Em and I were walking back home from the park and stopped to talk to a neighbor…

Me, to the neighbor with a ‘ For Sale’ sign: So, I hear you are headed back to FL…is that where you both have family?
Guy: Yeah. Family and friends, kind of a support group.
Me, playing with Em’s hair while talking: Well, Emily and her classmates will all miss the boys…
Em: I’m kind of happy, actually. They are the bullies.
Me: Emily Jane!
Me: I’m sorry!
Em: Well?!
Guy: It’s okay, they’re yucky boys, aren’t they?
Me: Well, I hope the move goes well for you…

On our walk home…
Me: Em, how do you think that daddy felt to hear that you were happy they are moving away and that his boys are the bullies?
Em: Sad…but it is true, mama.
Me: Em, I appreciate and respect that you tell truth. It is also important to think of the other person’s heart before we say what we are thinking, sometimes choosing not to say anything at all. I’m not mad at you, honey…believe me, I’ve done this more times than I’d care to admit…
Me: Please just don’t tell the twins you are happy they are leaving…
Em: Okay. I won’t.

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  1. Way to go Em. HAHAH Sorry mom. I do enjoy when kids and people are straight forward, without masking things (even though I totally would have told my kid the same thing you did)…

    I’ve been teaching the 1st graders music class once a week, and one of the girls told me the other day, that I ALWAYS wear the same shirt! I just ignored her. Who knows if she meant it as a critism, a point of interest or even a compliment… I think she was critisizing me.

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