Here’s what He put on my heart today. Some of it applies to me, but I’m thinking someone else is supposed to hear these words, too.

Last winter I experienced a lot of anxiety. Changing my diet and habits, exercising and acupuncture all helped to a degree, but I also chose lame “rewards” to escape the feelings, to no avail. Not until after 6 months of multiple anxiety attacks a day did I find relief, and I haven’t had one now since May. I went to see my dear friend who is a Naturopath and one seriously discerning praying machine. After we sat quietly for a while, she said it was a spiritual attack on my life, an attempt to keep me held back from what God had in mind. She prayed for me, I walked out of her office, had lunch with Jason and Ryan, and have. not. had. another. anxiety. attack. since.

October 28, 2014
Your heart is racing. There is so much to do, so many things vying for your attention, so many needs in the day-to-day, let alone the rest of the world. Anxiety is creeping up your neck and you wonder why you don’t get a break. There are ample ways to escape it, a walk, book, time with a friend, a glass of wine. Or is it shopping, a hobby, a sweet treat, or handful of something salty? Is it working harder, staying busy, even a cause to take up? You can walk on the beach a million times, run mile after mile after mile, read your Bible, talk to others, go to conferences and retreats and listen to every inspirational speaker out there, but I’ve told you: cast your cares on Me because I care for you. It’s not a command but a clue, a glimpse, a gift and an extension of My love to you. None of those other things will give you the deep down “break” you are looking for. Sure, you are strong and capable, remember how I made you in My image? But, you see, I am fully aware of all the going’s-on in the world because it’s My world to shoulder. The weight of the world is not meant for you to bear. You bear My image, but you were not made as a duplicate of Me. When you hand over your cares to Me, I’m not telling you not to care, rather I am freeing you to trust Me in the day-to-day, that My heart is with you and in Me your heart can find rest.

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  1. This was a much needed article for me today. Thank you for sharing. I know my daughter is in contact with you and I appreciate your encouragement to her with your faith. I look forward to keeping in contact with you.

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