Tonight is ‘Show and Tell’ at grief counseling. We have to bring in a picture of our child to leave up on a board for the 9 weeks. We also have to bring in an object that reminds us of our peanut. I feel a bit nauseous. I want to bring Noah, alive in my arms, but instead I’ll bring his sushi blankie that no longer covers his sweet, sweet, tender little body. I wonder what blankies in heaven are like? I’ll check in later…
The two middle pictures are of me but I’d have to ask my mom how old I was…old enough to sit up, obviously. I couldn’t believe how much Noah looked like me until I saw these pictures.



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  1. Oh wow, he does look like you! Beautiful sweet pictures. I’ll pray for you guys as you go through this whole process… I can’t imagine how it must hurt your heart. It is wonderful to know that Noah is still very much alive… and he is with Jesus! What a wonderful blessing that Christ has offered us… it is truly priceless.

  2. My goodness, ya’ll look EXACTLY alike! It’s amazing Adrienne! I will be praying for you as well through your grief couseling. I can’t imagine how hard it must be.

    Paula and Family


    I feel bad to ask anything of you, but I feel that you are probably as close to God as anyone I know – my family needs prayers. “Lauren” was involved in a car crash last night and it is VERY critial – burns, brain injury, scorched and collapsed lungs – please say an extra prayer that God pulls her through! She has a 2-3 year old little girl who really needs her Mommy!

    God bless your family. Words cannot express how much YOUR WORDS mean to me – it is the first site that I check daily!

  4. There is such a striking resemblance…he definitely was YOURS!
    Somehow though grief can rip at our hearts because of death, it seems that your heart still beats in many ways because of Noah. I will continue to pray for you and this process.
    Thanks for sharing your heart so openly. XOXO

  5. So beautiful! You two do look alike! We continue to pray for you and Jason as you take this journey!
    Carlie has been singing two songs that she learned at VBS and repeating one phrase the last few days – she is in need of her own sense of peace and comfort…
    “Cast your burdens onto Jesus for He cares for you” and “Be Bold, Be Strong”
    Her saying is “I can do anything with Jesus” She says that over and over when she gets scared.
    I pray for your comfort, peace and ongoing strength!
    Have a blessed night!

  6. This entry just breaks my heart. I mean I tried to imagine how Jason felt, but hearing his words is so sad. I know it’s important to remember, but remembering can be so sad. Grief is so confusing. I wish we could have received a manual at birth – along with how to manage relationships, be a good parent and set the clock on the VCR 🙂 I guess the good news is that it absolutely increases our faith. I think that’s what rocks God’s world the most. I think He loves it when we look to Him for answers and trust that He ALWAYS has them all and will share them all with us some day.

    I love and miss you guys. Come to CA??! Clara

  7. I’m so behind on reading your blog…but seeing these photos of your sweet Noah brings tears to my eyes. How neat that you look so much alike. It brings my heart great joy knowing that you will be reunited with your boy one day…much love from MN…

  8. Noah does certainly look like you! He was created folling a pretty great recipe, huh? A little bit o’ you, a little bit o’ Jason and a whole lotta God!

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