We took Em and Noah to the Black Hills in July ’06

These are of a daddy and his favorite girl, enjoying time together even in the midst of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit…Noah’s first room…

See the pictures above…I want to laugh as hard as her…
Fun suggestion! Yes, this will be entirely subjective, but knowing you made a grown woman pee her pants while laughing and crying simultaneously deserves a prize!

SO…the contest ends Saturday at midnight, Mountain Time. The winner will be mentioned here, plus I’ll post their link to the funny that made my guts hurt in hopes you’ll laugh, too…and, I’ll send you a comedic devotional that’s got some funny stories in it as your token of appreciation!

Let’s get the laughter rolling…



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  1. i have been a lurker of your blog for some time and have never left a comment. seems i can’t make my htoughts flow as elouqently as you! But check this out, it had me doubled over laughing…

    it is kinda long, but well worth it! enjoy!!! 🙂

  2. Ooh, Ooh! Can I take back my first entry cause I just remembered this guy:

    My kids and I laughed until we cried when we found his stuff on YouTube. Hilarious!!! Not just this one, but all of them.

  3. True Story from a few weeks back…
    A friend has triplets that are 6 yrs old. They were each given a special “nativity” scene to keep in each of their own bedrooms from now until Christmas. Excitedly, they each brought their nativity to show. The first showing his saying “Look at mine, Look at mine” and the second, about the same; excitement and awe at the special gift they had been given to keep in their room. The third, proudly approaches with his nativity and announces, “Look at mine…there’s Mary and Joseph….oh, and I named the baby Owen!”

  4. Maybe not belly-laugh worthy, but if you are a fan of The Office, it might make you giggle. I didn’t realize Lackawanna County was a real county. I thought it was a made up county indicating the “lack of want to” among most of the characters in the show. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my mother-in-law was born there! Oops!

  5. One last video:

    This guy, Paul Hunt, is extremely strong! I can’t believe what he can do on a balance beam and be funny at the same time. There are other videos of his on YouTube. He also has an uneven bar routine and a floor exercise!

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