Because of the amounts of emails regarding this, here’s the protocol I am on (I AM NOT TELLING YOU THIS SO YOU’LL RUN OUT AND DO IT. I’M TELLING YOU FOR SAKE OF MY OWN DOCUMENTATION AND RESEARCH. PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE LYME’S OR SUSPECT A CO-INFECTION, CONTACT A LICENSED PRACTITIONER!): borrelia series therapy by Deseret Biologicals that includes Borrelia, Babesia Microti, and Ehrlichia. It is for Professional Use Only and can only be given to you by your naturopathic doctor. It consists of 10 vials that I must take every 3 days, equalling one month, and then possibly more after that. I began the regimen on Monday morning, took vial number 2 on Thursday. The instructions say that between vials 2 and 4 an increase in symptoms may occur. Thus far, or leading up to this point considering it normal, here is what I have experience: continued constant ringing in my ears (years and years, with instances of sudden deafness which returns almost immediately), swollen glands in my throat (off and on since college with a one year strep infection my freshman year), achy arthritic wrists at times, bowel issues (but who knows what’s ‘normal’ anymore?), some slight unexplained dizziness, which are minimal, just need to hold onto something and all returns to normal and some lower back pain, which I haven’t had in years. I had it for about 15 years and couldn’t sit, stand, lay down for too long. I really hope this isn’t aggravated, though acupuncture is the only thing that helped it in the past.

The ‘diet’ has also been difficult to follow, though I know I haven’t really tried…it will be interesting to see how that helps, as I know it does, but that everything bagel just appeared irresistible!!! A side note, I also take an Omega 3.6.9 combo, borage oil, a 20 billion microorganism 12 strain multidophilous, I drink apple cider vinegar for pH, drink chlorophyll to get extra greens, take a prenatal multivitamin (no…) , I try to drink nasty psyllium (hurl) daily (cleans out toxic build up in body) and drink cran water throughout the day for flushing my liver. I try to eat foods as close to the way God made them as possible (whole, minimally refined), I buy non-anti-biotic meats and eggs, and organic fruits and veggies. I also eat chocolateI mean, if Jesus comes back tomorrow, my Lyme’s will be gone since it won’t make it to Heaven, but I’ll have tasted one of His most amazing inventions on earth, at least…Also, for those following similar regimens, although you may crave alcohol or just have it once in a while with a meal, spirochetes thrive off of it…so, as hard as it may be for some, it’s something we must cut out.

I am really excited to share this journey here because of the number of emails I’ve received from other sufferers, or others who still have no answers from their doctors. I pray that this journey will encourage you to take that first step, even if the docs tell you your tests are ‘negative’, keep moving forward. I have learned a tremendous amount about Bb and its co-infections in the last two years and it only scrapes the surface. It is all quite intriguing AND, it does not only happen in Lyme, CT, or on the East Coast. It means we can’t be ignorant. My friend’s little boy was bit by a tick this summer an hour and a half from here, in CO. He tested positive right away. He followed the same protocol I am on, and is great…keeping in mind that was an acute infection…mine is ‘chronic’.

Regarding women who have emailed curious about borrelia Burgdorferi infection during pregnancy, my doc is still waiting on the other doc in CA to answer her question regarding treatment while pregnant. Traditional Western docs have treated pregnant women for the disease. While I was riding the subway in NYC, I shared Noah’s story, the reason we were walking, and my hope in Christ with a stranger named Amir. He was very sincere. He asked a simple question, “Is it possible Noah was simply born with the antigen, that’s why it was present?” I replied, “I don’t know. It could have been in utero, or passed through my breast milk. It’s unknown.”

As time has passed since meeting Amir on the subway, I’ve thought about that question a lot. I’ve thought about that possibility, but I am so curious if many babies are born with the antigen, the parents not knowing they carry the antigen, and it’s passed off as ‘failure to thrive’, SIDS, or some other unknown or genetic weakness. (Just thinking out loud here…) Also, for all the unknowns in medicine: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which simply states the obvious: you are tired all the time OR SIDS…that gets me even more worked up: Sorry, your Infant Died Suddenly while it was sleeping…THAT’S NOT A DIAGNOSIS, IT’S AN ACRONYM FOR Shoot, I Don’t know Squat!) It has also been linked in some research to autism and vaccination complications. I

t’s a big can of worms…one that as I’ve dug in deeper, I am that much more intrigued with it’s branching effects, if you will, that much more disgusted at modern medicine for ‘ignoring’ it, and that much more inspired to continue to look for answers and take action for the future.

But, I want to make one thing clear: Even if we did find a cure for these horrible spirochetes, or any other disease, and save many lives, that would be truly great. Truly! For a time…but we all will die one day and it is that day that is more important to me to share about…what will happen to the healthy person or Lyme, Cancer, Alzheimer, ALS, HIV, Malaria, Dengue fever, AIDS, Diabetes, CF, Chromosome abnormality, genetic disorder, etc. survivor when we die? Jesus wasn’t offensive, or exclusive. He is the Savior of the world. He’s the hope after death…because THERE IS A HECK OF A LOT MORE LIVING TO DO ONCE WE LEAVE THIS EARTH, BABY! I will work diligently to help find a cure, but even more diligently to encourage others with the hope of Heaven.



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  1. Hmm. You’ve got me thinking.

    My parents moved out to the country when my middle son was 8 years old. We gave him the nickname ‘Tick Magnet’ because he always attracted ticks. I’m talking all sizes of ticks, but I recall once when he had a whole ring of tiny, tiny baby ticks all around his sock line. No one else had the problem he did. There are white-tail deer everywhere on my parents’ property and they usually have ticks when they’re killed during hunting season.I kept ticks in bottles, but never had our son tested because he didn’t exhibit any symptoms we thought he’d have with, say Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I always heard a bullseye would appear around a Lyme infected bite. Now he is a 17-year-old young man who is 6’4″ and has constant lower back pain. We attributed it to the fact that he’s so tall, but I don’t believe it’s normal for one so young to have this kind of annoying pain. There are other symptoms you mentioned also. What type of doctor are you seeing? Any suggestions?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello
    I am fascinated in your treatment plan and hope to follow along in studying how it works for you. I have chronic Lyme also ~ diagnosed as CFS 22 yrs ago! I was diagnosed with Lyme and 3 coinfections in June of 2007 and I have been on antibiotics for 16 mo but am wondering how long my body can do the meds and what happens when insurance quits paying. I went to a naturopath doctor for 7 yrs many yrs ago for my “CFS” and she helped alot b/f leaving the state. We certainly need other options besides antibiotics for treating Lyme and co-infections. I know Connie from LymeBytes believes in homeopathy and other alternative treatments and uses them to fight lyme. Hope and pray this works for you!

  3. I don’t mean to hijack this thread, and Adrienne I know stuff like “Blogger’s Choice Awards” aren’t important to you, but you’ve been nominated and so far I am your only vote—so everyone, please go vote for this wonderful blog! Your words mean so much to us!

    Best religion blog:

    Best parenting blog:

    You do have to register to vote at the site, and there’s one vote per category per registered user.

  4. Adrienne, I’ve been following your blog almost a year now, and you are still in our prayers. I added you to my blogroll because what you say touches my heart so MUCH, just your everyday wisdom and love for Christ is so inspiring! I want everyone that comes to read my blog to check yours out as well.

    On another totally different subject, have you seen the cute blog designs? This place has some for free!

    I just remember seeing you mention you wanted an update somewhere….

  5. Couple things, Southern Gal, I’d get your son into acupuncture sessions for his back before blood work…it may be that easy…we see a Christian naturopath that is a chiropractor and acupuncturist. It’s such a blessing to have the combo in one great doc 🙂 She also practices NAET, along with homeopathy…

  6. Dani, AMEN, SISTER!

    Renee, I am so sorry you have had Lyme’s for so long! I pray for healing for your body!

    CaliGirl, thanks for the vote of confidence! I’d love to get in on the religion blog part, but it’s not up to me…

    Dana, thanks for the encouragement. I love when people feel okay about adding Noah’s blog to their blogroll because I hope to be a good steward here, directing people to Christ.

  7. Adrienne,
    Beautiful and informative post. I was one of those craszy emails to you as you know how us lymies get when we see or meet one of our own. I truly feel as Amir did that possibly Noah was born with the antigen and want you to know I walk beside you in supporting the cure! My daughter and I have both been treating this nasty bug with antibiotics and I am curious as to how your treatment goes. I look foward to following your blog! Peace!

  8. God bless you all. I have morgellons disease similiar to lymes but also of course different. You can see my blogspot at

    Any suggestions would be appreciated…I have spent all my money on trying to heal myself, have been forced to move in with parents, and still the last 7months have not made much progress…in spite of 8 or more hrs a day tending to wounds, cleaning, washing, ointments..ect….I reach out to you all especially so b/c it was this experience that led me to the Lord. I am persecuted by family for becoming disciple of Christ and I ask for your prayers. Thank you. God bless,

    Sis Love4you ( Purvi)

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