Isn’t he so great…

How’d this one get in there?

Wow, he’s just so great I can’t stare at him enough…

OH wait! That’s where she gets this stuff…AND somehow, I’m always blamed for it…

Oh, husbands…mine is really helpful. He actually really is. In fact, when I asked him if he’d be interested in helping make dinner once a month, he said he’d be glad to…Here’s the recipe he even looked up on-line so he could be helpful in the kitchen.

Why don’t I just call the American Heart Association right now and schedule a family angioplasty?!

Here’s my response

OH DO TELL how helpful your man is in the kitchen!

*(Just so you know, he really does help with everything else…he’s the best man I’ve ever met!)



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  1. OH that roll is clogging my arteries just looking at it. DH cooks a wonderful breakfast. He usually cooks breakfast for supper a couple of times a week. My favorite is the egg mcmuffin he makes- no ham, and only 1/2 of an english muffin. It is so yummy.

  2. My husband is the cook! I’ve maybe only cooked two or three meals the whole time we’ve been married..almost 3 years!

  3. That video was hilarious!!!! I loved the mullet wigs. Craig is helpful in everything especially keeping the kids occupied so that I can get dinner ready!!! Yeah Jason……that bacon roll looked real……um…….yummy?

  4. My husband told me the other day he was going to help out by going to the grocery store.

    Let me say when I go to the grocery store..I go up and down each every aisle and end up with a cart full- taking at least an hour.

    Anyway- who was I to argue with a husband who was going to go grocery shopping??

    So I came home all excited, and when I asked him what he got- here is what the response was.

    Hamburger buns, diet cokes, turkey, beer, deodorant and toilet paper.

    Anyone want to come over to our house for a Turkey Sandwich on a hamburger bug, smothered in deodorant- with a beer or diet coke to drink? And don’t forget…you can wipe your chin with toilet paper.

    Oh brother….

  5. that recipe makes me not want to eat bacon for a long time ( :
    My husband likes to make omlettes for our son and I before we leave for church on sundays. He is better at cooking and cleaning. I stink! 😀

  6. There is no dosage of Lipitor available to take care of the cholesterols in that bacon and cheese recipe. Are fried eggs suggested as a side dish?
    Even a bushel full of fiber can’t help with that recipe!
    But bless Jason for trying … A for effort! At least it looks like a bit of work weaving that bacon!
    That video was the best! I had no idea that “day,” “laun-dray” and don’t forget to “spray” … could ever rhyme.

  7. So I got two wisdom teeth pulled today…I had asked Matt to make some noodle soup from a box for dinner and then I sat down to read your last entry…as I was reading Matt came over and showed me the little boullin ball that comes in the box of lipton soup…he didn’t know what it was…I told him to add it to the soup and he pointed out that it was a good thing he asked me because he was just about ready to bite into it! Gotta love it!
    jody chandler

  8. That video made me laugh out loud! Gotta show Michael. 🙂 He’s actually great around the house – he cooks, cleans, does laundry and irons…and he mows and snow blows the driveway. Makes me feel kinda lazy sometimes. 😉 God blessed me with a great husband in more ways than one. Love you! Leah

  9. My husband is so great. He doesn’t do a whole lot of cooking, but he has taken it upon himself to do all of the cleaning in the kitchen. And he gets up early with me (4:00am-ish) just to make me coffee.

    Funny story – once when he tried to make mac & cheese, I came into the kitchen to find the noodles boiling in some wierd looking white liquid. I asked him why the water was white and he said, “well the box said to add milk!”

  10. My husband is not a evening meal maker, but breakfast, he will do. He grew up making breakfast for his family ever morning, so he was actually good at a full breakfast every morning. He didn’t make it for me when we were first married, but later on in our togetherness, I expressed that I just wasn’t ready to cook in the morning. He started cooking more regularly for us when he had time. Now we trade off depending on who is more time wise suited for it. All I know is that we eat eggs somehow for breakfast at least 9 out of 10 days a week. It works well for us and I am so glad to have the family starting off the day with some protein.

  11. Too funny – now that song was MUCH FUNNIER than most of the responses to your contest! Although the manicure winner and the Brian Reagan one had me cracking up as well! Love the mullet wigs!

    My kids would DIE (literally) for that dish – they love bacon (& cheese)! It’s a constant at their great-grandmother’s house – my youngest daughter recently asked me if the Walmart near us sold bacon, so you can tell I leave the “spoiling” to “grandmama”!

  12. Ade,

    I laughed so hard when I saw the photo’s of the funny faces! You guys are the best!

    Sam cooks steak…… and thats about it!

    I love all the new interesting things you have added to your blog!

    Love you

    Carly x

  13. I must say, my husband is a GREAT cook! At one point in our marriage, before kiddos when we were both working, we made a “rule” that whoever got home first would make dinner, then the other would do dishes. I still don’t mind doing dishes if he cooks :). AND to top it all off, he likes to clean too…am I spoiled or what!

  14. My husband is always willing to help when I ask, which is great. But he’s marvelous beyond compare. You know what he does? He cleans the bathrooms! Yes. He is AMAZING 🙂

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