Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?

Emily, my 7 year old, is not only smarter than those that pass laws in our country, but her wisdom runs even deeper. Today on the way to school I told her that across the nation, at schools everywhere, students, teachers and parents were gathering to pray at their flagpoles.

Me: A long time ago, Em, the Bible used to be a text book in school and teachers and students prayed together to start each day. But, there are many people that hate God and the Bible so they worked hard to pass laws that took those two things out of the classroom.

Em: That’s ridiculous, mom! God lives in my heart. HE comes to school with me everyday. No one can take HIM or HIS WORD out of my heart. That law doesn’t even make sense.

(I heard about SYATP on the way to school on the radio, so by the time Em and I got there, we missed it. instead, she and I stopped for a minute with her little best friend’s dad and the three of us thanked God that no matter how hard others try, NO ONE CAN TAKE GOD’S LOVE FROM OUR HEARTS!)



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  1. You are right…she is a wise little girl. If only everyone thought like Em did! (what a better world this would be!)

  2. That kid is wise beyond her years!

    Notice as God was removed from schools, schools got worse?

    You cannot stop a child from praying at school and honestly, more need to do so!

    Em for president! I hope I am still alive to vote for her!

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