Here’s a picture of Em’s adult tooth pushing out the baby tooth.
Here’s Em playing sweeper, but though her eye is on the ball, her thoughts and fingers are wiggling that tooth…
Em begged Jason and me to pull her tooth out yesterday. It was really, really loose, but just wouldn’t budge…for me, that is. Jason yanked it right out, with finesse, of course!
Here is the toothless wonder calling her Gramma’s to tell them “the really exciting news!”
This means Em is officially a big girl. She started looking for colleges early this morning. Actually, all she looked for early this morning was what lay under her pillow. The tooth fairy, a tall, handsome guy with curly hair and blue eyes, couldn’t contain himself! A FIVE spot and a pack of gum. She’s on cloud 9! Woo hoo!



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  1. My son lost his first tooth the night of a birthday sleepover. when he awoke to the $1 under his pillow, his friend said “You must not take good care of your teeth. my sister got $5”. Priceless! good for Em!

  2. Carlie is so jealous! She wiggles her teeth everyday to see if one is loose!! She can not wait!
    Way to go tooth fairy!!

  3. The five spot was not my idea. Jason said, “I better go to the ATM” (b/c we don’t usually carry cash). I told him there was a crisp one dollar bill in the cupboard. He looked at me funny like I wasn’t up on inflation or something. Since he did the tooth yanking, I let him be the fairy:)

  4. Way to go Em!! I suppose I better start saving now if thats how much the tooth fairy leaves these days! My oldest has 4 loose ones allready and shes 5, sad how fast they grow up.

  5. i love it! man, long go the days of 2 shiney quarters. way to go Jason…starting high! and gum to boot!

  6. So, Em, it sounds as if that little pillow with the tooth pocket really does work! Way to go. Love, Bebe & Bobby xoxo

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