Em: Mom, I sent a balloon to Noah.
Me: Oh Em, that is so sweet!
Jason: Em also wants to tell you something.
Me: Okay?
Em: I also wrote “I love you, Noah and Rosa” on another balloon.
Me: Who’s ‘Rosa’?
Em: The baby that died before I was born. I named her ‘Rosa’.
Me: ‘Rosa’? (Spanish accent in my head…or picturing Rosa Parks on a bus…)
Em: Yeah, Rosa.
Me: What if it was a boy?
Em: No, it was a girl. Her name is ‘Rosa’.
Me: What about ‘Rose’?
Em: No. It’s Rosa.
Me: Okay…

Next day…
Em: Mom, I changed it to Rosie. I like that better.
Me: (Thinking, like Rosie O?! $%^&)…Okay, Em. Sure.
Me: Did you know before Noah was born you wanted to name him ‘House House’?…

For those of you that are lost…House House is just a random name Em, while she was 3, thought you could name a human! As far as ‘Rosa’ goes, the only place she’s heard that name is the character of a dog in a book, but there is no significance…she just got it in her head that it should be the name of the baby I miscarried. I thought I was the most random person, but alas, Em wins!



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  1. OK. I totally read that wrong. House wasn’t on TV then. YOU said that to EM…I’m slow, but give me time and I’ll get it!
    My husband teased my older kids that our youngest would be named “Elmer” or “Shot”. Ethan is much better.

  2. THat is RANDOM! Seriously, House House? It is a kid thing, for sure. Em also name her last 3 fish ‘Sarah Lovey Dovey’. When this one dies, I’m sure #4 will be ‘SLD’, too. My older sister wanted me to be named ‘Tina’. My maiden name was ‘Biebel’. Imagine…Tina Biebel. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for going with your gut and not letting Ashley name me…

  3. Sound like a take off from Dr. Seuss somehow…

    Either way… it’s perfect if it’s what she comes up with! Who knows! I have a feeling when “House House” and Rosie come running to you in heaven… you’ll probably learn she was right all along somehow! “)

  4. Before I had my son, I miscarried a baby. My daughter, who was 2 1/2 at the time named the baby “tiger.” Kids say the darndest things! BTW, she never thought of a name for Luke (before we found out he would be Luke) while I was pregnant with him.

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