I wanted to share this link to our friends’ story…we really have no words. We just love our friends and grieve deeply with them, while at the same time, we will stand with Chad and his family as they fight to live abundantly and live with hope.



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  1. Oh Adrienne. My heart is aching right now for Ryan’s family and all those who knew him. What an amazing testimony Chad has to share with the world. Praying for Ryan’s wife and children as they go through these tough, tough days.

  2. I am crying & praying with yall – what a beautiful life he lived. Praise God for his testimony. “GOd writes the stories…” only by God’s strength could Chad and you all his friends & family be moving on from this…

  3. What a beautiful picture of the love of Jesus. I am just amazed at how his sacrifice is touching so many. May God be glorified and souls won because of this. My prayers are with Ryan’s family…knowing that God holds them in the palm of His hand and walks with them in their grief. What a tough, tough road.

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