So, my girlfriend who makes the most amazing chocolate chip cookies taught me a trick recently. It wasn’t to throw my half-baked cookies in the dishwasher, though that would be an interesting step in the baking process…run it through a rinse cycle or maybe heat dry? No, the ‘magic’ step is to partially bake the cookies until the centers rise and then pull the cookies out of the oven for a ‘smack’ on the counter to cause the centers to fall. Then, return the cookies to the oven for a few more minutes and they are AWESOME!
Well, it was on the ‘smack’ on the counter step that I lost my cookies in the dishwasher. It was an easy clean up with the spatula and the sink sprayer, FYI, in case anyone else ever finds themselves in this scenario. It likely would not have happened had I not used parchment paper, but it’s all I use for non-stick baking and easy clean up.
I’ve been ‘away’ all week because Jason left his computer power cord in Chicago last week and then took mine to Pennsylvania this week when the one he ordered showed up and was the wrong one! I supposedly had a fully charged battery, so when I went to write more of Noah’s story the other day, it died after only 35 minutes, meaning, my battery needs replacing. I went away for a week in the mountains and had more access to technology there than I had in my house in the city all week. Very archaic.
Anyway, yesterday at Bible study, God put a smarter thought in my head than I could think of on my own, so, here it is…
“Never is there a time in the life of a follower of Christ where the words, ‘I’ll take it from here, Lord’ would express total surrender or utter trust.”
We were talking about trusting the Lord with the details of our lives, big and small. We were talking about belief and unbelief and how the devil will continue to lie to our hearts and minds, trying to convince us that God loves us conditionally, according to what we do rather than who He made us. There are days that I don’t feel lovely or worthy of love, but that’s the point…God’s love for me is not based on His feelings. It’s just the facts. God is love. He loves me. He’s not a liar. God is incapable of lying. He is the Author of Truth and we are the subject with whom He is unashamedly in love. You and I can’t do anything to convince Him to love us more. I need to adjust my trust and thinking accordingly. Trusting that even when my life and heart look like the cookies in my dishwasher, that somehow God’s got it under control.



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  1. You “smack” the cookies? Like, with a spatula on the top, or like pick them up and drop them back on the counter? I’ve never heard of “smacking” cookies. Made me kind of giggle.

    And the Lord’s been whispering that to my heart lately as well, that no matter what satan says, He loves me and is drawing my heart closer to His. No matter what I think or feel, truth is always the truth!!! I think He’s beautiful.

    And I think you’re beautiful as well. Thanks for all the posts Adrienne. I can’t wait to read Noah’s book.

  2. I have never heard of smaking either. Times like these, you need a dog in the house to clean up. Haven’t you ever seen that picture of the dog in the dishwasher? There you go, problem solved. The cookies look good though. Great message too, I always look forward to what you have to say.

  3. i love it! from the cookie smack(which i will try) and the fall in the dishwasher… to the fact that GOD IS LOVE… it IS just a fact…nothing we can do will alter how much God loves us. Imagine how much we love simple things like Chocolate Chip Cookies.. smacked or not, he LOVES US EVEN MORE AND ALWAYS!! What a mighty GOD!
    oh and Adrienne… your cookies are the best ever… I remember having my first ones in moyer with you while looking at Europe pictures! good memories!

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