GRR Blog Day 3: Today after being in town for a couple of hours, sharing Noah’s story with a couple random strangers and buying Emily a pink cowgirl belt, I headed back to the cabin for a short hike and some fresh air before Gary came with the guns. Now, please understand, Gary’s a real cowboy and I’m really not, though it would be fun. It’s just that I’ve been a city dweller most of my life, so slinging guns isn’t my daily activity. I don’t have a rifle or shotgun hanging in the back window of my Honda Pilot, or the Accord, for that matter. But, I like shooting, not people or creatures obviously, but shooting at things. The last time I shot a gun it was a shotgun, in the air on a hunting trip. That was probably 9 years ago. Prior to that I did some target shooting with Jason out in the wilderness somewhere with a handgun, but today, Gary had the real McCoy. Good old pistols, six rounds, nothing plastic, just metal and beautifully polished wood. He handed me a holster and showed me the ins and outs of drawing from my hip. I have to admit that the music that just ran through your mind picturing me drawing a pistol from my hip also ran through mine. You know which one I mean. No, there weren’t vultures flying overhead, though I do wish I had my cowgirl boots on. Anyway, I felt like Annie Oakley, but I’m sure my draw was slower than hers. Gary measured it with a special little device. My best draw was .52 seconds. Today at the ranch, of the other folks who had drawn, about 8 or 9 in all, I beat all but one. He also taught me how to fan the gun. It’s when you draw with one hand and shoot, then with your other hand, cock the gun and shoot until the barrel is empty. I was slow, but he can fan it empty faster than an automatic. That’s purdy darn fast! We moved onto the rifle with the scope. I unloaded a bunch of rounds on a small rock in the river below the cabin. Whether you are a fan of guns or not is not the point. I didn’t harm any living creatures. It was more of a Sidney Bristow meets Annie Oakley moment, except take out the bad guys and just picture them having target practice. Either way, it was fun and a bit therapeutic. It inspired me to continue writing, so that was good…



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  1. Adrienne,

    You’ve got to be the coolest cowgirl I’ve ever seen!!! Praying for God to continue to move in and through you.


    Lisa Sauer

  2. Annie Oakley called and wants her cool cowgirl award back! That sounds like so much fun! It’s so awesome that there is joy in your day. What a great distraction. I’m praying that the writing is going well. As a former English teacher I am praying that there are no moments of frustration and that God gives you the words to truly express what’s on your heart. Rock on girlfriend!

  3. Hey Adrienne! How awesome that you can have this time to work on your book. WOW…it is really coming to fruition! I will be praying that God gives you direction and peace and wisdom while you write…and that you feel refreshed after your time at the cabin. It sounds great there! I giggled when I read about your ammunition therapy…that does sound kind of fun to shoot clay pigeons. Take care…lots of love from MN…

  4. How fun!!! I am going to have to tell Craig about this. He will think its great since I am too much of a chicken to even hold a gun. The scenery is beautiful!!! Take care and can’t wait for more updates.

  5. Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes!! I’m glad to hear you are able to get away and start to focus on this book and do it somewhere so beautiful. I had the privilage of living and working within the Grand Teton resorts for 6 months – every morning I would wake up and peek out the window to stare at the mountains. They take your breath away. :O)

    Take care and safe journeys.

    One more thing: Please add a little 5 year old girl named Michaela to your prayers. She is in my Daisy Girl Scout troop I’m leading and I found out last night her father passed away this past weekend. And pray for me that I will be guided how to help her in her healing through my contact with her in the group!

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