Daddy’s girl, early on
Good daddy’s read to their kids if they are able…
Her lips could be there all day
My favorite pic of these two.
This year’s Father’s Day lunch, with Em’s very first Barbie
Walking with Daddy on our trip to FL after Noah died
Em’s usual position atop Daddy’s shoulders
Em, at 2, with Daddy in OR

This Father’s Day was memorable to Emily for several reasons; one being her Dad is amazing; two, she made her Daddy garden stones with hers and Noah’s name on them; and three, which is what she’s talked about for two days now…with her ‘Bible Bucks’ from church, she ‘bought’ her very first Barbie doll at the Kids’ Church ‘store’. We held out until she was ‘older’. I used to play with Barbie and have turned out somewhat normal. I realize the doll’s measurements are not true to life, but I figure if I don’t dwell on it, Em won’t either. Jason is teaching her, as am I, about modesty, so she calls her Barbie modest. Anyway, we haven’t made a big deal about the doll up until this point, but alas, she’s got one, and I didn’t have to buy it. That’s what she’ll remember. Here’s what I’ll remember…
On the way to church I asked Emily, “Em, what does it feel like to have the very best Daddy in the whole world as your very own Daddy?” She said, “I really can’t explain it!”
I can explain it, but apparently I don’t need to since she’s living it…
Please note: Jason is the best Daddy to Em and Noah. The reason I say, “Best Daddy in the whole world” or “Best Husband in the whole world” or “Hottest Man in the whole world” is not to make others feel like they don’t have that, but to teach my daughter that “BEST” does not equal “PERFECTION”.
*Amazing read: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Dr. Meg Meeker
Read whether you have a daughter or not, because if you are a woman, you are a daughter. Not to be read to dig up the past between you and your dad, though if that is appropriate and healing, go there…But really, it’s eye opening to why you may do the things you do, and hopefully inspires you to be the woman (or dad) God has chosen you to be…Not to be read to tell your husband how to be a good dad to the kids…He can read it on his own, and should…Jason recommended it to me. It’s eye opening, and is not only good for raising daughters but has pertinent information for raising children in general, especially teaching sons how to honor women…SO RICH! Must read!



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  1. Emily is one lucky lil girl.
    So many father’ are not a part of their children’s lives and I don’t get it.
    My son is like my breath, if I don’t have it I feel as though I will die.
    Yet dads can procreate and walk away and go years never KNOWING their children!
    Anyways:Happy Father’s Day to Jason and to all the Father’s out there!!!

  2. My in-laws gave my husband the book “Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date” by Dennis Rainey. He hasn’t read it yet but I thumbed through it. He talks to each and every date of his daughters’ to let them know he is their protector and even brings out a baseball bat for some “encouragemant.” He let these boys know he meant business but in a Christian way. Obviously Emily has a few years before dating but just wanted to share.

  3. I will have to read that book. Brooklyn still loves to ride on her daddy’s shoulders. Its a nice safe place! I love the bond between daddy’s and their little girls. Its very special! Loved all the pics.

  4. Hi Adrienne! I am a friend of both Erin (her old roommate from Austin) and Stephanie Gullifer (from time together in Vienna) and have read your blog and prayed for you off and on since they both fwd me your link back when Noah was in the hospital. I could never figure out how to register to leave comments (I am not so hot on all things computer) till now. Wanted to thank you for sharing your faith and for your constant dependence on the Lord through all your trials and losses. You inspire me as a mom, wife, and believer! Thanks so much!

    Gwen Halsey
    Smyrna, GA

  5. Great pictures! I love that you openly call the man of your dreams the best daddy and husband in the world! He IS the best to his family and that is the way it should be. I have the best husband in the whole world for me and it makes me happy to know others feel the same about their hubbies! Rock on!

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