As I hit my knees yesterday morning, I got smacked upside the head…God wouldn’t let me pray. He brought to my attention some outstanding unforgiveness in my heart. How frustrating. Now I have to go repent. Well, I had already repented to God, but I have to repent to some other humans. It’s so humbling being a human…created in His image but a by-product of the Fall. Seriously, Adam, Eve, that better have tasted SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Anyway, I’m thinking in Heaven there won’t be room for unforgiveness, humility will be a no brainer since we’ll be living in God’s presence and we all know what happened when the last Guy was prideful in Heaven…

Anyway, I’m praying as much as I can about a lot of things lately, but since I’m a dirty, rotten sinner, I was wondering if I could get a few more of you out there on the horn to God about some people who are in need of prayer RIGHT NOW, especially today and this week…

Angie and family: Their daughter Audrey will be born on April 7th. God knows the amount of time she will get to spend with her family outside her mama’s loving womb.

Tricia is in surgery RIGHT NOW at Duke (on Nate’s birthday!!!) She is getting her new lungs. Nate, her husband, Gwyneth, their daughter, and her family and friends need encouragement.

Please feel free to share other prayer needs here, as we all know there are many…

And, if you could pray for me, that God would lead me in how to repent humbly and lovingly…I usually deal with conflict and unforgiveness right away…this one’s been festering and apparently that’s bad (smiley face).

P. S. Em is excited to do P, B, & J day, number 2, tomorrow! She’s bringing friends this time! I love my kid!



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  1. Ade,

    I read your blog on “Audrey Caroline’s” blog page….I love children & an drawn to babies. I came to your blog & for two days that is all that I did was read your blogs about your little angel. How you blessed me in my reading your blogs. My heart goes out to you & your family as you are healing. Noah was a beautiful baby boy & God has a real little jewel up there in Heaven. Please know that I will continue to read your blog. I’m praying for some answers from the doctors here on earth, although we know that the Great Physician is in CHARGE. Thank you for sharing from the bottom of your PS I hope that others who are facing a loss will get in touch with NILMDTS for their treasure pictures. The pictures bring tears of joy & so many memories which are part of the healing process.

  2. Will be in prayer about all of these things, thanks for bringing them to our attention in this timely manner! I hate when I check pages just a little too late…. 🙂 Blessings on your PB & J Day, too. What a gift you and your daughter are to each other from the Lord. Awesome.

  3. Adrienne,

    Yes, thank you for posting about baby Audrey and her family. I have been following along and will continue to keep them in my daily prayers. And you and your family, as well.


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