want to hug my two beautiful children harder. You help me cherish every day that i am given with my kids. Your grief helps to get me through those moments when i think i can’t take it anymore. The crying and the whining seem less intense as does my urge to scream. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for helping me. I think about you frequently and can’t help but feel that you got the raw end of a bad deal even if you might not see it that way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly are an inspiration.

  20. I have been reading your blog for awhile and find you have a beautiful and honest way of expressing yourself. I appreciate your openess and your center of coming from grace as a Christian.
    I did have a question one person already asked. Pres. Bush and others before him have been against abortion and yet that has not changed the Roe vs Wade ruling. I am not making this a democratic or republican issue…I really just wonder if any president can overturn that. Maybe what we need to do as Christians is work harder at teaching about abortion in our churches..our homes…WITH LOVE, not anger. Obama is a child of God, a man who says he wants to bring our country together ~ no longer red and blue..I hope what he says he really means so that we can UNITE again and come from a place of peace and love in turning back to God’s word. I was very upset to see at McCain’s concession speech the waving of red flags. I was shocked that the american flag was not being waved…a red flag instead by many many of his followers. The red flag belongs to China and Russia… I just have a strong feeling of united we stand, and try to think hard about “What would Jesus do? WWJD
    No man will do for us what Jesus has and will. Our prayers have been answered…maybe not the way we want them to be answered, but now we must trust God to continue to guide us one citizen at a time.
    Your post here has really created quite a discussion…with very strong opinions. That is not a bad thing as long as we respect each other and come from a place of grace, don’t you think?
    Thank you for your post here on the election.

  21. When I think of how many babies are killed each and every day…it brings many emotions to my heart. I look at my boys and think about all the little boys and girls who will never get the chance at living. I use to get angry at women who had and were having abortions. Now…I feel sad for them, they are missing out on a beautiful thing…their child! We do need to speak for these little one’s who do not have a voice. I have not done enough..and for that I am ashamed. Things need to be done out of love though…not hate, or fear! That does no good, and it’s not the right way to go about it! Love with passion…Love with the heart that God has given you. Reach out and help. Heaven is full of babies that have been aborted…Our prayer is that their Mother’s will be there too..because of the love and truth of Jesus. WE can all share in that:)

  22. 1) A vote for McCain was *not* a vote for unborn babies. Roe v Wade would not have been repealed, people. Abortions did *not* cease under the Bush administration.

    2) A vote for McCain was *not* a vote for God. God’s not a Republican. In fact, I think He’d be pretty sick of our Republican warmongering and disdain for the poor.

    3) McCain’s a flip-flopper. Check this out: http://therealmccain.com/

    4) Obama is not the antichrist. He’s a professing Christian, much more so than McCain.

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