This sweet man is a part of Noah’s story. He came to the hospital a couple times to pray for Noah and to encourage our family. I’ve run into him on the street carrying his cross and stopped to talk and pray, cars passing by. Arthur Blessitt is one of the most humble men I have ever met. He truly loves the Lord and seeks to live a life worthy of His name. Mr. Blessitt even came and sat on the floor with me and Jason at the hospital after we had taken Noah off life support. He prayed with us and cried with us and was so sweet with our little man of God. Arthur Blessitt is a man after God’s heart. He came into our lives at a pivotal time and inspired me as a girl who doesn’t care about others’ opinions of me, to stand for the truth and follow Christ, NO MATTER WHAT! I mean, you have to be pretty confident in who you are in Christ and trust that God’s real, alive and coming back for us, to walk around the world with a cross on your back!

Today in theatres across the world, Arthur Blessitt’s story, “The Cross” is being released. Whether your life is smoothly sailing along presently or in the midst of your greatest nightmare, if your faith is strong, or if you could give a rip about whether there is a God or not and whether He loves you or not, I encourage you to go see this movie about the life of a man, still living and still walking with a cross, that will inspire you to live a life here on earth with passion and purpose. This life isn’t about us…it’s about who we are in Him!

Here’s a link to the trailer.



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