Lord, I know Your lips fit there too, so, since he can’t feel mine any more, will You please do this for me? Please start at the bridge of his nose, the place You made my lips fit perfectly…then each cheek, his eye lids, forehead, and then his chin. Please plant a big one on his lips. Move on over to his ear lobes and nibble each one. Smooch each shoulder and then please give Noah a zerbet on his neck, really loud and tickly. He likes zerbets on his belly, too. Then each elbow and every finger, each knee and every toe. Then, please smooch him on the bridge of his nose, again, because that’s my favorite. Finally, please hold his sweet face in Your hands and tell him I love him and that being his mommy and the mommy of his big sis’ is the best job in the universe and thank him, again, for being the best son. Thank You, Lord. I know You’ll do this…Your word says You give us the desires of our heart.



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  1. That picture is breath-taking and the post touched the most tender places in my heart. I also love to kiss my kids on the bridge of their nose and I promise to never take for granted the opportunities God has given me to do just that. I love your blog and I thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  2. Adrienne, I work at a Triple A radio station and of course we play U2 all the time. It always makes me think of you, and with this picture, my thought is “Freedom has the scent like the top of a newborn baby’s head.”

  3. Oh Adrienne, I can tell by that post that today is tougher than others. I am praying for you today that you will have only happy thoughts and won’t let satan get in there and rob you of that. Love you!

  4. Kisses to you Adrienne, for being a good and faithful servant, and the best mommy in the whole world!(Noah wanted to tell you that!!!)

  5. You made me cry in my Ramen Noodle soup. I pray that today you have peace (that transcends human understanding)and joy and a palpable sense of the presence of Christ with you. . .as you miss your little one. Hugs to all of you.

  6. These pictures make my heart ache. I pray that you would be comforted by Him and in knowing Noah is getting smooches from Jesus himself!

    Psalms 56:8 You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn
    through the sleepless nights,
    Each tear entered in your ledger,
    each ache written in your book.

  7. Since I woke up this morning you have been frequenting my thoughts, and now I know why. The instant I opened the link and saw that picture, I knew what you were doing. Tears are in my eyes and ache is in my heart for you. I agree, this sounds like it is a harder day than most.

    Much love and uplifting you in prayer.

  8. Adrienne, the post completely shows that today is one of those “not so good days”.
    While I am praying and fasting today, please know that you are thought of and prayed for everyday by so many around the globe!

  9. Your post today made me cry along with the others. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Noah was so lucky to have you as a mom and we are lucky to know you in Christ.

  10. Your post made me realize that I should NEVER take the quickest little kiss on the hceek for granted and I should cherish the moments I can snuggle and kiss all over them and make them giggle. Thanks for reminding me that those moments are a gift and we never know how long they will last. You are amazing and your love for the Lord is contagious.

  11. Was also thinking of you yesterday and was not able to check your blog until now. Tears flow down my cheeks as I read what your wrote and I stopped to say a prayer for you and your family and Noah. Good Bless you. A mom from South Dakota.

  12. Tears on my cheeks, too.

    I’m going to go kiss my little one as a remembrance to you and Noah.

    My heart hurts with you and my mouth raises a prayer to our dear Father.

  13. you always find a way to make me feel blessed. remembering that i still have the luxury of doing this myself to my babies….

    adrienne you are a blessing.

  14. I’m praying for you today Adrienne. I can picture little Noah getting all of those kisses from everyone in Heaven that loves him so. I’m sure Grandpa Steve has found that great kissing spot.
    May you be blessed by all of these precious moments that you had with your sweet Noah.

  15. I read your entry yesterday and it stuck with me all day. Last night while tucking my son and daughter into bed (they are 6 and 12 respectively) I kissed them just as you described and I wept for you. I also prayed for you.
    You have brought me to my senses many times to not take anything for granted.

    God bless your sweet, loving and faithful soul. I know He hears your prayers and LOVES to give you your hearts desires!

  16. I was so touched when I read your post. Then at home that evening, out of the blue my sweet baby girl climbed into my lap and said ‘mommy, kiss me right here’ and pointed to the bridge of her nose. I was so taken back I had to ask her to repeat herself. Of course I gave her many kisses all over the face, amid her giggles. All the while, thinking of you and your story of kissing Noah. Thanks for always sharing with us.

  17. Because of this post, I now kiss my children differently at night. Every nook and cranny gets a kiss..I wonder how long they will allow me to do this?
    Thank you Adriene..You are truly doing God’s work.

  18. You will have an eternity of giving him kisses, and he will be able to give you kisses back. What a wonderful day that will be. God bless you.

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