Bobby and Bebe (my mom and dad)
Stacey and me (we met in 2nd grade)
My Aunt Diane (mom’s sister), me and GG (my gramma (phonetically speaking))
Em and me with GG and Louie (note my grampa’s styling glasses!)
For those still under the influence of snow, this is on its way…
Gorgeous gardens That’s called grass…Em looked the part of a snowbird when she threw off her shoes and ran her toes through the green stuff
Tallest fountain in the world with Em running through the grass

Self portrait with my dad
Em and GG (she’s 92!)
Again, those are flowers. They supposedly appear in the Spring in some parts of the world.
Beautiful gardens and landscaping at a resort nearby

The jet setter
Em and Grampa Louie
(Adrienne, powder that chin…)
Posing with a pine cone

A couple of weeks ago up at Red Rocks Amphitheater
My little fish at swimming lessons
No, that’s not snow…it’s hail
Red Rocks Amphitheater

“If Spring doesn’t come to you, GO FIND IT!” That is my new saying! You can quote me. It snowed for two days before we left for AZ. It’s supposed to snow tonight. (Update: It’s snowing NOW) Apparently Colorado didn’t get the MEMO that March 21st means Spring, not a continuation of Winter! I have a request for God in Heaven, AND, if everyone jumped on my bandwagon, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, He’d say YES! Here’s my idea: In Heaven, there can be Winter, but just in one area and it’s only optional…you know, for those who just love to freeze their buns off! Just a thought. Creative suggestion. Whatever you call it, I’m just hoping in my neighborhood in Heaven, it snows in my neighbors yard, not mine…
We did find Spring, or really Summer, in Arizona. We had a great time visiting my folks, my grandparents, my aunt, and my best friend, Stacey, from growing up. That’s a funny story I’ll share some time. Em swam every day and asked the name of every cactus. I think I remembered most of them…The whole desert was in bloom and gorgeous! But, we left just in time as it hit 97 the day we left! Anyway, we got home last night and I leave before Jesus wakes up tomorrow (Just Kidding…He never sleeps, so you can call Him ANYTIME) to head to MN and then drive to SD to share on Friday morning.
A couple answers to some questions…
  • I’m still waiting on Noah’s records to be sent to the Infectious Disease specialist, not a geneticist, to be reviewed. His office will call me when he’s reviewed them so I can make an appointment. I am not holding my breath that this doc will have the answer to why Noah died. He would need physical evidence and perhaps poop from the CDC, so since neither of these still exist, my purpose in visiting him is to gain insight if there is anything in me that is dormant currently that could be ‘activated’ so to speak during another pregnancy.
  • Jason and I traveled a lot with an organization in the 90’s called Teen Mania Ministries. We led groups of teenagers overseas on missions trips to Venezuela, Mexico, Siberia, and Russia. I also led two teams from the college where I worked, one with a colleague and another with Jason. Those took me back to Venezuela and Mexico to different cities. I loved both organizations and personally think everyone should cross a country border for their eyes and hearts to be opened to the fact that God made the world with variety. We’ve also traveled to Mexico with friends and family for fun. We went to Europe for two weeks (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Belgium) with our friends Chad and Cristine before any of us had kids. Jason had to go to England for work when Em was almost 3. We tagged along and hung out exploring mainly London for two weeks. Loved it! That’s where I met Brooke Shields. Right before I was pregnant with Noah, he had to work in Japan, so, I tagged along for that week. I loved Japan and the people there. Our contact was a great guy that took us to some great spots. The Christmas after Jason’s dad died, we went on a cruise with his mom and brother and sisters to Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Curacao. Our honeymoon was 10 days in Maui. I’ve been to Canada a couple of times. It’s beautiful. This fall for our 15 year anniversary, Jason’s earned a lot of points through flight and hotels that we get to go to the Mediterranean for a little over a week to celebrate. I still have to go to a few more states here in the U.S. to cover the map.
  • The book is coming along. I am very random so will need help from an editor to put it all into order, but I am pleased so far with what God’s given me to write. I am waiting for some of our medical intervention to write the final chapter…it will be a proactive chapter on how we can raise awareness on things we have uncovered.
  • Someone wanted to see pictures of what I’ve done in the other rooms of the new house. JACK SQUAT would be the answer:)
  • My Ob/Gyn called me the other day. He is the coolest. I love him, in a strictly platonic sort of way, of course. He thinks if anyone should have more children, it’s me and Jason. He was out of town for his son, Noah’s, graduation when my Noah was born. I asked if he’d be in town, or even practicing, if I had another. He said it depends on how long I wait…
  • Jason and Em and I are going to see a Lyme specialist out of state in the next couple of months. It will be interesting to see what we dig up…I’ll keep you posted.
  • And YES, anyone who wants to add a link to Noah’s blog on their own blog is more than welcome. Though, a warning to anyone who links to it may be in order since I’m just kind of outspoken…



5 Responses

  1. such cute pics you all are such a gorgeous family (inside and out!)….thanks for sharing them all!

    loved the bullet point run down of answers to questions! 🙂 and so glad you had a great trip!

    happy traveling !:)

  2. Your hair is growing out so cutely! I wish I could say the same for mine. I had to go in for a trim to eliminate the wings that were starting to form. 🙂
    I never thanked you for the thoughtful card you sent me and today when I took it off the frig and decided it was high time I said thanks. (I only took it off because we are moving in two weeks and this week I’m packing the kitchen. Baby Noah’s picture will have a new home on my new frig)

    I enjoyed this post and learning more about you!

  3. Loved the pictures and the post with all the updates. Btw, I did get your email with some links about the lyme’s disease stuff… but lost it all when I added new software which included my outlook. Maybe you could resend?

  4. i hate clicking off to comment because i lose the great music.

    first loved all of the pictures! thanks so much for sharing. it looks like you have a great heritage of love.

    second, if you visited that—and then plan to come to our region, you will be leaving spring for it’s deliquent counterpart sprinter.

    outspoken? you? i hadn’t noticed. who among us does not prefer to know exactly what someone feels, believes, stands for? not knowing is scary.

  5. Hi Adrienne,

    Great post! Loved the pics of you and your family! Thank you for sharing them.

    Even though I haven’t commented, I have read (and am very interested in) the information you’ve posted about Lyme disease. After checking out the link you posted, I discovered that Lyme disease was first diagnosed as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Hmmmm. Very, very interesting. We are still standing strong and believing God for a miracle for our little girl (and discovering the root of this disease), but I would be very interested in learning more about Lyme and anything you may know about it.

    Thank you for your posts. I always enjoy reading them and your family is constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

    Dana 🙂

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