Em: Mom, this is the most beautiful dress in the world! When I get married may I wear it?!
Me: (In my head: Seriously kid, you won’t want to…in 1993 poofy was cool, but I’m thinking you’ll want something much more elegant and classy than mommy!) Sure, sweetie.
*My dress is in a trash bag in a box taped shut. It has never been dry cleaned…

While driving in the car one day…
Em: Mom, when I’m 16 can I wait until I’m 17 to drive, for extra safety?
Me: Sure, no problem.

A month later when going through security at the airport the agent asked Emily for her driver’s license. I informed him she didn’t want it until she was 17. Em piped up and said, “I think I’ll wait until I’m 20. I want to be extra safe.”

One night while being tucked into bed I asked Emily what her “favorite part of today” was…
Em: Cleaning the toilets.
(Earlier that day I had taught her how to clean the toilet. She proceeded to ask me if she could clean the toilets every week.)

Out of the blue one day…
Em: Mom, when I get married can my husband and I live with you and daddy? He can work at home with daddy.
Me: I’m pretty sure when you get married you won’t want to live with us but if you still do, no problem!



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  1. How wonderful ~ don’t children come out with the funniest things, she is one cute little girl!!
    My daughter quite often dances around in my wedding dress.
    Warm wishes,
    Tabitha X

  2. How cute. My daughter who’s almost 3 said the same thing about marriage the other day. There was no convincing her that she wouldn’t want to live w/mom and dad after she was married.

    I just discovered your blog through Angie’s (Audrey Caroline) and I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry for your loss as well.

  3. HI! That is SO funny about your wedding dress…Mine is still in a tracdh bag and and in the atic…NEVER drycleand….And our dresses are SO similar!! HOW SCARY IS THAT – All the poofs, sleeves…and I thought my dress was IT!! 🙂

    Still praying for your family! Any word from the doctor’s yet?

    Are you on facebook…I am..under Debby Warren…

    I Love your quotes from your daughter…My 8 year old thinks that when she get married, she will live with us too! Yeah whatever! 🙂

    Praying for you everyday!

    Debby, VA

  4. Oh yeah..I was married in ’93 too – April 24…I’ll have to dig my dress out and see if my Girls think it’s all that! 🙂

  5. Too cute….my son (4) informed me that he doesn’t want to marry……..unless………he can marry a cow….he apparently wants to buy the cow; and get the milk for free!!!!!!LOL.

  6. Oh my goodness! That pic of Em in your wedding dress is absolutely precious. Personally, I am still partial to the poof. Who knows? By the time she gets married, your gown may be back in style. 🙂

  7. I have been reading your blog for a long time, and actually have a link to you on my blog, and wanted to delurk- your story has really touched me and your strength, honesty, and character have really be a witness to me. What a special gift you have given your readers. Anyway- just wanted share! BTW- I hope my son agrees with the whole driving thing when he gets that age too, and the toilet cleaning too!

  8. Hilarious!!! Emily seems so wise beyond her years. 🙂 And how precious that she wants to wear your wedding dress. I remember trying on my mom’s dress and it didn’t fit, but it was so much fun to be able to try it on anyway!

  9. i’m right there with you on the wedding dress. i guess the only good thing is that we are not delusionally hoping our daughters will want to wear them ‘for real’ one day.

    watch, i’ll be one of the only women alive with a daughter ASKING to wear my wedding dress…oh well.

    she is a darling.

  10. I absolutely love reading your blog! You have made me believe, encourage me and inspire me.

    Thank you!!!!!!

  11. She’s so awesome and a tribute to your amazing parenting and God’s favor. It warms my heart to read this entry and think about the way the Lord blesses and loves His children.

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