These are pictures of a little peanut that woke up at 4:40 this morning dry heaving…Dad’s out of town, so she was sleeping with me. I had tucked her in and then went downstairs to work on the computer, pray, and keep track of Tricia’s transplant surgery. The blanket (royal blue, orange, white) was made by Jason’s Gramma Betty when he was a boy. Since dad’s out of town (and since I didn’t want puke on our bedspread…I’m not going to lie) she snuggled up with this to think of him.
The bucket you see behind Em’s head is, well, where she continued to dry heave every 15-30 minutes from 4:40 until around 8:30. So far we have been in the clear. She couldn’t even keep down water, but recently just had a tiny. She informed me that the bucket ‘tasted’ like the basement. I just bought the bucket last week and we mopped the basement since the cleaning crew didn’t really do that prior to our move in…Apparently she now knows what concrete tastes like.
This is the picture of a kid that earlier this morning informed me she didn’t want to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. The same kid just had a honey stick to get some electrolytes, informed me she wants breakfast, told me I should indeed go out to dinner with my girlfriend tonight, and thinks that she’ll be sitting in our bed all day watching retro re-runs of the Electric Company we got from the library. We’ll be watching the re-runs and I’ll be feeding her, but the going out, not so sure…
So, we’ll save our P, B, & J’s for tomorrow or Saturday. I wouldn’t want to be spreading her germs to homeless people whose meals are few and far between.
When Jesus said to feed the hungry, I’m thinking He meant while you aren’t contagious?



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  1. I can’t imagine a much better day for your heart than snuggling with that little princess.
    I am glad she seems to be feeling better. I am looking forward to seeing you guys again at church 🙂

    Oh and two Easter’s ago I had a PB & J Day with a friend…we still laugh about it, no one wanted our sandwiches or drinks. we eneded up leaving the whole bag next to a couple sleeping people and calling it a day! Maybe I need some lessons from Emily on how to pass them out 🙂


  2. Cuddling in bed with the little one is my favorite thing tod o in the who;e wide world, even if they are sick.

    Your poor little Em, she is such a trooper and oh so thoughtful!

    She doesn’t even look as though she was sick earlier…

  3. I was up all night last night with my son, who was doing the exact same thing (we live in the UK and there seems to be a sickness bug going through my childrens school..) He had the day off school today, but was feeling alot better, especially since he had me to wait on him all day!!! I have also been checking in on Tricias surgery and praying that all goes well for her.

    With warm wishes,

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