When I said there were a few favors I was going to ask of you, this particular one I was not aware of until this morning. Some kids at Em’s school have lost their daddy. A wife has lost her husband. Will you guys please pray for this family? My heart is grieving so deeply for them and I don’t really even know them. I’ve met the mom a couple of times, but she is a good friend of another friend of mine from Em’s school. Please, please pray for the effects of this tragedy. Please pray that God’s presence would surround this sweet family to comfort them. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would lead us as her community to love her the way He intends for her to be loved. I know you guys will pray. And I trust God will lead you how to pray for this young widow and her fatherless children. Thank you! I appreciate you all more than words can describe! Hug your family close tonight, and thank God for the wonderful friends in your life. xoxox



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  1. Consider it done. I will keep them in my prayers. It is so hard to explain to children this lose. We experience a tragedy in our small town of Onida, South Dakota a month ago and 6 kids were left without a momma and their dad is now in jail. And it is hard to understand as an adult much less trying to explain it to a 9 year old. God bless.

  2. Absolutely. My husband lost his job on Friday and it is easy to get caught up in that small tragedy. Thank you for reminding me that life is more precious than any earthly job.

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