Tonight I ran over to a friend’s house to borrow a drill bit. Cuz I drill stuff.

Like, holes in wood and stuff.

Anyway, these friends are dear to my heart and my heart was heavy. So, I asked if they would pray for me, pray for my heart, pray however God led them to pray, because these friends are filled with God’s Spirit and listen to His voice…they are familiar with it, because they stop to listen, they pause to hear, they want to know His voice above all the other voices vying for our attention on any given day.

And though I know how to seek God for myself, because there is nothing hidden in my heart or head from God, we were meant for each other. He made more than one of us so we could walk alongside each other and pray and cheer and lift one another up.

Because some heavy lifting takes the strength of more than one person.


(photo credit: pixabay user/sarangib)


So they prayed, and God spoke His life through their prayers. There was no agenda in their words, just waiting on Him to speak good and love and freedom over me.

Tonight I went to get a drill bit, but instead had a bit of church for my soul. When I was hurting, they prayed. When my heart was troubled, they prayed, my elders, my loved ones prayed for me...because they love me and would pray for me any old day. But today they prayed because I confessed to them that my heart was heavy and that I needed prayer, I longed for it…I hope you have these kinds of people in your life…the kind you can share your heart with…the kind who will stop and pray.




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