Em’s been asking me for quite some time to drive her around downtown Denver so she can pass out P, B, & J’s to homeless people. Finally the other day she said, “Mom, you always say we can pass out sandwiches but we never do it! Let’s do it!”

So, cyber world is my accountability. Em and I have smeared the peanut butter and jelly on and after Bible study today, we’ll head downtown. Don’t worry, we’re picking up water bottles, too, so people aren’t left thirsty, as well.

Maybe your kid has been asking you to do something that is community outreach in nature. I’ve been asking God to show me Emily’s gifts so I know how to pray for her and encourage her in her pursuit of God and in loving mankind. From what all He has shown me thus far, we’ll be some pretty busy parents, but for eternal purposes.

How is your kid wired for the Lord?



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  1. Well, howd it go? TO answer your question how my kids are wired to the Lord…….they are only 22 months but my husband and I are setting examples by showing and doing and reading them stories about Jesus. When they are a little older we will also do community service.

  2. That’s so cool. Caleb is really drawn to the Word right now, but people aren’t on his radar. We’re working on that. : ) I’m really really enjoying your music by the way. It’s keeping me company this morning!!
    Love, Molly

  3. My kids could take some lessons from yours. That is a great idea and yes, the water is a must after PB&J. Take pictures if you can, I would love to see Em at work!!! Makes me wonder what we can do with our kids.

  4. Our son has led several of his friends to Christ at school while in elementary school. Now in middle school, he is struggling with the peer pressure to not be different, but he said to me this week that he feels God is “not satisfied with me because I haven’t told enough people how awesome He is”. I learn a lot from his heart to let others know about our amazing God!

  5. That’s so beautiful! Em is a truly special girl – but I think it comes with her truly special upbringing.

    Jake is really drawn to animals – I am hoping when he is older we can go to an animal shelter and volunteer our time and resources. He is so loving, so big-hearted. Every time he sees a picture of a dog or a cat in a book, or on TV, he puckers his lips and wants to go and kiss it! Makes my heart swell! 🙂

    Also, BTW, I got my first call to photograph a family through NILMDTS this morning. I am honored and terrified and heartbroken all at the same time. It made me think of you – I’m so blessed that I found out about the organization because of you and Noah. Noah continues to bless and give comfort here on earth.

  6. Yea! Being Jesus to someone where you are! I think it is wonderful to send money to hurting people in other countries….Africa, Sri Lanka, and anywhere else that is faraway and in need…..but what about the hurting people in your own town….your own neighborhood, friends, extended family and even family members who need ministry. Sometimes we get a notion of how noble it is to raise money to go on a mission faraway to people whom we can give something to….and that is a good thing…but what about the everyday needs of the everyday people in our own backyards…what about the single mom next door who is struggling to make ends meet and her kids who feel abandoned by their other parent. Love somebody in reach, just like Jesus did. You got it, Em…keep up the good work!!

  7. That is so awesome! And so very sweet!!

    While JJ is still a bit too young, Mia has always had a heart to pray for people. When she was younger and would mention someone’s name who she was thinking about, I would always ask her if she wanted to pray for them since they were on her mind. So, we would pray together for that person she was thinking of. Now, she does it on her own (with a few, unknown, toddler-esque syllables thrown in here and there. Hey, Jesus can understand her…even when I can’t!).

    Dana 🙂

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, L-O-V-E what you and Em did today. It gives me peace to know that there are people out there who do random acts of kindness, not for the glory, but because they want to help and just…. love others!

    You and your family are truly amazing, my friend!

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